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duration 19:27
Is She Awake? Creampie video from 420sextime
Is She Awake? Creampie by 420sextime [custom video] You just divorced your wife and you're moving back home to the city you grew up in. You ask this cute girl who you used to know if you can stay with her while you search for new apartments. The conversation begins with boring small talk but it quickly turns to detailed talk about how much her boyfriend cums inside of her. She tells you that she doesn't even use birth control and she only relies on not having sex during her most fertile times to not get knocked up. Sometimes he shoots his sticky semen deep into her pussy multiple times a day. She reveals that the risk of pregnancy turns her on and sometimes she even lets him cum inside of her at night when she's in bed. Once she goes to bed, she's out. You can move her around, make noise, but she won't wake up to anything. She even told you that she goes to bed naked... She says she gave her boyfriend permission to use her body whenever he wants and it turns her on so much. It's totally consensual! She loves waking up with his cum dripping out of her. She feels bad that you're divorced and not getting any sex... She tells you that she's going to take a nap and that she'll leave her door open so that you can come in and grab extra blankets, pillows, or to do anything that you need to do in her room. She tells you not to worry about being noisy or bumping the bed because she won't wake up anyways. Is she implying that you can come in and have sex with her? You quietly sneak into her room and pull the blankets back, you grope her and then eat her out... She hasn't woken up yet.. You start fucking her and she moans a little bit, is she awake? Sometimes you swear you can see her do a little sneaky smile.. You cum inside of her and leave the room. She immediately gets up and starts playing with your cum leaking out of her. She loves it. She tricked you into thinking that she didn't know it was happening but she was actually awake the whole time! Includes: impregnation fantasy, cum worship, creampie worship, cum in pussy, taboo, cheating, role play, dirty talking, groping, pussy eating, oral, fertile, semen, sperm, skirt, sweater, big dick, uncut, friend, fetish
duration 15:57
Slut Wife Cuckold Fantasy video from Fiona Dagger
Slut Wife Cuckold Fantasy by Fiona Dagger Fiona has been out clubbing with her girlfriends all night and when she gets home she's surprised to find that you're still awake! You must have been waiting for hours, but she's really tired from dancing so can she just go straight to bed? You're all horny though and you pester her, but she protests, saying she's too sleepy and sore from dancing. You keep bugging her and she gets more annoyed, eventually snapping and admitting that she doesn't want to have sex because she's ALREADY fucked someone tonight! She looks to see your reaction and is surprised when you don't seem angry! Are you not annoyed that your wife cheated on you? Gradually she realises that you're actually turned on by the thought of her with another guy, and though she can't help but laugh at how pathetic you are in comparison to the alpha hunk she had earlier, she starts to tease you and tell you all about her big night out and the monster cock she got to play with. She can't believe that you're so turned on by hearing your wife talk like this but decides to use it to her advantage - if this is what you're into then from now on you can be her little cuckold helper and find guys for her to fuck while you wait at home getting all frustrated! She makes you eat the cum out of her pussy so she won't get pregnant and tells you that maybe this will be a fun arrangement after all; she can do whatever she wants, fuck whoever she wants, and you just have to wait at home to hear all about it! This was originally filmed as a custom video
duration 32:55
Cucking Your Wife With Her Friend video from Fiona Dagger
Cucking Your Wife With Her Friend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) It's your birthday and your wife has arranged a surprise for you - her hot friend Fiona, who you've been fantasising about for ages, is going to give you a birthday striptease! Fiona says that her and your wife have both known that you have a crush on her, so for a special treat today she'll strip off and give you a little show. You're a bit uncomfortable that your wife is going to stay in the room with you, but they both insist it's fine! Fiona starts to slowly peel her clothing off, teasing you about your crush on her, until when she's fully naked she can't help but notice the bulge in your pants. She's shocked by how huge it is! She asks your wife why didn't she warn Fiona that you have such a big cock, and seems mesmerized by it... She thinks for a minute, then suggests that you take this birthday treat one little step further - since you're clearly rock hard and must be frustrated, why don't you stroke it now for her and she'll watch and give you a show? Your wife is unsure about this, she thinks things are going to far, but Fiona shushes her and says it's fine, it's not like you'll be touching her. When you get your cock out to stroke it she's delighted, exclaming over the size and how hard it is, and getting clearly flustered and horny, unable to stop herself touching her pussy. She rubs her clit and asshole as she watches you jack it, saying she bets it would feel amazing inside her... After a while she can't help it and gets on her knees to touch it, ignoring your wife's protesting! She asks you if you want her to stroke it and you say yes, trying not to think about your wife sitting just behind you. Fiona strokes and jacks your cock, clearly wanting to suck it but trying to resist... But when she sees a bead of precum forming at the head she can't help it, and takes you into her mouth! Your wife tries to say this is going way too far but you both ignore her, caught up in how amazing it feels. As Fiona takes you deep into her mouth she notices that your wife has started to touch herself and laughs, teasing her about how she's enjoying seeing her husband with a younger, hotter woman. Your wife is frustrated but can't stop touching herself, getting wetter and wetter as Fiona goes to town on your cock. When Fiona suggests you go even further and fuck her your wife tries to protest again but you can tell she's conflicted, and Fiona gets up on top of you to ride your cock, amazed by how big it feels inside her and berating your wife for not pleasing her husband enough. She talks down to your wife as she bounces up and down on your thick cock, asking you if her pussy feels better than your wife's and laughing at her when you admit that it does. Your poor wife is frantically fingering her dripping pussy as she watches you flip Fiona over and begin pounding her, making her cum hard on your dick. Then Fiona asks if you want to fuck her ass now, since she's sure your wife never lets you near that hole! You slide your cock into Fiona's tight asshole as your wife looks on, soon filling her ass with a huge load. But Fiona wants more and asks if you can go again, and you fuck her ass in missionary while she laughs at your wife touching herself in the corner. Fiona then says she wants you to cum in her pussy this time - she thinks it would be really hot for you to breed her fertile young pussy in front of your wife! You pump 2 more loads of cum into her tight pussy as your wife watches, then Fiona promises your wife that she'll let her watch the next time you fuck Fiona, since she seemed to enjoy it so much seeing her husband with a real woman!
