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Poisonous Spider Bites Executrix (Custom) video from DiaLynn
Poisonous Spider Bites Executrix (Custom) by DiaLynn (custom no names were used in this video)

Dark look, with cleavage and black sheer pantyhose. I want to get rid of you exploiting your phobia for spiders. I pour some liquid on a rag and stuff it in your mouth. Before you pass out, I warn you that I will introduce you to a little friend of mine when you wake up. I shh you and tell you to "Go to sleep, close your eyes, say goodnight". I am (still) very sweet to you. I sing you a lullaby then you pass out. You wake up bound with mouth stuffed, I pick up the spider, looks like a queen. Your vision is blurred. I know you're scared as hell, it's your phobia, I can see it in your eyes. I point out that her bites are terribly painful, so painful that you will beg me to die. The poison is powerful but works slowly, so you'll have more time to enjoy her company. I place the spider on you, giving her a name. I am teasing you having fun. I ask you some questions like, "Where do you think she's biting you first? "That looks painful, doesn't it? Talk to me! I mock you, your mouth is stuffed and you can't talk back. The spider starts exploring your body, going into holes. Your mouth is stuffed so she can't go into it, but that's not the only hole you have haha Once she is inside of you, she lays her eggs. The heat from your body will make them open fast. I leave you and the spider alone for awhile. I then come back, and notice that your wrapped in a spiderweb and many little spiders are born crawling all over you.. You look in agony and I comment "Yes, giving birth is painful". I have an antidote for the poison of the spider, but I will inject it into you only if you answer some questions of mine. Of course you can't :) So instead of the antidote, I inject you with some air inside the needle because I have no more time to waste with you. Lots of mocking.

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