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duration 17:29
Daddy Caught Me Sneaking Out video from Carly
Daddy Caught Me Sneaking Out by Carly *This is a playful CNC video with some bashful reluctance, a more intense CNC version of this video is coming soon so stay tuned!!* Daddy caught me trying to sneak out to a party without his permission.. worst of all I was wearing a skimpy mini dress with an even skimpier micro bikini on underneath!! I couldn't help but blush & protest when daddy told me to strip & show him what I have on under my dress.. I felt like such a little whore when daddy saw me in my tiny bikini! When he spotted the red fishnet tights on my bed he made me put those on as well, showing off my body for daddy while the bulge in his pants continued to grow.. After stripping me & making me twerk and spread my cheeks for him, I can't help but confess the real reason I've been dressing so provocatively lately.. I wanted my daddy's attention!! Now he's got me on my bed, hairy wet pussy on display! I can't believe this is happening.. I play shy but I've secretly been wanting this for so long. Please daddy I need ur cum in me, put a baby in me ❤️ This video features a reluctant strip tease including a lil bit of hairy armpit worship, tons of dirty talk, twerking & ass spreading, missionary dildo play with a simulated creampie at the end! x For lovers of: breeding , cum , creampie , impregnation , daddy , daddy kink , dd/lg , daddy's girl , hairy , hairy pussy , hairy ass , hairy bush , ass spreading , twerking , ass shaking , body worship , hairy armpits , armpit fetish , armpit worship , ass worship , role play , dirty talk , begging , reluctant , cnc , kink , fetish, taboo , redhead ,
duration 10:47
Ravished By Three Ghost Orbs video from Catpaws
Ravished By Three Ghost Orbs by Catpaws I used a magic necklace to summon three horny ghosts for a paranormal orgy! They're supposed to only show up when you're in a state of deep relaxation, so I suppose it's fine if I lie down for a quick rest... little did I know that they would sneak up on me! Even though I'm unaware, I reposition myself to expose my breasts, almost as if my body is moving on its own... the balls of light waste no time and begin teasing my nipples, kissing and sucking. I can't moan otherwise my housemates will know I was summoning ghosts... if they find out, I'm screwed! I try to keep from moaning as my hips move on their own, grinding against my panties, and the phantoms bring me to orgasm unexpectedly quickly. H-hey, I thought they would stop after one orgasm, but they keep going! Oh god, but it feels too good... I guess I'll let them make me cum again. I wrestle my panties off and eagerly spread my hairy pussy, and a third orb appears and begins licking and sucking my clit. My eyes roll with the intense pleasure as my body shakes and spasms - the orbs are firmly latched onto my nipples and clit, and all I can do is hump the air helplessly as they torment me. They make me cum again, and when the orb on my clit disappears I'm foolish enough to think it's finally over... but in its stead is an orb with a suspiciously phallic shape... oh god, they want to fuck me too?! The orb plunges in and out of me relentlessly as I quiver and grimace from the incredible pleasure. By the time the orbs at my nipples disappear I'm craving another orgasm, and having to work my body myself frustrates me. My fingers don't feel nearly as good as the ghosts did! Just when I think all is lost, the two orbs at my nipples reappear and all three phantoms go all out to bring me to one last explosive orgasm! The orbs disappear, having finally harvested all my energy, but my body still craves their touch, and I writhe with frustration... (Versions without sound effects or visual effects are available upon request)

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