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Hotel Sex Selina Kyl fucks Ramona Flour using a strapon for the first time video from Selina Kyl
Hotel Sex Selina Kyl fucks Ramona Flour using a strapon for the first time by Selina Kyl The bodacious busty Ramona Flour comes to visit Selina Kyl who’s been waiting to have her way with Ramona! It’s Selina Kyl’s first time fucking someone with a strapon! She takes Ramona to a hotel where she binds Ramona up with rope and a ball gag so she can ravage her curvy body. Selina starts by massaging her tits and slapping them around a little bit as she works her way down to her pussy. She pulls Ramona down to the floor where she makes her start sucking her strap-on! The way she chokes on it while Selina watches is super cute. She gags on it so much that she drools all over the place. Selina takes her by the mouth and leads her to the bed so she can finger fuck her to get her ready to take her strap-on! Ramona gets choked by Selina as she thrusts into her, fucking her tight, wet pussy which turns her on so much that she begs to see Selina’s tits bouncing as she fucks her. Selina fucks Ramona so good that she can’t help but moan and let out little screams as when she gets fucked harder which makes her cum super hard. Selina flips her over and teases her pussy from behind so she can fuck her doggy style which makes for some good fishhooking with her mouth! Selina then blows her load all over Ramona’s ass and face. Selina eats the cum off of Ramona Flour’s ass as they wind down from that crazy moment. Watch these curvy thick tattooed redheaded cuties bone!

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SelinaKylSucks 2017
duration 22:12
All Girl Threesome Finishing What We Started video from Dani Sorrento
All Girl Threesome Finishing What We Started by Dani Sorrento After teaching Virginia and Veronika how to twerk, then spanking and kissing each other til we couldn't take it anymore. We finally really get things going after being teased all day long! We kiss, fuck, lick, suck, pull hair, spank, and cum all over each other's faces! All of us cum more than once and make sure we each get a taste of our delicious pussies and kiss the juices off our lips. This is a free for all fuck fest and we just can't stop ourselves from going crazy! My first ever all girl threesome video and my first time ever with Veronika Rose and Virginia Rose. You don't wanna miss all this hot action, I can't even watch this video without getting all hot and bothered (kissing, making out, make-out, lesbian, bisexual, rough sex, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, panties, naked, thigh high socks, redhead, brunette, long hair, groping, spanking, all girls, tall curvy girl, tall skinny girl, short skinny girl, pussy eating, cunnilingus, pussy licking, fingering, finger pussy, grab neck, facesitting, face sit, tattooed girls, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, big tits, small tits, small butt, ass shaking, face riding, multicolored hair, brown eyes, multiple cameras, multiple angles, multiple positions, all girl threesome, nipple sucking, female orgasms, Virginia Rose, Veronika Rose, @Veronika_rosexx, @VirginiaRoseXXX, @spankdani) (video is also posted on Veronika and Virginia's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on their sites)
duration 19:19
First Fuck and Suck with Johnny Huskee (creampie) video from Dani Sorrento
First Fuck and Suck with Johnny Huskee (creampie) by Dani Sorrento I have played with Johnny before, but I never had his cock inside of me! We had so much fun playing together before, but this was even better. We start off with a POV camera view while I lick, suck and tease his cock and balls. Getting it all wet to slide into my tight little pussy. I ride him reverse cowgirl as he watching my cheeks bounce, grabbing and slapping my ass as I go. It switches to a side view then. I continue to ride him a bit more before he wants to take control. I get on my knees as he teases me and then pounds me doggystyle. I flip over and he gives it to me with my legs pushed back, reaching up and grabbing onto my neck as he fucks me. It feels so amazing, but he isn't done with me yet. Johnny gets behind me while I am on my back and then reaches forward to vigorously finger my wet pussy. You can hear and see how much I enjoy it, my pussy juices getting everywhere! He even shoves his cock down my throat this way, while continuing to pleasure me with his fingers. I love gagging on a cock while cumming! I flip back over on my knees and you get another view of him pounding me doggy style. I want his cum so badly though. He finally puts me on my back again and shoves his cock in and out until he fills me up with his jizz! I love a good creampie and he even grabs the camera so you can see what a mess he made in me. With it dripping out of my well fucked pussy, I start to dig my fingers in and taste it (dirty talk, multiple cameras, Johnny Huskee, @IshootvideoLV, Dani Sorrento, @spankdani, POV bj, sloppy blowjob, ball sucking, cock licking, eye contact blowjob, spit, gagging, moaning, brunette, brown eyes, long hair, straight hair, make up, lingerie, babydoll dress, pull tits out, bubble butt, big ass jiggling, phat ass bouncing, huge cheeks shaking, big breasts, multiple positions, doggy style, riding, reverse cowgirl, barefoot, long feet, painted toes, fancy nails, acrylic nails, long fingers, missionary, tits jiggle, ass slapping, spanking, wet pussy, fingering, finger pussy, male orgasm, female orgasm, chubby, bbw, curvy, thick thighs, shaved pussy, trimmed cock, creampie, cream pie, cum in pussy, cum eating, drip out of pussy)
duration 16:43
WET DREAM COME TRUE FOR AN INNOCENT JOURNALIST by Ellie Idol You're a journalist who will be interviewing me, a writer of notable success, on film in a private room at a local cafe. I show up with my hair in a bun, a black leather skirt and a trenchcoat...one of your favorite looks. This is intentional. After our interview is over, I ask to talk about YOU for a bit. We can leave the camera rolling in case something else pertaining to my job is brought up. I place a hand on your thigh because I like touching things I like and want. You're a little nervous over it, having a girlfriend and all, so I lean back and begin to unbutton my top. Look, you didn't get this interview because you were the best man for the job. Your boss Kyaa only sent you because she wanted to bring out the slut in you. And yes, her "accidental" touches of your crotch in the office were very much intentional. I'm here to corrupt you which seems like it will be very easy, as I'm your dream girl. I have the looks, the smarts, the attitude, and the outfit! Let's play a little blowjob game. I'm going to suck it, but when I do you MUST hold your breath. You've had an erection the entire interview, so I imagine you'll do ANYTHING I say. I am calling the shots here, slut! You'll be my obedient sex slave. After a bit of oral, I hop on for a ride, while slapping, scratching and spitting on your sexy body. To me, you're just a piece of meat made for my pleasure. You'll be giving me that camera card for my personal collection with the intention of filming a sequel. Oh, and be sure to avoid fucking your girlfriend for a few days so she doesn't see all those scratch marks. She'll know you cheated on her if she sees. ;)

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