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duration 20:40
Skirt Lifting JOI video from Dani Sorrento
Skirt Lifting JOI by Dani Sorrento Let's play another game, you know the fun ones where I tell you what to do and when to cum. Listen to what I say and watch me closely. I want you to stroke to me and follow my hand movements. I may even occasionally have you follow my ass shaking or clapping and stroke as fast as I am going. I'll be nice and give you some breaks here and there, but I don't wanna make it too easy for you. I love to watch you struggle for me! Such a good boy for doing as you are told. As I move around in my tight skirt and tank top, you see it start to lift up. Especially when I am shaking my big cheeks, but I pull it back down. I wanna tease you some more, make you work harder to see me naked. I love teasing you so much that I am sweating from making you stroke to me. I love hot sweaty bodies and it makes it that much more fun. I eventually strip out of my top and skirt, revealing my thong that maybe you didn't even notice I was wearing. I take that off and I'm not done yet...I add oil to my giant round ass to finish you off! I continue to tease and keep you stroking until I give you a 20 second countdown. Focus on my ass and wait until I countdown all the way to shoot your big load for me. (custom clip, dirty talk, tight clothes, short skirt, skirt lifting, tank top, thong, oil, oiled up booty, bubble butt, ass shaking, big ass, huge cheeks, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tattoos, brunette, JOI, jerk off encouragement, jerk off instruction, JOI games, stroke hand motion, booty wiggle, ass clapping, brown eyes, long hair, sweating, hot, strip tease, oily butt, cum countdown, POV)
duration 21:36
Hooking Up With Jacob Style video from Dani Sorrento
Hooking Up With Jacob Style by Dani Sorrento I head over to Jacob's place and we get right down to it! We start off making out passionately, I even climb on top of him to dry hump him as we do. Shortly after I start to undress him and reveal his already hard cock, just waiting for me to suck! I take off my dress, only in a bra and panty set, and play with his dick in my mouth. Making sure I also give special attention to his swollen balls. I lick and suck it all until he just needs to stick it inside my wet pussy. I turn around and sit right on his cock and ride it hard. My giant ass bouncing in his face as his cock disappears inside of me. I ride him cowgirl and even twerk on his dick a bit. He is ready to take control though and I get onto my knees so he can pound me doggystyle. He starts grabbing my hair and really giving it to me before we switch to me on my back. Wanting to enjoy seeing those tits bounce and look at my face as his cock makes me moan. He is almost ready to cum, but first we switch to our final position, me on my side with a great view of my huge ass and my upper body turned so my tits are still facing up. Jacob gives me that cock until he is almost ready to blow his load. He then jerks it off a bit so he can cover me in his cum. Boy does he make a mess! It shoots all over and covers my ass, hip, stomach and even reaches up to my tits. Oh and did I mention we cover my body in oil so it is nice and shiny! (Jacob Style, @JacobStyle_xxx, Dani Sorrento, @spankdani, first time together, dirty talk, oil, curvy, thick, bbw, naked, white cock, POV blowjob, POV bj, bra, panties, bikini style, velvet, oiled up ass, oiled up tits, POV reverse cowgirl, side view sex, doggy style, missionary, side position, multiple positions, long brown hair, brunette, brown eyes, big cumshot, huge load, cum on body, cum on ass, male orgasm, thick thighs, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, dress, make-out, kissing, boy/girl, ball sucking, ball licking, dry hump, make up) (video is also posted on Jacob Style's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on his sites)
duration 16:12
Hotel Fuck with Will Tile video from Dani Sorrento
