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duration 30:05
Passionate After Date Fuck video from Fiona Dagger
Passionate After Date Fuck by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Ben is used throughout) You and Fiona make yourselves comfortable on your bed, and she tells you how much of an amazing night she's having so far. She says this is the best date she's been on in ages, and admits that she asked your mutual friends to arrange a party so she could meet you, as she kept hearing them talking about you and it got her really curious! She says that once she looked you up on social media and saw your pictures she knew she had to meet you, and she was so thrilled when it worked out and you asked her on this date! You kiss passionately before she strips down to lingerie and stockings, then kneels before you to worship your cock with her tongue, paying you lots of compliments about what a nice cock it is and how happy she is that the date is going so well! You cum in her mouth and she swallows it gladly, then you quickly tell her don't worry, you'll be able to go again in no time! She's thrilled, especially when you tell her it's now her turn, and you peel off her panties to eat her pussy. While you're licking her, she confesses to you that after she met you at the party last week she went home and touched herself thinking about you, and made herself cum 3 times! You bring her to orgasm with your tongue, then she says she needs you inside her right now, and begs you to fuck her. You fuck her in missionary, taking it slow and sensual at first and then gradually building up the rhythm, then flip her over into doggy to keep pounding her. She cums hard on your cock, then gets on top of you to ride you for a few minutes, before you flip her back into missionary to finish together, giving her an earth shattering orgasm as you empty your seed into her!
duration 10:55
Fucking Girlfriend's Sister video from Cattie
duration 9:44
Fucking after our date video from Brea Rose
Fucking after our date by Brea Rose This whole video I would love it if you never leave a bubbly, sweet, extremely cheery tone. Even though you say and do sexual things, you never act seductive or even coy. It’s all very straightforward and matter of fact, and always cheery for the entire video. In fact, as much as possible, I would love it if you could minimise your sexual sounds and facial expressions and replace them with general happy and joyful expressions as if you were thinking “Wow! Isn’t sex fun?”. POV in your living room. We arrive at your place, you dressed in sweet but casual clothes, and you mention how happy you are that I decided to come over. We sit on the couch and chat for a minute about the date we just had (dinner and a movie, or something simple like that). “I know we’ve only been on a few dates, but I like you, I think you’re really sweet. Oh, no, don’t worry. It wasn’t too forward of you to come over. I had a great time tonight. I don’t know if you’re still hungry after dinner, but if you want dessert, I have ice cream, or I could suck you off.” I’m surprised by your offer which itself surprises you a little. Since I came over to your place, you assumed I wanted to have sex. “Of course I’m serious. Do you not want me to? Well alright then, let’s get those pants off.” You give me a blowjob for a couple of minutes, then you ask if I want to fuck you. The rest of the video is a handful of virtual sex positions.Towards the end, you say it’s okay to cum inside you, you’re on birth control. “Did you like that? Oh good!” “You can go ahead and clean up if you want. The bathroom’s down there. I’m just gonna finger myself until you get back. Then you can eat me out if you’d like, or you can fuck me in the ass if you’re up for it. See you in a minute. I’ll be right here.”

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