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duration 15:44
Custom Sexual Therapy video from Kandy Kaines
Custom Sexual Therapy by Kandy Kaines Clients Request: "I visit you, the therapist, to try to get over my stress, and you tize me with your tiny waist and huge breasts and give me a ride me to make me cum to release all my built up sexual tension. You suggest sis. It can help clear my mind and help me relax and relieve stress. I show reluctance, not because I don’t believe it works, but I’ve always had this fantasy of being tized by a beautiful woman. You say you’re flattered and actually this kind of fantasy can help clear my mind even better. You can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do, and it’s obvious that I want to be tized by you! Before I can start to protest, you say to stare at you, focus on you, watch your eyes closely, listen to the words you’re saying. I take some deep breaths and once I take 10 deep breaths, as you count me down, I will be completely relaxed. I need to stop resisting and let go. At the end of the countdown you snap your fingers and tell me to fall into trance and my eyes close. Now that I'm relaxed and more open, you ask how long it's been since I've had sex. I can't remember, but probably well over a year. So you ask what my sexual fetishes are. Since I have no inhibitions, I say a tiny waist, and most of all, big fake breasts. These are things I never told anyone in person. I say that being tized by big breasts and a tiny waist is an ultimate fantasy. You say to relax, I'm free to give in to my fetish. You say I'm in luck because underneath your clothes is the most perfect body that will fulfill all my fantasies. You say that giving in to my fetishes can actually deepen the sis and help me. You say to open my eyes and to just focus on your bust (you can give bust size, cup size, CCs and waist size), how they contrast with your slim waist. How round they are. You say it’s okay to get completely rock hard for you, the beautiful tist, and your breasts and perfect body in the outfit, it’s a perfectly normal reaction. After all, your breasts are just too big to resist, your waist is too small to resist. I can think of nothing else, and my inhibitions are gone and I’m throbbing with pure pleasure staring at you. Even hearing you say “ tize” is fulfilling my fantasy, and I go deeper and get harder. You slowly unbutton your top to reveal a little more cleavage, and the deeper the cleavage is, the deeper I fall, and the harder I get. Pleasure is relaxation. You say that when you remove to the top completely (revealing your bra), I will relax and fall deeper into sis and be even more aroused. You unbutton the last button/take off the top and snap your fingers, and I’m much deeper in trance and it feels wonderful. You say that under sis I can release all that buildup with more pleasure than I could possibly imagine, aided by the fact its’ been so long. You say to stare at the cleavage as you sway your hips accenting the difference between your breasts and waist. and as you get closer and closer, I will fall deeper and deeper into trance. Finally you bury my face with your cleavage and snap your fingers and sink me so deep into trance and let the pleasure consume my mind and relax my body even more. You say to keep relaxing and to focus all my tensions into my cock, and you will help release all my tensions with your big, beautiful breasts and tiny waist, while riding me with your perfect body. You are easily the most beautiful, hottest, bustiest, fittest woman I've ever seen, and your skills in sis and riding will help me with the ultimate stress release like I could never imagined. You take off your skirt, slide your lingerie to the side, remove my pants and proceed to ride me. You say you know how good your pussy feels consuming my cock, and your skills are no match for me. So, to avoid cumming too quickly, I need to stay relaxed and not move or tense and give up control to your perfect body. You start slowly and tease and tease, slowly riding me, reminding me how busty you are and how tiny your waist is, and this completely blows my mind. Your rocking side to side, back and forth, and in circles tizes me even more. No one has ever given me this pleasure before and it just sinks me deeper and deeper, but I just get harder and harder. When you see that I just can't handle it any more, you say to keep relaxing and you will count me down to orgasm. You ride me while facing me, and never go fast, because otherwise I would erupt immediately. You count down, accenting how big your breasts are and how tiny your waist is. You see I love the rocking side to side and in circles because it both tizes me and gives me the most pleasure. I can't resist, and how nothing has ever come close to this, being tized by a gorgeous, slim, busty woman is my ultimate fantasy. When you finally let me cum, I will sink into the deepest state of sis and release all my built up tension.
duration 13:35
Homewrecker Let's You Creampie JOI video from Leila Cherry
Homewrecker Let's You Creampie JOI by Leila Cherry Thanks for letting me inside to grab my watch that I forgot a couple weeks ago at your barbecue. You remember that barbecue that you and your wife threw together? We had so much fun that night didn't me. I know you haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Tell me, how addicted to me have you become? I know you've been screenshotting my instagram stories. You must be saving those pictures to jerk off to them haven't you pervert? Haha I wonder how your wife must feel about that. That you love jerking off to her slutty friend so much more than you like fucking her. You probably haven't slept with her for weeks because you can't stop fantasizing about me. Come on don't be so shy, your wife isn't home. I could see that hard on in your pants since the second you let me in the door. Look I'm not even wearing any panties. I'm such a slut I knew you wouldn't be able to resist me. You want to look at my big nipples again don't you? I'll let you take out your cock and stroke to them while your wife isn't home. But I'm not going to let you fuck me, I'm not that much of a whore! Think about this soft tits bouncing around while I'm riding you. Thinking about it is making your cock drop with precum isn't it? I can see it leaking out. You love my body so much more than hers. I'm so much more curvy and irresistible. I want you to watch me spread my pussy lips while you stroke. I want to hear you moan while you jerk off to me, go faster. You love watching my pussy, nipples, and toes while you touch yourself for me pervert? I'm such a slut I love letting men jerk off to me. You want me to let you cum inside me? No haha are you going to keep on begging me to let you just stick the tip in? You want to feel my pussy lips wrapped around you that bad? Fine you get one minute then you need to cum. You better make it last because it's never going to happen again. Feel my pussy while you jerk off inside of me. Cum for me in 10...9...8...7...
duration 23:55
Fortune Teller: DP Anal + Pussy JOI video from EKRYSTALLINE ☥☤
Fortune Teller: DP Anal + Pussy JOI by EKRYSTALLINE ☥☤ On a trip overseas, you stumble across a sign for "Tarot Readings" along a line of shops... you decide "why not," and stroll in only to find a stunning witchy ebony woman with... little to nothing on as her work attire. Immediately enchanted, you ask for a general reading and the witch agrees. She pulls "The Lovers VI", "Ace of Swords", and "2 of Wands," and explains to you that she's picking up on some... unusual energy from the spread. Puzzled, she puts on her eyeglasses and proceeds to look into the details... this is sexual energy... specifically... you have an idea (Ace of Swords) that you and the witch should interact sexually (The Lovers VI) while she uses two phallic sex toys (2 of Wands)! You feel a bit embarrassed and contemplate apologizing and leaving, but before you can say anything the witch says, "well... I guess we should get into it then?" suggesting that she's down to ~manifest~ your reading immediately! You're now in her trance - she seduces you, tells you to pull your hard cock out, and just how to stroke it to her all while she teases you with none other than two dildos she keeps around the shop (for killing the boredom during her slow days hehe)! You're enchanted by her snake like movements, her dance, the incense smoke, watching her ass bounce, her pussy get fucked hard by one dildo, then her tight asshole by the other dildo, until you've ended up on the floor of the shop together as she pounds both of her holes right in front of you! Finally, she gives you a countdown to cum together and you both cum SO hard! She then thanks you... but before you leave she says she sees one more thing in her crystal ball... your cock buried deep in her ass and pussy! Also on Free Onlyfans

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