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Cuckold Beautiful Agony Findom Blowjob video from Darya Jane
Cuckold Beautiful Agony Findom Blowjob by Darya Jane Not recommended as a first clip from me. Pay attention to your Goddess' face while she's sucking your alphas dick. Worship the perfection you see in front of you. You'll WILL do as I ask. You will NOT cum before your Gods. You'll do anything to stay there, kneeling before me. Thank me for letting you watch such an intimate half hour of pure pleasure. You'll be hurting for me. You'll be humiliated by me.. And you'll be begging for release during the close-up non stop oral action. My beautiful voice constantly coaxing you to devote your everything to me. My sexy laugh humiliating you, owning you. Everything about your life is now for me. You'll open your mouth for me, you'll open your wallet for me. You'll send tributes to me. Because after watching this, I won't be out of your mind any time soon. After watching this, your world will only be worshiping me. Lick it up cuck. $end Watch closely while I'm cumming loudly (loud even though my mouth is totally full) from masturbating with my vibrator, just as I reach climax, I take his cum in my mouth, the load drooling out over my lips as I'm panting and catching my breath. Nothing gets us off harder than watching each other cum.. While knowing this whole time, you're on your knees drooling.. Mindlessly sending me tributes. I need you to be well hydrated and have your wallet ready for this video.. Best watched with headphones to hear every small detail of my voice and my lips sucking a REAL MANS cock.
duration 11:56
Counseled Into Cuckolding video from BlackxRose92
Counseled Into Cuckolding by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "You're a marriage counselor. The viewer comes to you because he needs advice on how to deal with the fact that his wife has turned him into a cuckold. The video starts off mid-session with you expressing sympathy. The rest of the video is spent degrading the viewer, telling him he deserves it and more."

Well, what did you expect when you came to the meanest therapist in town? My online reviews are quite honest, but if you read them before your appointment, you would see that the wives are ALWAYS happy. Now, we just need to get you adjusted to your new living situation.