Hotel Fuck with Will Tile by Dani Sorrento I'm in the mood for a big dick to fuck me good. So of course I call up Will Tile to help me out. We have such a great connection and I know he will give me just what I need. I start teasing myself, getting ready for him. Rubbing my pussy through my panties and then he comes up behind me and tells me to keep going. Caressing my body and kissing me before telling me to turn around. I am so ready for his dick that I start rubbing it through his pants before he takes out his big hard cock. I immediately start sucking it as he reaches over me to grab and slap my bubble butt. We are both ready to fuck and we start on my back, my dress still on but panties removed. He pushes my legs back and gives me a deep fucking just how I like. Teasing me slow and then going fast. Now it is my turn to fuck him how I like. I get on top and vigorously ride his dick. Showing him now mercy as I bounce on top, making my giant cheeks jiggle like crazy. I eventually sit up and grind on his cock until I cum hard. I still can't get enough and keep riding him until its his turn to pound my pussy again. He fucks me from below and then bends me over doggystyle to really give it to me. He can't hold his cum any longer and I turn around so he can cum on my luscious tits. I can't waste his delicious jizz and start licking it all up! (Will Tile, willtilexxx, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, fucking, bj tease, sloppy blowjob, interracial, bbc, 10in dick, muscular male, bald, shaved pubic area, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tall and curvy, bbw, brunette, brown eyes, missionary, barefoot, painted nails, makeup, curled hair, moaning, female orgasm, male orgasm, cumshot, cum swallower, dirty talk, riding, cowgirl, doggy style, ass shaking, big booty jiggle, huge cheeks shake, pussy fucking, moving camera, multiple angles, ass slapping, thong, 38dd tits, 51in ass)
duration 15:43
Voyeur Shower Orgasm video from Dani Sorrento
Voyeur Shower Orgasm by Dani Sorrento I turn on my shower, with my back facing the door, and turn the shower head so that the water can warm up. I just can't help myself and I start rubbing my pussy. Not knowing you are there yet, I keep teasing myself for a few minutes and even clap my cheeks a little while giggling. I finally notice you watching me and I turn around, covering my tits as I do. I can't believe you are spying on me in the shower, but I kinda like it. Take out your huge cock for me. After seeing it again, I think I need to practice on my dildo first before being able to fit you in my mouth. I turn back around, my giant ass facing you and start teasing myself again before grabbing a dildo in my shower. My back to you still, you can hear me gagging and watch my head bobbing as I suck that toy vigorously! I turn around after a thorough practice and show you how deep I can put it in my throat. I turn around again, but this time I fuck my pussy with the dildo. You hear me moaning and telling you how much I want your cock as you start at my clenching cheeks until I reach a leg shaking orgasm! I turn around, tits covered still and tell you to leave now that I had my fun (custom clip, dirty talk, tease and denial, voyeur, exhibitionist, shower, running water, hand bra, hand covering tits, pussy rubbing, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, bbw, butt view orgasm, solo female orgasm, toy play, dildo, tan curved toy, moaning fetish, gagging fetish, sucking toy, bj tease, thick curvy body, brunette, brown eyes, hair up, naked, ass clenching, butt clench, booty muscles, booty clapping, big butt clap, big ass shaking, pussy play)
duration 27:42
Bratty Model Photoshoot Spanking video from Dani Sorrento
Bratty Model Photoshoot Spanking by Dani Sorrento Dani is hired to do a photo shoot from a temp agency and Marshall Bradford is the brilliant photographer she is supposed to work with. It starts off okay, Dani hasn't really done a professional shoot before, but Marshall gives her some tips. Instead of listening to him and giving it her all, she kind of half asses all the poses. Marshall can tell right off the bat that she has a bit of an attitude problem and he won't tolerate that. He keeps telling her what to do and says that if she doesn't listen then he has no problem spanking her to make her learn. Still, she keeps giving his sass and not really caring about the job. He finally has enough and starts spanking her after he each lesson he wants her to remember. This just makes Dani even more sassy and she turns on super brat mode. She exaggerates every move, listening to what he said, but by definitely not doing what he wants. When he says to move around, she dances around quickly; if he says not to point her toes to him, she points her feet in opposite directions; when he says to smile, she drastically smiles as big as she can. So again and again he has to get up to spank her so he can try to get some decent photos. Finally, he has had enough and really drives the lesson home with a hard spanking involving his hand, leather paddle, and even two wooden sticks. Dani will definitely think twice before bringing an attitude to work again! (role play, photo shoot, model, Marshall Bradford photography, bra and panties, Calvin Klein set, barfeet, panties pulled down, spanking bench, m/f spanking, discipline, brat, attitude, punishment, photography studio, tattoos, bubble butt, big ass jiggling, thick thighs, belly, bbw, curvy girl, thick girl, ponytail, hair up, long hair, brunette, dominant man, implements, leather, wood) (some photos from the shoot will be posted on my OF)
