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Mommy Gives You a JOI Before Bed video from Chy Latte
Mommy Gives You a JOI Before Bed by Chy Latte You can't sle*p, so you come into Mommy's room. After climbing into her bed, Mommy starts to dose off. A little while later, Mommy's nipple is hanging out of her bra and you begin sucking on it. She wakes up, appalled, confused and turned on. She starts to repeat, "That is not ok honey! We can't do that! I told you, we cannot ---" She notices you're hard in your pajamas. Her little boy has gotten pretty big really fast. With Daddy gone all of the time on business, Mommy gets lonely. You look SO much like him. You dick is almost as big as his is too. She reaches out to feel how hard you are and is instantly wet. Slowly, she starts to jerk you off, her nipples hard as ever. Before long, Mommy has her huge chocolate tits out and tells you to suck on her nipples. Suck on them so good! A better idea comes to mind, what if Mommy got on top. With her huge tits hanging out, she starts to ride her little boy's dick, titties bouncing. Mommy gets pretty into it and before you know it, you cum hard inside Mommy's pussy! This is not good! You're at the age where you could possibly get someone pregnant, but you're still pretty young. With your hot cum dripping out of Mommy's cunt, she grabs your hand and instructs you on how to finger her. Mommy's little one is pretty fucking good with his hands and she cums all over your fingers. Hopping back on top, your dick THROBBING, Mommy's rides you and dares you not to cum or you're grounded. Mommy's not done yet and she is going to keep riding until she's finished! Time for bed. Good Night. Mommy loves you. | You can stream this and more now on ChyLatteCafe.com ☕☕☕
duration 20:56
Cheating Husband Fantasy (Custom) video from XMochaPuffx
Cheating Husband Fantasy (Custom) by XMochaPuffx This was a custom viceo! The following is the customer’s scene description: “You are my wifes best friend and you and me having been having a affair behind her back for a little bit now. The video starts with you me and my wife are eating dinner at my house you are wearing high heels and which ever sexy dress you have that is low cut and shows off your amazing ass and really shows off how sexy you are. We are talking about life and you and i flirting in front of my wife. Then my wife complains about how you are dressed and a little jealous and you say nothing wrong with it you are just with friends. Then something spills on your dress and you have to head over to the bathroom. As you walk away you bend over and show me you are not wearing any panties and wink at me and gesture me to follow you. It cuts to you and me in the bathroom you tell me you couldnt wait to be alone with me and drop to your knees and start sucking my cock. As you suck my cock you talk dirty about how much you love my dick and how wife doesnt treat me right. After some super sexy deepthroating and dirty talk you bend over and hike up your dress and start begging me to fuck you saying you dont care my wife is here you want to fuck me. I slide my dick inside you hard and deep and start fucking you hard and deep as you moan hard and talk dirty about how much you love my dick. You cant stand my wife you only hang around her to be with me and you know she doesnt fuck me right. You love how we are fucking with her in the house. As we are fucking hard and deep we hear my wife knock on the door. And you make up a excuse why you are still in the bathroom. I keep fucking you as you talk to my wife trying to keep your moans down. You say you havent seen me and dont know where i went. As you are talking her to have a orgasm from the situation and let a moan slip out. She asks what that was and you lie to her and get her to leave. I trust that lie to your imagination. After she leaves you tell how hot that was and how badly you wanted to tell her we are fucking hard and you just cummed all my dick and how hard it was to not moan super load as you cummed on my dick. You beg me to cum all over your face and tell me how bad you want it. I cum all over your face and you smile and tell me we should get back and dessert the video ends. I would like you to use my name chris and if you have a cum shot dildo use that as well.”

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