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Office Daddy: Omorashi in the Office video from TheLunaBabyy
Office Daddy: Omorashi in the Office by TheLunaBabyy [Custom description] You're in the office and it seems to be a regular day with the exception that Daddy is making you another water more frequently than usual. His excuse is that in this hot weather you need to keep hydrated to be at your best as there is a really important deadline you have to meet. You're working on it, but all these waters are having an effect, and you're pretty soon going to need a break. You get up to go, but Daddy insists you sit back down and finish what you're working on first. You acquiesce, but the urge to pee is building inside you. As the minutes tick by your need is getting more and more urgent. You ask Daddy again, but he says no. You really need to go now, so you start to plead with him. but he still won't let you go to the bathroom. You can barely concentrate on your work now, you're jiggling in your chair, squeezing your thighs together, trying to stop the inevitable. Daddy is getting a perverse satisfaction from watching you squirm. You're trying to work, when suddenly you lose concentration for a second and a little squirt of pee escapes you. You gasp in surprise, and embarrasment... What is Daddy going to say if you peed in his office? He asks you what's wrong, and you say nothing, pretending everything is fine. When he looks away though, you try to feel how wet or not your knickers are. Reassured that he probably won't be able to see you get on with your work as best you can. But shortly you realise you are at the point of no return. You beg Daddy one last time for a bathroom break. He firmly tells you to finish your work. You try, but the urgency in your knickers is just too much for you to bear. You give a soft gasp as your pee starts to flow. A mixture of shock and embarrassment on your face slowly gives way to relieve as the pressure on your bladder eases and your knickers fill with your warm pee. The sound of your pee cascading over the chair and splashing onto the floor, however brings you back to your senses and you realise what you've just done. With some effort, you manage to stop your flow of pee, and look over guiltily at Daddy. You stammer that you're sorry. He just asks you to stand up in your dripping skirt, and show him how wet you are. You turn away to show him your soaking wet skirt, and after he's seen, he suggests you take it off. You do so, leaving you in your knickers. You still need to go, so ask again to go to the bathroom. Daddy says no - you've already made a mess all over the floor, so you may as well finish right where you are. You feel kind of self-concious with Daddy watching you, but you relax your muscles one last time and give a little sigh as your knickers fill again with your warm pee. You make sure Daddy gets a good view of your wetness, both front and back. When you are done, he finally lets you go to get yourself cleaned up

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