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duration 23:55
Fortune Teller: DP Anal + Pussy JOI video from KRYSTAL ☥ GEM ꩜
Fortune Teller: DP Anal + Pussy JOI by KRYSTAL ☥ GEM ꩜ On a trip overseas, you stumble across a sign for "Tarot Readings" along a line of shops... you decide "why not," and stroll in only to find a stunning witchy ebony woman with... little to nothing on as her work attire. Immediately enchanted, you ask for a general reading and the witch agrees. She pulls "The Lovers VI", "Ace of Swords", and "2 of Wands," and explains to you that she's picking up on some... unusual energy from the spread. Puzzled, she puts on her eyeglasses and proceeds to look into the details... this is sexual energy... specifically... you have an idea (Ace of Swords) that you and the witch should interact sexually (The Lovers VI) while she uses two phallic sex toys (2 of Wands)! You feel a bit embarrassed and contemplate apologizing and leaving, but before you can say anything the witch says, "well... I guess we should get into it then?" suggesting that she's down to ~manifest~ your reading immediately! You're now in her trance - she seduces you, tells you to pull your hard cock out, and just how to stroke it to her all while she teases you with none other than two dildos she keeps around the shop (for killing the boredom during her slow days hehe)! You're enchanted by her snake like movements, her dance, the incense smoke, watching her ass bounce, her pussy get fucked hard by one dildo, then her tight asshole by the other dildo, until you've ended up on the floor of the shop together as she pounds both of her holes right in front of you! Finally, she gives you a countdown to cum together and you both cum SO hard! She then thanks you... but before you leave she says she sees one more thing in her crystal ball... your cock buried deep in her ass and pussy! Also on Free Onlyfans
duration 9:19
GF Titty Smothers You To Destress video from BlackxRose92
GF Titty Smothers You To Destress by BlackxRose92 Hey honey! I'm so happy you're home! How was work? You look really stressed out. Here, come tell me all about it. Let's see if we can find something to do to help you relax and destress now that you're home from work. Haha, really? Hmm, sure, we can do that. I can put my tits in your face if it will help you feel less stressed. Does this make you feel better, with my breasts in your face like this? You're diving in face first like you're going to smother yourself with my tits though. Be careful! You need air! Do you want me to jiggle and squish my pierced nipples and cleavage in your face? Oh dear, don't go too far! If you end up getting too carried away and deprive yourself, I guess I could just use your boner after you smother yourself too much on my tits, but I'd rather fuck you while you thrust and grab my nipples too. Honey? Honey?! Oh dear.... Oh no.... Did you go too far this time? Oh that can't be good! Oh oh no! Oh, thank goodness! I thought for a moment you went too far there this time. Oh goodness, fine then, but only just a bit of titty smothering! I can't have you going all stiff on me from losing yourself in my breasts.... Be careful how much you smother yourself on my tits! You get so excited playing with my pierced nipples and all natural MILF tits that you tend to forget there's no air between them, so that even when you go out with a smile on your face and a giant erection, you can't go too far! Oh no! He did go too far this time, dammit! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 7:46
Hairy Pussy Worship Eat Me POV video from Amber Adams
Hairy Pussy Worship Eat Me POV by Amber Adams I start in my panties and tell you to come and worship my pussy. I tell you I want you to stick your nose right in between my lips and sniff. I admit that I wish your face was consumed by my hairy pussy. I tell you I know how bad you want to touch it, this perfect, hairy, wet pussy. I tell you I want your lips right against my panties and to feel the wetness and all my pussy juices. I ask you how my pussy smells and if you like to worship it. I tell you I want your tongue against my aroused clit so you can taste my delicious wet pussy. I ask if you like when I tell you to sniff it and that I know you love how my juices smell. (I move the camera closer). I pull my panties to the side and spread my pussy, telling I want your tongue deep inside it, going in and out of me. I tell you I want you to make me cum with your tongue and how I want you to lick me, saying to not stop until I cum. I turn around and tell you I want my pussy licked from behind now, from my pussy to my asshole telling you I know you love worshipping these beautiful pussy lips. I tell you to lick my lips and hair and to keep slobbering on my pussy, claiming that mouth is mine until I cum. I want you to lick all of it. I tell you to worship that clit and that my clit needs your tongue. I ask if you know how much I need it. I want to cum so bad. I ask if you've been practicing for me, telling you you’re such a good slave, practicing so you can worship my bush and pussy. I tell you I'm going to cum for you and I reach climax. I slide off my panties. I tell you I’m so wet and to look at how wet you made me by worshipping my pussy. I tell you you better come back again to worship my pussy soon like a good little pussy slave.

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