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Very Very Sweaty Workout And Dance #2 video from MissAnja
Very Very Sweaty Workout And Dance #2 by MissAnja Here is another very very sweaty video from me :) This time I'm doing cardio workout mixing with dancing what is make me sweaty after 10-13 minutes. Music is such a good one and I wanna dance instead doing cardio :) But cannot miss the sweaty cardio part of. So hot in the room as I do workout without fan or air condition. Tell you how hot and high humidity we have after rainy days. But I love being sweaty I love making cardio workout. I start with clothes on the taking them off by the time when felt getting so hot. Actually I feel hotter in the room than when I've made the previous * Xtreme sweaty dance and masturbation video. * I take deep breathing so many times and tell you how I feel myself. I'm smiling and enjoying so much the cardio workout and music with dancing. I also wanna learn boxing. I know my technique is rudimentary but I'm focusing a lot to acquire on the right method. After finished the cardio session I just show off in POV style first how much sweaty I am. Bring you close up many times to see body is dripping wet. Just look at my face, cheeks are red and sweat leaking down on it. I display my sweaty body in different angles and take off my sweaty red knicker the tell you it's just soaked well in wetness and only a tiny part left on the crotch what still dry or half dry. Show off some cream on it too and actually I've put it on before started workout. My face, hair, chest,belly. ass, and legs so sweaty and shiny. You could admire my round butt, I spread my pink pussy too.I love sweaty workout and dance. Soon I'm coming out with more long, sexy and sweaty sessions :) I can't wait for

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