There's really no escaping this. You can try to fight it and end up completely miserable, and a total fucking loser, or you can accept that your pathetic small penis was always meant to be cuckolded. Take a moment and think about your wife's happiness. You came to marriage counseling for a reason, and she deserves satisfaction; something that you are not and cannot give to her. However, you can give her an obedient, subservient husband that caters to her every need and makes her feel like a Queen. Oh? Still hesitant, well that's why I'm here to count off all the ways that you will never measure up. You won't leave this session the same man. You'll walk out of here with open eyes as you realize what your new life as a cuckold, tiny dick, slave husband will be. You can accept it, and happiness will follow, or you can be physically made to obey. What will you choose, cucky?
duration 13:16
Girlfriends Cuckold Confession video from Leila Cherry
Girlfriends Cuckold Confession by Leila Cherry I have to come clean to you about something that's been going on behind your back. Yes, I have been cheating on you actually! Good guess sweetie. Aww don’t act surprised! You and I both knew it would happen eventually. You didn’t think you could keep a beautiful girl like me satisfied all by yourself now did you? I mean, look at me then look at you. I don’t feel like pretending that your below average cock is enough to satisfy me anymore. I’m unhappy with our sex life. I have been for quite some time. That’s why I’ve been messing around with random guys on tinder for the past 2 months. No of course I don’t want to break up. I love using you for gifts and food, you always treat me so well sweetie. I really do care about you, but you’re so pathetic and useless in bed. So I’m going to give you two options. Since you seem so upset by my infidelity, we can break up. You’ll be left alone, sad, single. Knowing you’ll never find a girl as beautiful as me that will give you the time of day. You’ll have to settle for some boring girl who you’ll grow to resent because she’ll never be me. You’ll always compare her to me. You’ll always be desperate for and obsessed with me. OR you can stay with me, and come to terms with the fact that your tiny excuse for a dick will never be able to satisfy me. You’ll get to stay with me, so long as you don’t give me any gripe about my promiscuity. I’ll tell you all about every encounter I have, I might even let you watch. The thought of it is making your dick hard isn’t it? Being able to watch your girlfriend experience immense pleasure at the hands of a hot hung stud. I knew I could ease you into the idea, sweetie. I knew you’d be understanding. And I knew that you’d get rock hard thinking about all of the cocks that I’m taking. Because deep down, you always knew that you weren’t good enough. You always knew you’d never be enough to please me. You’d never be man enough. That you don’t deserve me. And that’s all very true. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying your absolute hardest to make me happy, in fact it’s what drives and motivates you. You’re eager to hear about all of the hot sex I’ve been having without you? Well, lucky for you I actually have a date that I’m about to head off to. And this time I’d like you to be involved. I’m going to lock your cock up in a chastity cage I picked up, with your credit card of course. Then I’ll have you answer the door when he comes knocking. You’re going to invite him in and politely introduce yourself. I’m going to come outside of the room and greet him, then kiss you good bye on the cheek. You’re going to wait here at home, by yourself, not able to touch your cock, thinking about what we’re doing together every second of the date. Then when things begin to get hot and steamy with my date I’ll call you on my cell phone so you can listen in on everything that we’re doing together. Every moan, every whisper, the heavy breathing, the sound of him ramming my tight pussy. All while your cock squeezes against your cage, completely restricting you. Teasing your cock with the temptation to be freed and stroked. But you’ll be a good boy and remain locked in your cage. Then when I get home, I’ll unlock you from your cage after leaving you stuck in it for hours. I’ll make you strip completely naked while I stand before you. You will then get on your knees and stroke to me while looking up at me. Worshipping the beautiful body that was just ravished and fucked by a man that wasn’t you. A man that you’ll never get to be. Then finally I’ll let you cum into your hand while you’re looking pathetic and weak. What am I going to do with this puddle of cum sitting in your hand? Make you eat it of course! To truly show you your new role in our relationship, I have to be very very clear about who is in charge and there’s no better way to do that than make you taste that disgusting seed you’d always beg for me to swallow. How does it feel to taste your own medicine, sweetie?
duration 9:40
Rubber Romance 5 video from Ladyvampira
Rubber Romance 5 by Ladyvampira Do you finally want the cock in the ass? Do you finally want to be really anal fucked? Are you my submissive latex slut and will you let your femdom fuck you with a strap-on? How you lie tied up on the cage and how the strap-on penetrates your tight asshole from below are filmed by two cameras at the same time, so that the tensioner does not miss a moment of Pegging pleasure. The mistress takes time to massage your rosette horny. Lady Vampira is too beautiful to look at in her shiny latex catsuit. Her round ass in the strap on harness is too plump. The round buttocks, between the legs the dominant rubber cock. And then her slave, with his legs up, delivered defenseless and full of expectation in latex bondage. The dominatrix's tattoos shine through her fetish outfit, so you can hardly stand it anymore. The female domination BDSM session in the Dominastudio Femdom Empire was so long and intense that you will cumshot immediately. For orgasm control and forced semen extraction, the mistress attaches the vibrator to your cock, professionally next to anal sex. Minutes long, hard ass fuck with the dildo and cock milking with the Magic Wand. Then the sub finally has his orgasm! The load of sperm squirts out of him during cumshot. Lady Vampira drops the cum on his latex suit and relaxes her servant for a moment. / Willst du endlich den Schwanz im Arsch? Willst du endlich richtig anal durchgefickt werden? Bist du meine devote Latexnutte und wirst dich auch brav von deiner Femdom mit dem Umschnalldildo ficken lassen? Wie du gefesselt auf dem Käfig liegst und wie der Strap On von unten in dein enges Arschloch eindringt, filmen 2 Kameras gleichzeitig, damit dem Spanner kein Moment der Pegging Lust entgeht. Die Herrin lässt sich Zeit damit deine Rosette geil zu massieren. Zu schön ist Lady Vampira in ihrem glänzenden Latexcatsuit anzuschauen. Zu prall ist ihr runder Hintern im Strap On Harness. Die runden Arschbacken, zwischen den Beinen der dominante Gummipenis. Und dann ihr Sklave, mit den Beinen nach oben, wehrlos ausgeliefert und voller Erwartung in Latex Bondage. Die Tattoos der Domina scheinen durch ihr Fetish Outfit, so dass du es kaum noch aushalten kannst. Die Female Domination BDSM Session im Dominastudio Femdom Empire war so lang und intensiv, dass du gleich heftig abspritzen wirst. Zur Orgasmuskontrolle und Zwangsentsamung befestigt die Mistress den Vibrator an deinem Schwanz, professionell neben dem Analsex. Minutenlanger, harter Arschfick mit dem Dildo und Cockmilking mit dem Magic Wand. Dann hat der Sub endlich seinen Orgasmus! Die Ladung Sperma spritzt beim Cumshot nur so aus ihm raus. Lady Vampira lässt die Wichse auf seinen Latexanzug tropfen und ihren Diener für einen Moment entspannen.

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