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Mommy fucks best video from Molly Darling
Mommy fucks best by Molly Darling You come into the kitchen, your Mom is stood with her coffee. She asks you how you are, it feels like you haven't seen each other much lately. She asks how things are with your girlfriend. It's getting pretty serious. She asks if your girlfriend is "satisfying" you every day.. she's shocked to hear no! That's no good at all.. and let's face it sweetheart, no one is as good as Mommy. Don't be embarrassed, Mommy knows just how to push your buttons and get you going. It's a woman's job to make sure she drains a mans balls every single day.. and Mommy can do that for you even better than your girlfriend. She sounds like an immature girl.. and you need a mature woman who knows what she is doing. You can't resist Mommy's huge juicy milkers. You love sucking on her nipples and being close. Just like when you were little. Although now it excites you so much. Mommy gets your cock out and sucks you, doesn't it feel so much better than when your girlfriend does it? She rubs your hard cock between her big tits. You can barely contain yourself with all the taboo filth coming from your Moms mouth and you bust a huge load all over her giant breasts. Your Mommy looks so hot, glazed in her boys cum. She rubs your cock all over her nipples. You've got stamina and don't want things to end yet, Mommy asks if you want to cum on her tits again or go inside a special place. You choose to fuck Mommy's warm pussy. She takes you upstairs to her room and climbs on top of you. She sits on your hard cock and rides you. Aren't you lucky to have such a good Mommy. Mommy will take your cum every single day. You'll forget you even had a girlfriend by tomorrow. Mommy begs you to fill her pussy with your cum. You give her a huge creampie and it all pours from her pussy. Such a good boy. british, taboo, kink, dirty talking, filth, tattooed, mommy, mummy, mum, mom, mommyson, simulated, pov, pov sex, cum on tits, creampie, roleplay
duration 22:31
NEW Schoolgirl Loves Anal Play video from MissAnja
duration 10:01
Cuck Roleplay I Let Him Use My Pussy pt1 video from 420sextime
Cuck Roleplay I Let Him Use My Pussy pt1 by 420sextime [Custom Video] This part one of a two part series. This part includes the intro and dialogue, the second part includes the sex scene. My boyfriend has been suspicious of me leaving the house all the time without telling him where I'm going and then immediately coming back home and showering before I see him. He decides to hide in our bedroom and wait for me to get back.. I come back home and undress, I begin to marvel and gasp at all the thick white sticky liquid that is running down my leg. My boyfriend catches me and confronts me about the obvious cum dripping from my pussy. I explain to him that it's no big deal. I'm not cheating. I'm not having an affair... It's just that my older-friend recently divorced and he's been so lonely and sexually frustrated that I offered him my pussy to jack-off with. We're not having romantic love making, it's simply just sex. It's like medical therapy. I go over to his house whenever he texts me and I undress, lay down on his bed, spread my legs, and he uses my pussy to milk the cum out of his cock - similar to fucking a fleshlight, but he's fucking me instead. Don't worry about it! We don't kiss or do anything special! I should mention that he's used to cumming inside of his wife so I don't use a condom with him. I know that I always make you use a condom with me and that's because I'm not on birth control but he's used to a bare, warm, slippery pussy and so that's what I provide to him. The only problem is that his cock is soo much bigger than yours and his cum is so thick and healthy, he has massive loads! And I'm worried that with all this cum spurting right to the back of my cervix, that one day he's going to impregnate me before he gets over this breakup. That's why I need your help. Let's come to an agreement because I think you're kinda into this idea, I'll let him ejaculate big healthy loads into me and then I'll come home, tell you all about it, and you can help me clean up the mess that he leaves. Does that sound good? This video is mainly just dialogue, roleplay, and amateur acting with close-ups of cum dripping out of my pussy. Includes: cheating roleplay, lot's of dialogue, cuckolding, creampie close-up, pussy close-up, fingering, playing with cum, undressing, bra and panties, voyeur, affair, mild sph, cuck, divorce, older man, got caught, caught cheating, cum in pussy, creampie, wet panties, humiliation, clean up, cuckold clean up, beta male,

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