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duration 21:35
Your Wife's Sister Wants To Fuck video from Fiona Dagger
Your Wife's Sister Wants To Fuck by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You and your wife have invited your wife's little sister over for dinner, and while your wife is in the kitchen cooking, you and your sister in law are chatting in the living room. She tells you that she's been having some money problems for a while now and she asked your wife for help but she refused, and now she's worried that she'll be kicked out of her home if she can't pay rent! She tells you that she's angry at your wife for not helping her; she knows that you guys have plenty of money so it wouldn't be an issue for you to lend her some for a while, but your wife is being stubborn and saying that she needs to learn to look after herself. Your sister in law tells you that your wife also told her some juicy details about your sex life, saying that she knows that you like it rough and that you have an unusually large cock, which your wife sometimes has trouble taking in her pussy as it's so large, and that a couple of times you have asked your wife to roleplay as if she were her sister! Your sister in law seems flattered that you have a bit of a thing for her and admits she sees an opportunity to get back at her older sister for not helping her - and also hopefully getting some help paying her rent in the process. She asks if you'd be willing to give her some money if she lets you do whatever you want to her - she's intrigued by the sound of your huge cock and she's confident that she can take it a lot rougher than her sister does! It will be so hot fucking right here with your wife in the kitchen next door, and maybe you guys will get caught and then the revenge will be complete! You agree and your sister in law begins sucking your cock, marvelling at how large it is already, and it isn't even fully hard yet! She sucks and licks your balls then keeps stroking your cock as she rims you, asking if her sister ever does this to you? When you're rock hard she lowers herself gingerly onto your cock, taking some time to adjust to the length, and once she's warmed up you flip her over and take her roughly in doggystyle, pounding her pussy hard as she moans in delight. You turn her onto her back to fuck her in missionary and she begs you to pull out and cum on her body, as you don't have any condoms and she's super fertile right now - but you tell her you'll only help her out with the money if you get to cum in her pussy! She nervously agrees and just as you're shooting your load deep inside her your wife walks in and demands to know what's going on! Your sister in law brattily tells your wife that you've agreed to help her with money since her own sister didn't want to, and know she's got to do everything you say! Isn't that right? You agree and command her to get down on her knees and suck all her pussy juices off of your cock, with your wife standing there in disbelief!
duration 47:39
My Brothers Slutty Wife 4 Video Complete Series video from Jane Cane
My Brothers Slutty Wife 4 Video Complete Series by Jane Cane My Brothers Slutty Wife Part 1 - 10:51 Jane has been getting a lot of help with home repairs from her brother in law, Wade. She really loves having a handyman around. She loves watching him work. It really turns her on. Her husband doesn’t ever give her any attention anymore. She is extra horny watching her husbands brother work with his hands. To show her appreciate for what he’s done for her, she asks him to come sit down next to her when he finishes up for the day. She wants to give him a massage. He doesn’t realize what she means is she wants to massage his dick with her hands! Wade Cane, Jane Cane, handjob, hand job, cumshot, cum shot, slut, slutty, taboo, family, cheat, cheating, housewife, house wife

My Brothers Slutty Wife Part 2 - 9:18 Jane sneaks over to Wade’s house early. His wife is home, but he’s working outside in his shed. She wants him so badly. She sneaks into his shed and surprises him with a blowjob. Wade’s wife comes outside, so they have to stop, but Wade then comes over to Jane’s house while his brother has been sent on an errand and fucks her quickie style from behind and cums inside of her. Wade Cane, Jane Cane, creampie, cream pie, cumshot, cum shot, slut, slutty, taboo, family, cheat, cheating, housewife, house wife, pregnant

My Brothers Slutty Wife Part 3 - 11:33 Jane asks Wade to check her headboard to make sure it’s secure. He tells her it’s not broken and he doesn’t see anything wrong, so she suggests they break it while his brother isn’t home! She rides him, then he turns her around doggy, then finishes with him on top creampie’s her. Wade Cane, Jane Cane, creampie, cream pie, cumshot, cum shot, slut, slutty, taboo, family, cheat, cheating, housewife, house wife, pregnant, shiny cock films, milf

