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duration 20:27
Sex tape with BBC Boyfriend video from OneBadWife
Sex tape with BBC Boyfriend by OneBadWife I am wearing a sexy pink dress when I go to my sexy BBC lover's apartment. We start making out standing up, and he pulls up my dress to reveal my sexy juicy butt, he grabs and feels on my butt, grinding into me. I rub his already hard cock through his jeans as he explores my ass, rubbing and groping me. I am already getting so turned on. I get down on my hands and knees and start sucking his cock. My tits are out, and you can see my perky, hard nipples poking out. He has a big cock, but I suck it all the way down, deep throating him. He is loving it, and holds my hair back for me. I love sucking big cocks. He takes off his pants, and you can a better view of my big tits, and he gets back in front of me, holding my hair back as I suck his cock again. I slip off my dress, revealing a sexy lingerie top and thong. We continue to make out some more and he grabs my ass with both hands. I get down on my knees again, sticking my juicy ass out towards the camera. He sits on the couch and I really get into sucking his cock. He loves every minute of it. I climb on top of his lap and start to ride his rock hard cock. I slowly grind down against him. He has a huge cock and I want to feel every inch of it. He rubs and strokes my ass I ride him. The scene switches to him laying on the couch and I am stroking his legs. Soon I am riding im again, you get a front view of him playing with my tits as I ride him. He gets on top of me and fucks me until he cums.
duration 18:31
Your Boss's Wife - Homewrecking Fantasy video from Darling Kiyomi
Your Boss's Wife - Homewrecking Fantasy by Darling Kiyomi I'm your Boss's Wife. You've stopped over to drop off some papers for my husband, but I tell you he unfortunately isn't home. I feel bad you drove out all this way- so you may as well stay with me until hes back. You're awfully young to be working for him- and I'm sure you can tell how much younger I am than him too. I never got the chance to.. go out and explore my youth. He's the only man I've ever fucked, and I'm curious if you have a girlfriend. I don't want anything too serious.. I just want, a chance to try something new. Don't you think you'd be a good man for the job? Besides, you can't resist looking at my big titties. They're practically falling out of my dress, begging for you to squeeze them. So go ahead.. you can touch them. Look at how big they are, and tell me you can say no to them? But you know.. the best way to feel them would be wrapped around your Cock. You don't mind if I suck you off first, right? Just to get your dick nice and lubed for my big tits. Even when my husband calls, I keep myself deep on your dick. I don't really care if he hears me slobbering all over your big cock- it feels so fucking good down my throat- how could I? Now that I've been on the phone with him.. I think it's time for the main event. I get up on your cock and ride you. I tell you to watch my big titties bounce up and down while I tell you how fucking hot I think cheating on my husband with a man like you is. When I'm done cumming all over your big cock- I decide to give you something I'd never do for my husband. I let you cum all over my face and titties, perfect for when he finally comes home. You didn't get any cum on those papers, right!?!
duration 21:21
Ms Secrets Little Secret video from The Mandingo Club

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