duration 6:04
Real Discipline: Part 3- Wooden Paddles video from Dani Sorrento
Real Discipline: Part 3- Wooden Paddles by Dani Sorrento In this video "Taken to Tears Twice" there are 3 major breakdowns of punishment. The first one was me taking two straps on my already sore bottom. The second clip here was two out of the ordinary punishments- an intense mouth soaping and a hard hand tawsing. The final part is me taking some hard swats with two different wood paddles. This is a real punishment video that Universal Spanking and I shot after a serious of other spanking clips. My butt and thighs are already bruised and sore from not only some clips shot early that day and days before, but from just minutes ago with the two leather straps I got. My mouth is also burning from the soap and my hands are sore to the touch from the tawse. Now I have to take some hard hits with the dreaded wooden paddles. It was supposed to be 6 of each, but I earned an extra swat and it ended up being 6 with the one with holes (aka the lighter one) then ending with 7 from the thick solid one (aka the heavy one). I get full hard swings that nearly bring me to tears right away, but I contain myself until I get to the final strokes. I am bawling by the time we are finished. You get to see the real effects the punishment has on me as I feel such a relief once the discipline is over. Aftercare is super important, so we talk a little and then he rubs some lotion into my skin to soothe it. Though I will still be sore for a long time after, at least days! (serious punishment, real discipline, paddling, wood paddles, wood paddle with holes, solid thick wood paddle, bubble butt, swollen booty, bruised, thick thighs, round ass, big ass jiggling, butt cheeks bouncing, tears, reaction cam, corporal punishment, real tears, painful spanking, spankdani, universal spanking, naked female, tall and curvy, big tits, tattoos, red hair, long hair, part 3 of 3 series of clips, crying fetish, butt fetish, spanking fetish, punishment fetish, lotion fetish, lotion up big booty, @UniversalSpank) (video will also be posted on Universal Spanking's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on his sites)
duration 16:14
Nurse Dani JOI With Cumshot- facial video from Dani Sorrento
Nurse Dani JOI With Cumshot- facial by Dani Sorrento You must be our new patient today. So I see here that you are having a problem that you want taken care of. You can get an erection, but you are having trouble cumming. Now the doctor here actually has a new approach to this problem and it is a more natural way of getting results. You will feel temporary relief after, but we will still take a sample of your cum to make sure there is no underlying issues. I am going to change and then I will be back to tell you what to do. I go from basic nurse scrubs and gym shoes to chunky high heels, a mini skirt and a micro two piece bikini. My hair is now down and my makeup is a little more sexy. Don't worry though, this is all part of the process to get the best results! I am gonna pose myself to get you hard, so just take out your penis for me to see. Then, once you have a raging hardon, I am going to tease you even more while telling you exactly how to stroke your cock for me. I noticed you are more fond of my behind so we will focus on that; shaking, slapping, clapping, and general teasing of my ass for you. Once I see your cock twitching a lot I will get the sample cup and sit in front of you. I will make sure it doesn't feel like a procedure and have you aim your load at my face and tits. Let me worry about the sample cup, just cum after my countdown. Such a big load we got from you! I will call you next week with the results from the sample (custom clip, brunette, brown eyes, make up, simple makeup to slutty makeup, dirty talk, nurse, ponytail, hair straight down, long hair, red lipstick, micro bikini, blue bathing suit, miniskirt, short green skirt, high heel sandals, chunky black heels, twerking, dancing, ass shaking, booty clapping, butt jiggle, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tattoos, perky tits, 38dd, 51in ass, size 11 feet, bbw, tall, posing, teasing, squat, bent over, standing, ass slapping, twerk, spank, wiggle, messy ending, fake cum, huge cumshot, facial, cum on tits, cum countdown, JOI, jerk off encouragement, cum encouragement, jerk off instruction, Dani Sorrento, spankdani)
