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Toys Left Out (CUSTOM, BDSM, Submissive Slut, Daddy) video from Vixi Vee
Toys Left Out (CUSTOM, BDSM, Submissive Slut, Daddy) by Vixi Vee I am being punished for not putting my toys away properly. I crawl to each toy & pick them up using my mouth, returning them to the bed. I crawl to the corner and place hands on wall, ready to complete my punishment by standing on tip toes with butt spread, but my heels touch the ground a few times. I give four myself two spanks on each cheek after each time. Next I turn around and spread kitty on tiptoes. I touch the floor again...and spank myself accordingly.

I then squat spread on tiptoes with hands behind my head. I touch the floor 4 times, but saves spanks til later...

I start pinching my nipples and count 4 times that my heels touch the floor...again I save spankings save for later.

I crawl to my bed, where my toys are neatly placed.

I get into submissive position knees spread hands behind back. "Sir I completed my punishment. I should always put my toys away. I deserved even harder correction. Your rules should never be disobeyed" I pinch nipples and finger kitty "I'm wet as always. I know I have earned more punishment - I'm being corrected not pleasured" I turn around & spank butt for the spanks I owe plus more for being wet. I then spread butt, head down and say "Let me put on a show for you Daddy so you'll have a lot to think about before you get home & punish me ever more "

I lick my white toy then finger butt & kitty, then use my glass toy until I orgasm. I lube butt and insert plug. I get back into position and put on my nipple clamps "Daddy I need more punishments like I just completed. I want to be the perfect little naked slut for you. Daddy, punish me beyond my limits if necessary. You own me"

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