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duration 23:45
The Joy of Baking video from MsCakes
The Joy of Baking by MsCakes In this episode of The Joy of Baking, your favourite host Ms. Cakes shows you how to make a simple but delicious Caramel Cream Cake. She starts off by sifting flour into a bowl, but accidentally spills a bit on her sexy black dress. Oops, she better take it off before things get messier! At least it gives her the perfect opportunity to show of her sexy new lingerie. She finishes whisking together the rest of the dry ingredients before moving on to the wet ones. She strips off her bra and panties, explaining that the next step is best done completely nude. Since the milk has to be slightly warm, she uses the innovative technique of pouring it all over her naked body and letting it drip down into the bowl. Then she adds the egg and mixes the wet and dry ingredients together vigorously. Now for the fun part - the caramel sauce and whipped cream! Of course, she uses the same technique of rubbing them all over her body to get them to the perfect temperature, making a big sticky mess everywhere in the process. She scoops the sweet gooey mixture off her body and into the bowl and mixes it all up. Then it's time for the secret ingredient - 100% pure pussy extract, straight from the source! She spreads her legs open wide and starts to finger her pussy to get it warmed up and have a little taste test. Then she uses her stainless steel mixer to fuck herself hard and fast to really get her sweet juices flowing. When she incorporates her electric bullet mixer as well, it doesn't take long for her to cum hard and release a generous amount of pussy extract all over the table. She scoops it all into the cake batter and gives it one last stir. Finally, it's time to pour the batter into the pan - but not without warming up the spatula on her ass first! She bakes it for 25 minutes at 375°F, and voila! A beautiful, delicious cake filled with creamy caramel goodness and a hint of pussy extract ;). Something tells you that this will definitely become your new favourite show on the Food Porn Network!
duration 8:06
Ariel Anderssen oh to be flour video from EroticaBabes
Ariel Anderssen oh to be flour by EroticaBabes Ariel has just finished some home baking and is waiting for her buns to rise. She ponders what to do. She chats through her dilemma with you as you listen in. She is wearing black patent high heels, black seamed stockings, a girdle and a butchers apron. She is also wearing a mask, not sure why, but hey just run with it. She tells you this fact, that she is not wearing anything under her apron. She even goes as far as to show you! She explains that it will be better to remove her apron as there's little point with it being on her. She tells you a fantasy about being interrupted by a gentleman caller who finds that she is naked under her apron. She wonders that if she is not forward he will not act and take her on the butchers block. She thinks it will be a great idea to do some signalling for him. She tells you she needs to give him indications where she wants his hands on her body. She bends down and picks up the jar of flour and rests it on the butchers block. She opens the lid and picks up some flour on her hand. She proceeds to spank her hand against her boob, leaving a flour hand imprint. This she tells you is a marker. She does the same with both cheeks on her ass. First one side and then the other. We show you this at normal speed and then again slowed down by 75%, so it is really slow. e.g. 25% rather than 100% speed. We do this for her boob, ass and pussy hand plants with flour. We have shot this with 2 cameras, one medium wide and the other close in. The sequence when Ariel slaps her pussy with a floured hand is delightful and very hot. She leaves a great imprint on both her boobs, ass and pussy. It's a perfect invite for her gentleman caller who she can now hear approaching. Oh my.

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