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WONDER WOMAN EXECUTRIX COLLECTION by Ellie Idol Here you'll find a list of all my Wonder Woman executrix clips to date! WONDER WOMAN GONE BAD - Oh, that's really impressive you're going to use an Uzi against an unarmed girl. Go ahead. Wasn't sure that deflecting the bullets back at you would work but sucks for you that it did! This bad girl persona is new for me! After some pillow talk with Sailor Moon, I've learned a few things. I'm going to ride you until I cum, watching your wounds ooze red. If it wasn't me who did it, it would have been someone else. Most superheroines are going bad these days. The good girl act is just too sexually repressing and boring! WONDER WOMAN'S JEALOUSY IS THE END OF YOU - The world is cheering for you in the streets for your latest takedown, Superman! You're celebrating with Wonder Woman and she hands you a shot to celebrate. She mentions to you how you're always stealing the spotlight from her, even when she does half or even all of the work, as in tonight's case. After a moment, you begin to feel drowsy, weak, and...horny. She reveals that she dosed you with viagra and trace amounts of kryptonite. If you cum, it will be the end of you. You wake up on the floor, Wonder Woman's feet in your face and camera out snapping photos. She'll give you the antidote if you sniff them! Of course, she's lying and proceeds to pull your hard cock out to stroke and suck it until you give your FINAL climax. Looks like this is the end of Superman... WONDER WOMAN ROBS YOU AND ENDS YOUR LIFE - Wonder Woman stops you in your tracks, demanding your surrender informing you that you'll be detained and the police will cease your wealth. As the words come out of her mouth a lightbulb goes off in her head. She asks you just how much wealth is in your safe and when you say 100 million, she realizes what she must do: get the codes. Praise and adoration from the public just don't pay the bills, does it? She wraps her lasso around your neck and tightens it until you tell her all she needs to know. You soon find yourself on the floor with your head between her thighs, slowly squeezing tighter and tighter. There can't be any loose ends after all... no one can know about this un-heroine-like behavior! Plus it's not like anyone will miss a criminal like you...

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