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duration 11:30
Compulsive Findom Gambler ASMR JOI video from OmankoVivi
Compulsive Findom Gambler ASMR JOI by OmankoVivi LOOK AT ALL THAT MONEY YOU OWE ME~!!!!! My oh my, little doggy, you've gotten yourself in quite the predicament! It seems you've already fallen dumb to my gambling trap, and by the look of all those zero's... you'll be serving ME for a looooong time~!!! Don't worry though, if you keep these perversions quiet, between us, then perhaps I'll go a bit easier on you... Being my pet isn't ALL bad, after all~. You'll soon become addicted to paying back your loan, just to wrack it back up again!!! Do it, do it! Edge yourself and start paying back what you owe me... You're my dog now, and you barely deserve to even look at me!!! This is just the first gamble after all, do you think the great Yumeko Jabami would give it allllll away, for just her dog~? Hey, just because I’m berating you doesn’t mean you can stop jacking off, you’ll have to finish to the embarrassment!!! This is your punishment for being a bad, selfish doggy. You should behave yourself in front of your new master, so stick your loser tongue out and beg for forgiveness!!! If you’re lucky, I’ll let your lick the sweat off my Goddess body. You’d become completely obsessed then - hah!!! Coming back week after week, paying tribute and desperately attempting to catch up… Wildly humping your hand and begging to get closer - sniff my feet, anything!!! You’ll need to see me again and again, it’s simply like a love disease you know, the thrill of gambling!!!!! (Contains : Findom, ASMR, JOI, Mesmerize)

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