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duration 23:50
KEEP BREEDING ME and MY DAUGHTERS by TabithaXXX This is a custom film. It picks up where BREEDING YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S HOT MOM'. ends. The name 'Kevin' is used throughout. You are my girlfriend Jessica's mother. A few months back you seduced me because you were jealous I got your daughter pregnant. Unfortunately your daughter and I have been away for a couple months traveling and we just came back home. You sneak into my room and surprise me that you are pregnant with my b b y and actually you're even having twins. Now that you are pregnant you're very horny and you need me to fuck you, and since you know I have a breeding fetish you know I can't resist you. You slowly undress, seduce and then get on me. Talk about how happy you are that you are pregnant with our b b y and that being pregnant has made you very horny, and you need me to fuck you a lot more. You tell me that you really like the way it feels being pregnant and you know you cannot stop, and you need me to keep giving you more bby. You say you are going to move in with your daughter and me and keep having my b b s You surprise me and tell me that even though you promised to keep our having sex a secret that you told your daughter (my girlfriend) anyway and that she's actually ok with it and she wants me to keep breeding you. You tell me that she even sent you in to fuck me today and that you and her will share me. She's excited to see who can get pregnant the most and the big families and lots of Little Ones we'll have. You and Jessica have also decided that if I am good and keep both of you pregnant and keep fucking both of you every day, that you'll help me knock up the rest of your daughters too.
duration 16:46
Asshole Worship and Dildo Riding Custom video from Amber Adams

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