Confessions of a Slutty Housewife - 15:57 Jane has to tell her husband that she’s been cheating on him the entire time they have been together. It’s time for her to get off her chest what a slut she is and will continue to be. She wants her husband to be involved in her cock cravings. She fucks random dick constantly. He has never eaten her pussy or put his dick inside of her without another man’s load being inside of her first. She thinks he is craving the taste of cum too. She wants to know if he likes the way it tastes. And she has realized his ass has felt looser the last few times she’s fingered it while giving him a blow job. She wants to fuck him with a strap on. She wants one of the many strangers she fucks to pop his asshole cherry. Jane gets naked and rubs her pussy and tits in this video.
duration 20:49
While Hubby's Away, Dani Will Play video from Dani Sorrento
While Hubby's Away, Dani Will Play by Dani Sorrento Will and I have been friends for a little bit now and I think he has always sensed my crush on him. So I told him to come over while my husband is out of the house and I immediately start touching on him. I'm allowed to have some fun! My hubby will get to hear all about my time with Will afterwards. Will takes no time at all to jump right on me and start licking my pussy, but I need to get to his cock. I can just tell he has a huge dick and I am not wrong, as soon as he takes off his pants his dick just springs right up! I start licking and sucking his cock and balls until he just has to start fucking my pussy. We fuck in so many different positions. Starting on my back, we go to doggystyle, Will grabs my arms, then I lay flat on my stomach, we flip to me on top riding him, he tops me from below, finally ending with some more doggy. It is so hot I can't help myself from cumming and then Will fills me up with his jizz! Before he finishes though, he grabs my phone so he can record a little clip for my husband to see. This definitely won't be the last time I cheat on my hubby with Will! (Dani Sorrento, Will Tile, multiple cameras, phone clips at end, bbc, muscular men, thick tall girl, brunette, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, bubble butt, ass shaking, booty bouncing, big tits, naked, strip off clothes, 10in cock, multiple positions, infidelity, cuckolding, cucking husband, long bare feet, long hair, purple hair, brown eyes, kissing, bj, sloppy blowjob tease, cream pie, cum in pussy, both orgasm, pussy licking, passionate sex, @WillTileXXX) (video is also posted on Will Tile's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on their sites)
duration 19:27
Is She Awake? Creampie video from 420sextime
Is She Awake? Creampie by 420sextime [custom video] You just divorced your wife and you're moving back home to the city you grew up in. You ask this cute girl who you used to know if you can stay with her while you search for new apartments. The conversation begins with boring small talk but it quickly turns to detailed talk about how much her boyfriend cums inside of her. She tells you that she doesn't even use birth control and she only relies on not having sex during her most fertile times to not get knocked up. Sometimes he shoots his sticky semen deep into her pussy multiple times a day. She reveals that the risk of pregnancy turns her on and sometimes she even lets him cum inside of her at night when she's in bed. Once she goes to bed, she's out. You can move her around, make noise, but she won't wake up to anything. She even told you that she goes to bed naked... She says she gave her boyfriend permission to use her body whenever he wants and it turns her on so much. It's totally consensual! She loves waking up with his cum dripping out of her. She feels bad that you're divorced and not getting any sex... She tells you that she's going to take a nap and that she'll leave her door open so that you can come in and grab extra blankets, pillows, or to do anything that you need to do in her room. She tells you not to worry about being noisy or bumping the bed because she won't wake up anyways. Is she implying that you can come in and have sex with her? You quietly sneak into her room and pull the blankets back, you grope her and then eat her out... She hasn't woken up yet.. You start fucking her and she moans a little bit, is she awake? Sometimes you swear you can see her do a little sneaky smile.. You cum inside of her and leave the room. She immediately gets up and starts playing with your cum leaking out of her. She loves it. She tricked you into thinking that she didn't know it was happening but she was actually awake the whole time! Includes: impregnation fantasy, cum worship, creampie worship, cum in pussy, taboo, cheating, role play, dirty talking, groping, pussy eating, oral, fertile, semen, sperm, skirt, sweater, big dick, uncut, friend, fetish

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