duration 22:18
Uncle Gets Double BJ While Making Cuckold Friend Watch video from Davina Davis
Uncle Gets Double BJ While Making Cuckold Friend Watch by Davina Davis My dad NEVER pays any attention to me lately, ever since he got a new girlfriend. I decided to slut-up my school uniform from now on. Maybe when he gets a call from the principle he'll finally notice me!!! Apparently my pervy uncle Lloyd isn’t a big fan of my new wardrobe, because when I got home from school today he wouldn’t lay off! He kept telling me how “If I was his daughter, I wouldn’t get away with dressing like a whore.” I tried telling him its none of his business, but he wouldn’t stop bitching at me! Uncle Lloyd has always been a little creepy, but today he crossed the line! I thought he was just staring at me the whole time because of my uniform, but he was really staring at my pussy!!! He even brought his weirdo friend to gawk at me! They both told me I was a skank for not wearing any panties, and how I couldn't possibly still be a virgin. I told uncle Lloyd my cherry was still in tact, but he figured out that wasn't true when his friend offered to let me suck his cock, and I agreed! I wasn't interested at first, but then uncle Lloyd told me how big it was... And.... Well.... I can NEVER resist a big cock in my mouth. Except it wasn't even big!!!!! In fact, the pathetic loser couldn't even get it up! Ugh, my uncle really needs some new friends. As I was on my knees trying to get this idiots pasty white, shriveled dick hard enough to suck, I noticed that my uncle had a raging boner! He didn't even try to hide it! He could see how cock hungry I was, and he grinned, knowing It was his turn now. Typical uncle Lloyd, using his friend to get me to suck his dick. I started sucking my uncle off, and was just about to make him cum, when his friends wife barged in! She started bitching about how disgusting they both were, but I must have turned her on, because she decided to come suck uncle Lloyds cock with me! She kept telling her husband what a pathetic limp dick loser he was and asked me to help humiliate him. I told him how little his cock was, and we made him watch like a pathetic cuckold as my uncle gave us both HUGE facials! I told uncle Lloyd next time he visits to bring THREE friends, and to make sure they all have big dicks!
duration 13:19
Be My Cuck Boyfriend video from Fiona Dagger
Be My Cuck Boyfriend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your girlfriend arrives home after a long week at work and expects a foot rub while she tells you all about her day. You gratefully oblige her and massage her stockinged feet as she tells you about how she's been so horny all day after sucking off a colleague at work. You love hearing about her with other men and you get excited as she describes sucking his long, thick cock and how wet it made her pussy. She's still horny now in fact, so you can be a good boy and lick her pussy for her. She spreads her legs to give you access and you lick her beautiful wet pussy, until she turns over and makes you lick her asshole for her, while she rubs her clit until she cums hard. She then sees that this has made you very turned on and she wonders aloud whether she should allow you to masturbate or whether she should keep you desperate for a few more days... You beg for release and she relents and says that you can wank off if you're quick, but she expects you to lick her pussy again once you're done, and then to clean the house and make dinner for her! She tells you to jack your cock for her and as you touch yourself she muses about how to degrade you further tomorrow, deciding that she'll fuck that guy in the office and then make you eat his cum from her pussy when she gets home.. This drives you crazy and she commands you to cum all over yourself, then clean up the mess you've made so you can get back to servicing her! x
duration 12:03
POV ‘Threesome’ 2.0 video from Jane Cane
POV ‘Threesome’ 2.0 by Jane Cane POV ‘Threesome’ 2.0 - 12:02 (3rd person aka ‘the husband’ is the camera) This is a remake of our 2016 version. We always loved this video and wanted to do it with new lighting and camera work. Jane and her husband have booked a stay with Air B&B. To their surprise, the owner has double booked them with a complete stranger staying there alone. Jane is sitting on the couch, with the stranger next to her, discussing things with her husband when all of a sudden he starts rubbing on her leg! Then he starts moving his hands up and begins to rub her pussy. She continues to try and act normal while being shocked, then the stranger just walks out of the room. She doesn’t know what to think, but she is aroused. Being so turned on, she and her husband go to their bedroom and start having sex with Jane on top. Then, out of nowhere, the stranger comes in naked, gets behind her, and starts fucking her ass! She is really turned on now. She has never had a cock in her ass before. They continue to double penetrate her until the stranger wants her pussy. He pulls her off of her husband and fucks her on her back and doggystyle off the side of the bed until he cums all over her stomach. While Jane is riding her ‘husband’, this is virtual sex. No anal penetration is shown. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, threesome, pov, milf, natural, all natural, natural tits, riding, cowgirl, doggy style, doggystyle, double penetration, anal, ass, virtual, virtual sex, cow girl, stranger

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