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Tasty Revenge for my Hubby! With Sherry Stunns and Logan video from Sherry Stunns
Tasty Revenge for my Hubby! With Sherry Stunns and Logan by Sherry Stunns Sherry is so tired of her lazy husband always making promises he won't deliver on. Every week he says he is going to take her out and have some fun, but always winds up snoozing on the couch, living her to wonder why she ever married his boring ass. So lately, she has found herself a cool young boyfriend who's band is pretty good... and he likes to fuck! Whats a girl to do?? She just can't go on, not having sex and fun! The craziest part, her hubby, Dogg doesn't even understand what she's up to! She just tells her that she's going out and will be home later. By the time she comes home he is out on the couch watching sports or something. Little does he know that Sherry has been fucking Logan in his bed! Dogg really pissed her off tonight, so she decides to get her revenge on his lazy ass, and give him a taste of what he's been missing! She wipes her pussy juice covered fingers on a piece of bread, and sets it aside for later. She finishes up getting ready for her night out and hits the bar. After a night of drinks and fun, her and Logan stumble inside. They make out and drop each other right at the front door. Soon, they make their way past a snoozing Dogg and grab some stuff from the kitchen on the way to her bedroom. They laugh at their plan to give Dogg a special peaNUT butter and jelly sandwich! They set the food on the nightstand and hit the bed fir some fun! Logan starts out eating her pussy and fingering her. Sherry loves how he treats her, nothing like her boring husband. She loves his magical tongue, and he really goes to town on her. She can't take it anymore and has to take a quick break to get his cock out, and in her mouth! Soon, they are in a hot 69, one of her favorite places to be! It feels great, but Sherry really needs some dick, so before long, Logan is pounding her pussy deep and hard! They start in missionary and then move to doggystyle and that really gets Sherry wet! She has really needed a fucking like this for a while now. Next she moves to cowgirl and rides his dick like a pro! Logan knows he can't take much more so he pulls out and moves back to missionary, so they can finish their night right. Sherry pulls out the bread from earlier, so Logan can bust a big nut on it... and he sure does! He covers the bread with his hot load! Sherry finishes making the sandwich for her dear hubby, and sets it beside him with a loving note, for when he wakes up. Little does he know his favorite sandwich is full of his wife new boyfriends cum!

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