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duration 14:30
Surprise Christmas Sex with Sister video from Cattie
Surprise Christmas Sex with Sister by Cattie “Your Sister is a Ho-Ho-Hoe!!” You moved away, so you only see your family on holidays.However, you keep in touch with your sultry sister. This year, you guys agreed not to exchange gifts. But I couldn't resist! I thought of the perfect one! And I just loves Christmas & you soo much... Don't fret! It's not an ugly sweater! Close your eyes!! When I tell you to open them, I'll be kneeling in front of you adorned in silky red lingerie illuminating myself as your bow wrapped gift and a Santa hat. HUMMINA!! And all I want for Christmas, is YOU! Let's open my gift first! Slowly, unzipping yourself and presenting your cock to me. Boy, did I miss you! Didn't you miss my mouth? Sucking, slurping, gagging and making a slobbery mess all over you! Your filthy sister, a cock crazed sucking machine. Looking you in the eyes and going cross-eyed. SOO much spit! Are you ready to open YOUR gift? I help you pull the ribbons to undress me. I'm soo wet from getting mine! Did you know I haven't fucked anyone since the last time you did?! No one could compare. I save my holes for you! Grinding on your rock hard dick before slowly entering between my lips. Frantically bouncing up and down. There's nothing like family love! Rubbing my pussy as you watch yourself slide in and out of my tight cunt. I'm soo wet, you slip out! But I stroke your cock and exclaim I want to make this Xmas XXX-tra special! CREAMPIE me! Something we've never done before. A Christmas miracle, right?! I want to take control from here. You laying on your back, tits bouncing in your face as I go wild on your cock! You love watching my breasts bounce around. Smacking my ass! Cum with me, brother!! A huge load squirts into me. Pulling out to see the beautiful grool pump from inside my pussy. Fingering myself to feel and play with it. Amazed at what is the biggest spunk drop of your rendezvous. This is by far the best Christmas EVER!! Video entails: taboo brother/sister roleplay, holiday/Christmas theme, POV blowjob, ahegao faces/eye crossing, spit/drool, lots of sexy teasing and dirty talk, striptease/strip tease, POV & virtual fuck, fake creampie, cum play and more!
duration 22:47
All son wants for Christmas is Mrs. Claus SD. BJ,Tit fuck,POV fucking,doggy style cum shot video from Rosemarieloves
All son wants for Christmas is Mrs. Claus SD. BJ,Tit fuck,POV fucking,doggy style cum shot by Rosemarieloves oh my Santa is sick and Im left to delivery presents to all the boys and families around the world. As Im bending over arranging the gifts under the Christmas tree I noticed im missing a few for one good boy. Oh how I failed Santa. I lost the gifts and I dont have the boys Christmas list of gifts to quickly replace them. Ill double check under the tree and make sure I didnt over look. Oh my I cant find those gifts whatever shall I do... Oh whats that noise. Gasp I've woken up the boy whose gifts are missing. Don't be shy come closer Im just Mrs Claus there's nothing to be afraid of. Maybe you can help me figure out this little problem I have. Do you by any chance remember what you wrote down on your Christmas list? Can you tel me? I dont want to fail Santa this year. So can you tell me?

Wow I didn't know you were such a big boy with very needy needs. I don't know if I can give you that for Christmas... Im married. That would be cheating. You dont want Mama Claus to get in trouble do you.??? Now that;s a good boy.

I know I know you want a Christmas gift. But.... You were good all year, like everyday. Thats what Mama Claus loves to hear.Mama Claus wants to know that all her little boys have been good all year. Cause only good boys get presents for christmas.

Maybe I can make an exception, I feel so bad I lost your gift. Mama Claus can help you out this year.

How about I get a little closer and we can your little Christmas gift going. Dont be afraid of mama Claus. Now Let me take care of you.

*mama clause takes in your cock in her wet mouth. hmmmm mmm .. hmmm.. Don't you just like that. Doesn it feel good? mama Claus warm mouth all over you. hmmm.mm. *sloppy dick sucking sounds.

You want me to lick your head.???? who would have known you were such a naughty naughty little boy.

hmmm hmm.. my lips pressed against your shaft ..hmm.. who would have known you had such a big cock hiding in those little pants of yours. mmmhm mhhmmmm..

ohhh too deep too deep.. mama Claus isnt used to sucking such a big cock. Santa's kind of small if you know what I mean..so this is actually becoming quite a treat for me.. hmmm mhh. *sloppy sucking sounds

I dont want to make you bust so easy I can see you squirming around. How about we move on to something new.

You see these.. this is what Santa love. My milky tits. After he gobbles up the Christmas cookies he comes home to me to have my breast and fill his belly. You want to have some of them too.??? Let me cover your dick in milk. *sprays milk, self sucks and spits milk all over your cock... *mama Claus titty fucks your cock, Is this the exact gift you wanted this year. mmm.

DOnt moan so loud we cant wake up your brothers, mom and dad. they wouldn't like me taking advantage of you. Hmmm. shh dont moan so loud..you squirm too much. Is mrs Claus to much for you??? let take this over to the Christmas tree and get more physical. I know I said I wouldn't but I just had a little taste of your giant cock and santa isn't pleasing me. SO come take me and penetrate me.

*pov fucking mama clause to doggy style.... Pull out and unload all that built up young seed of yours all over Mama Claus big ass.

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