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Lost Kitty Gets Fucked By Dick On A Stick video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Lost Kitty Gets Fucked By Dick On A Stick by Red Vinyl Kitty The scene opens on a sad little kittygirl in a cardboard box marked "FREE." Obviously, someone put her and some of her toys out here in the cold and she's sad and alone. She mews softly when someone comes by after not too long at all. "Who left this kittygirl out here? FREE? It's getting cold! What a poor Kittygirl." He reaches out and puts his hand to her face and she starts licking at his fingers. "She's so friendly! She's so cold! What a cold nose! Awwww. She's playful. She wants to play!" He asks her if she wants to play and she responds with some excited "mews" and bats at his hands with hers! He reaches into the box to find a dick on a stick. "Oh! Is this your favorite toy? Is this your favorite toy? Are you a good kitty?" She gets excited and starts to bat at it with her hands. Then, she starts to lick and suck on it, as she moans. "That IS your favorite toy." This poor little kitty in a box makes a lot of eye contact with you as she sucks the dick on a stick. After sucking, licking, and teasing her special kittygirl toy for a while, the mysterious man tells her to give the toy back, and Kitty obliges, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. Whoever left this slutty kittygirl out in the cold surely trained her well. She spreads her pretty pink pussy for her toy and starts mewing. "Oh, Kitty wants to play some more? Kitty wants to play with her little toy?" Kitty moans and mews as the hard dick on a stick fucks her tight pink pussy. "Does the kitty have any other toys in her box?" Kitty is well trained for this and she takes out a black vibrating wand for her clit while she gets fucked by the stick dick. Soon she cums very hard. Does the mystery man decide Kitty is worth taking home to train himself? You'll have to watch to find out. NOTE: Kitty's feeding tube and port are visible in some scenes.

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