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duration 27:10
Double Orgasms in the Dressing Room video from MsCakes
Double Orgasms in the Dressing Room by MsCakes Custom vid, no names used. Hey babe, I’m just shopping for clothes right now and thought I’d show you a couple of things I’m trying on in the dressing room! First, let me strip off my casual outfit and show off my naked body for you. Then I’ll try on the first item - a pair of tight dark grey mom jeans. Ooh, they fit perfectly on me, and they’re sooo comfy too! The soft fabric feels amazing against my bare pussy, and I can’t help touching myself in them. Being naughty out in public is getting me so turned on, I just need to masturbate and cum for you right here in this dressing room! I grab my favourite vibrator out of my purse and start using it to pleasure myself through the jeans. I hump and grind against it in a few different positions, doing my best to stifle my moans of pleasure. Then I unbutton the jeans and slide the vibrator inside, and feeling it directly on my clit makes me cum so fast and hard. It’s a good thing I was already planning on buying these jeans, cuz I just made a big creamy mess all over them! I’m still feeling super horny, so I try on a cute flowy dress with some high heels and start rubbing my dripping wet pussy. I pull out a realistic dildo and suck on it to get it nice and wet before sliding it deep inside my needy pussy. I stick the dildo on a stool and let you watch me ride it in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position, loving how slutty it feels to do this with so many strangers around. I sit back down on the stool with my legs spread wide and continue fucking myself hard until I cum for you a second time. Mmm how I wish you were here to lick all the juices off my pussy… but at least it’ll be wet and ready for you when I get home! ;)
duration 17:59
Plugged in the Dressing Room video from MsCakes
Plugged in the Dressing Room by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). I have a fun and naughty adventure planned for us today - going out shopping and trying on clothes while wearing a butt plug! I've actually never worn a butt plug out in public before, so I'm a little nervous but also excited. First I let you watch me get my tight asshole lubed and warmed up with my fingers, before slowly inserting my favourite jeweled butt plug inside. Then I'm all ready to head out to the mall in my cute summer dress, with no panties underneath and my naughty little secret buried deep inside my ass ;). By the time I get to the dressing room at American Eagle, my pussy is dripping wet with anticipation! I grabbed a bunch of cute outfits to try on, including some tight short shorts, a denim miniskirt, and a flowy dress. I try each of them on and model them for you in front of the mirrors, making sure to give you a good look at the shiny plug peeking out from under the shorts and skirts. I get a little naughtier and friskier with each outfit, til I'm super horny when I get to the last one. I just can't help but grab my bullet vibrator from my purse, hike up the denim skirt and start masturbating right there in the dressing room. However, since it's a particularly busy time at the store and I just so happened to get the dressing room closest to the front, I better stay as quiet as possible so I don't get caught! I can hear so many people right outside my door, which really adds to the thrill as I spread my legs wide with my wet pussy and plugged asshole exposed for you. I love watching myself in the three full-length mirrors as I pleasure myself like such a naughty slut while out in public. When I'm starting to get close, I turn around and bend over on the stool so you can get a perfect view of my ass in the mirrors as I grind against my vibrator and whisper dirty talk to you. I can barely hold back my moans when I finally cum so hard, my thighs start to shake! Needless to say, I'll definitely be wearing my butt plugs out in public more often from now on. ;)
duration 13:12
dressing room try-on & cum video from Kactus Kutie
dressing room try-on & cum by Kactus Kutie i went shopping and decided to try on a couple of super cute outfits but turns out none of my clothes fit because my tits are too small. i first tried a colorful dress that matched my adorable gay pride sneakers, it made my curves and booty pop! i couldn't help getting silly and started making fun of my small tits and bending over, showing sneak peeks of my hairy pussy. i then tried this sensual black and white striped dress, the fabric felt so soft on my small tits! i tried a super cute sparkly backless top that made me feel so fabulous! wearing it with only my panties i wiggled and shaked my booty then turned around and flashed and played with my tits for a while. i then put on the final dress i had picked, i loved this long tye-dye dress that hugged my curves so smoothly. again my tits were too small for it, though! that didn't stopped me from modeling in different poses, bending over and flashing my hairy pussy again. i was really feeling myself in that dress which only made me hornier, i got so turned on, i HAD to touch myself right then and there. i love getting naughty in public! fully exposing my hairy pussy, touching my clit, it felt so amazing i had to get a finger in. i finally came so deliciously good! i went back to modeling and sucking all the cum from my fingers, before finally taking the dress off.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ kactus, KactusKutie, katnip, ohhaikitty, tattoos, tattooed, tattoo girl, purple, pink, magenta, blue, colored hair, dyed hair, petite, pale, caucasian, american, USA, america, skinny, small boobs, tiny titties, girl, topless, hairy bush, hirsute, hairy pussy, full bush, hairy, smile, cute, butt, booty, ass, armpit hair, hairy armpits, piercings, bangs, closeup, close up, puss, cat, belly, belly button, natural, au naturale, all natural, studio, thighs, hair, fuzzy, nails, meow, little, sweet talk, describe, pussy lips, extreme, extremely close, tease, wiggle, shake, smooth, thighs, thigh, appreciation, appreciate, worship, worshipping, body, love, self-love, feel, fingers, finger, hand, hands, vulva, clit, pussies, bend over, aesthetic, nose ring, shake, shaking, solo masturbation, masturbating, clit, wet, accessories, legs, bite lips, edging, edges, tease, tease and denial, teasing, teases, striptease, strip tease, sensual, sensually, spread pussy, spreading, flexible, tight pussy, vaginismus, vulvodynia, sneakers, gay pride, lgbtq pride

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