duration 28:46
Boss's Daughter Painfully Punished video from Dani Sorrento
Boss's Daughter Painfully Punished by Dani Sorrento On a business retreat, an employee catches the boss's daughter in a bar. He knows the young college girl isn't old enough to be in a bar and also is supposed to be doing an internship. The daughter, Dani, is then taken up to the employee's room for a stern talking to. He agrees that she needs to be punished, but if he follows through with that then he won't tell her father. She agrees to take a spanking from him, but she has no idea what she is in for. The girl is dressed in just a skimpy outfit including a top that barely covers anything and tight leggings that show off her huge butt. She bends over his knee, thinking it will be a quick spanking, but is in for a really sore bottom. He starts with his hand, but quickly works up to a hard wooden hair brush and relentlessly spanks her bottom. He then stands up, she thinks it is all over, but then he takes off his belt! Her behind is really stinging now and soon he removes her thin leggings to reveal her bare bottom. How much more could she take? A long wooden paddle touches her booty next followed by a smaller wooden implement and ending with some hard smacks with the belt again. Dani is all bruised, but soon she won't be thinking about that with what happens next...(part 2 coming) includes: full video views of face and butt with 3rd butt view camera for the bare bottom scene, 13 minutes of full video shown fully twice with short 3 view (Dani Sorrento, spankdani, atp spanking, m/f spanks, punishment, otk spanking, hand spanking, leather spanks, leather belt implement, bratty girl, wooden implements, wood paddle spanks, wood hairbrush, bubble butt, big booty jiggling, thick thighs, leggings, yoga pants, crop top, pleather top, bralette, long hair, brunette brown eyes, role play, bent over bed, naughty girl, tall curvy girl, thick girl, painful reaction, no panties, multiple angles, multiple implements, belt whipping, butt whooping, paddling, bruised bottom, sore butt, whooty, pawg, pouting girl)
duration 16:49
Tied Up Seducing My Step-Uncle video from Dani Sorrento
Tied Up Seducing My Step-Uncle by Dani Sorrento I have been teasing my Step-Uncle for awhile now and finally his wife leaves for a bit. I actually go into her dresser and put on some of her lingerie underneath my clothes and then get dressed up and straddle his lap while he is resting. He did warn me that if I kept pestering him and flirting that he would tie me up and fuck me, which is exactly what I want! He puts some ropes on me and starts using my mouth. Then when he is done he starts undoing the ropes so he can get me out of my skirt and top. Leaving me in my heels, thigh high stockings, girdle, and panties. I tell him I want to be tied to the bed now, but he doesn't listen. Telling me that just because he is going to tie me up doesn't mean I get to choose how. I think that it won't be too bad, but then he ties my hands behind my back and puts a crotch rope on which would prevent him from fucking me. He even stuffs my mouth with sponges and tapes all around my head. You can barely hear my muffled talk and moans as I struggle in the ropes. I keep begging him to fuck me and moving around to try to lure him back to play with me. Luckily, he decides to bend me over and do it. I think it is finally over and he is going to untie me, but I am far from being let go. In fact, he ties my arms to my feet next and keeps my tits out as I struggle around on the ground. I can't believe he is gonna leave me tied up! (role play, taboo, step-uncle roleplay, dirty talk, rope restraints, bondage, lingerie, old fashion girdle, bustier, corset, tan pantyhose, thigh highs, garter belt, stiletto pumps, high heels, chrome heels, sexual situations, blowjob, sex, sexual insinuation, no views of penetration, brown eyes, gagged talk, tape gag, sponge gags, long brunette hair, messy hair, damsel in distress, struggle bondage, tied tight, hogtie, crotch tie, elbows tied together, wrist tie, curvy bbw, thick thighs, tattooed girl, clothed male, Steve Villa Bondage, @SteveVillaGNDB, Dani Sorrento, @SpankDani, bubble butt, thong, panties, big tits, pawg, whooty, phat, chubby) (video is also posted on Steve Villa's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on his sites)

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