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Burping Pizza Mukbang & Spitting Blowjob video from Nicki Young
Burping Pizza Mukbang & Spitting Blowjob by Nicki Young This was a custom video request. NO CUTS. I eat as much pizza as I physically can while sipping soda and burping loudly. If you appreciate loud burps, you will be very happy listening to me burp in a big way! My fiancée always tells me not to chew with my mouth open, so this video was fun to make with him in the room—I am chewing with my mouth open the whole time! Hahaha! While I overeat, the food falls out of my mouth quite a few times, but I pick it up and eat it… waste not, want not, right? After eating almost an entire thick crust pizza by myself, I am so full that I feel like throwing up, but I still manage to deep throat a dildo, which makes me gag a few times and I get all spitty! So as I am gagging and spitting all over myself, the spit covers my natural perky tits. You can watch the spit dripping down my bloated belly and down to my tight shaved pussy. My spit even pools in my belly button! Once I am nice and covered in spit, I fuck my tight pussy with the dildo until I squirt a few times. Squirting while having my stomach so full was incredibly hard but I was able to cum a few times & manage a couple small squirts. At the end I show you my squirt and spit mess. You do see my PAWG ass a few times as I bend over while eating the pizza. I also play with my tits a few times throughout this 40+ minute, food - focused, overeating, masturbating, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, squirting video. UPDATE REGARDING THE EMBER EXCLUSIVES WEBSITE AND LINKS TO OUR OTHER PLATFORMS: EmberExclusives.Com is still under construction. It will feature Nicki Young (of course!) and many other gorgeous 18+ year-old models. The site's super affordable membership will start out with almost 200 videos, including all of videos featured on Nicki Young's page; thousands of free photo sets, with new pictures uploaded constantly along with new videos; it will also cater to our fans on a level unlike any other platform, offering straight-up fucking crazy deals, regular discounts on hundreds of store items, and you will even be able to purchase adult toys and lingerie! We have been saying that Ember Exclusives ( www.emberexclusives.com ) would be up and running "soon" for a long time now, but as many start-ups go, there have been many setbacks, transforming business goals, and the like. We promise you we are putting our nose to the grindstone and while we CHERISH , WORSHIP , and ADORE our loyal ManyVids fans , we are SO excited to start this new venture with you; offering the same high quality , 1080 HD videos , concepts, and everything else that makes our fans happy. Not to mention, we will be able to showcase more variety, more videos, and lower prices than we have ever offered before. Stay tuned, add our free Snapchat ( EmberExclusives ), Follow us on Twitter @EmberExclusives, and of course, check out https://www.emberexclusives.com every once in a while to see our progress. Soon it will be your new number one destination for authentic , real , revolutionary porn and products filmed , created , and produced by people who love to have fun , and love their customers and followers for so many reasons. Just one of which is that you awesome admirers have the balls to bring your business and your hard-earned bills to #PAYFORYOURPORN ... Bless your hearts; we Love You! ----LINKS, LINKS, LINKS! --- See Ember Exclusives ManyVids Producer Page here: EmberExclusives.manyvids.com --- Follow Ember Exclusives and stay updated about www.EmberExclusives.com by following the Ember Exclusives Twitter Account @EmberExclusives --- Follow Nicki Young on Twitter @NickiYoungMFC --- Join the Ember Exclusives OnlyFans page FREE for a limited time: https://www.OnlyFans.com/EmberExclusives --- Check out Nicki Young's MyFreeCams clip site at www.MFCShare.com/NickiYoung ---- Check out Nicki Young's Amateur Porn clips at https://www.apclips.com/NickiYoung ---- Add the Ember Exclusives Free Snapchat by adding the following username: EmberExclusives and send a message to purchase the Ember Exclusives PREMIUM Snapchat Membership! Don’t forget, Ember Exclusives’ model Nicki Young and the other models we work with LOVE to get custom video requests; we want to make you cum YOUR way!

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