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Small & Big Booty Squished video from Delilah Dee
Small & Big Booty Squished by Delilah Dee This is a custom video, no names are used. "In this clip, you’d be wearing cotton panties, and your butt is super stinky. If possible, I’m hoping the tiny doll can be laying on a table or somewhere that you can see your full body when you sit on it. The scene would open with the tiny person laying face up, And you’d enter in cotton panties. You’d come in And stand in front of the tiny person with your butt facing the camera. You’d pretend to be on the phone with a friend, and your laughing about how you were just over her house and accidentally sat on her little brothers pet mouse and how you had no clue it was under you and how your booty must have been so stinky. You keep pretending to talk to your friend about how bad your fat butt must have smelled as you sit down on the little person. You laugh and joke about how you haven’t showered in days and how you feel bad about what you did, but you also don’t care because tiny things should know not to get in the way of your big ass. You smush your butt around and look back at the camera from time to time, while you laugh with your friend about her little brother crying when he found his smushed pet, and how you couldn’t help yourself from farting on it. While your on the phone, you notice something Under your ass and realize you just sat on the tiny person your family recently adopted. Instead of standing up, you tell your friend and joke about how this keeps happening to you, and you and your friend laugh. You tell your friend you can hear the little person crying about how stinky your butt is, and you laugh with her and start humiliating the little person and joking about how it’s their fault for not getting out of your way. You fart on them throughout the clip, occasionally lifting your butt up only to spread your cheeks and sit back down. The clip ends with you telling your friend that you felt the little person squish and laughing about how potent your booty is. This would be a 15 minute clip filmed from behind ideally with your full body in frame. Please role play and use as much dialogue as possible To full time, I’d love if you’d talk with your friend about other times you sat on little ants by accident or just talk about how stinky and heavy your booty is."

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