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Cute Maid Masturbates Over Panties video from Emma Hansen
Cute Maid Masturbates Over Panties by Emma Hansen Your personal house maid has finished all her duties, and I've grown tired of waiting for my master to come home all day.. Maybe I can cum quickly if I leave my panties on and use my vibrator! Watch your naughty maid as I admire myself with my cute panties squeezing my ass and my dress ruffles falling off my shoulders. The first part of this video is highly focused on my cuteness and my outfit. Next I start touching myself over my panties, teasing myself just a bit before laying on my stomach and playing with my squished ass. From a high angle pointing down at me on the bed, I turn on my Princess-style wand vibrator and start masturbating over my adorable panties until I'm clinging the sheets, rolling my eyes, and struggling to stay still. The position changes to doggystyle for me to cum with my face shoved in the bed and my ass in the camera. I rub my panties over my pussy with my fingers while I circle my vibrator over my clit, smelling my fingers with a light moan & Smiling. My moans get louder as I near orgasm, gripping the sheets and biting my lip. My legs give out as I cum over my panties, my body flattening on the bed on top of my vibrator and leaving me twitching with more waves of the orgasm. After some deep breathes and light moans, I slide off my panties and give them a long whiff. I sit up & Face the camera to sniff them again a few times, shoved in my face. Do you think my Master would like these dirty panties? (No Dialogue, Loud Moans, Maid Cosplay/Costume, Panty-Sniffing, Non-Nude, Lewd, Vibrator, 19 Yrs Old, Kawaii, Roleplay, Fantasy, Master/Servant, Anime)

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