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duration 32:55
Cucking Your Wife With Her Friend video from Fiona Dagger
Cucking Your Wife With Her Friend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) It's your birthday and your wife has arranged a surprise for you - her hot friend Fiona, who you've been fantasising about for ages, is going to give you a birthday striptease! Fiona says that her and your wife have both known that you have a crush on her, so for a special treat today she'll strip off and give you a little show. You're a bit uncomfortable that your wife is going to stay in the room with you, but they both insist it's fine! Fiona starts to slowly peel her clothing off, teasing you about your crush on her, until when she's fully naked she can't help but notice the bulge in your pants. She's shocked by how huge it is! She asks your wife why didn't she warn Fiona that you have such a big cock, and seems mesmerized by it... She thinks for a minute, then suggests that you take this birthday treat one little step further - since you're clearly rock hard and must be frustrated, why don't you stroke it now for her and she'll watch and give you a show? Your wife is unsure about this, she thinks things are going to far, but Fiona shushes her and says it's fine, it's not like you'll be touching her. When you get your cock out to stroke it she's delighted, exclaming over the size and how hard it is, and getting clearly flustered and horny, unable to stop herself touching her pussy. She rubs her clit and asshole as she watches you jack it, saying she bets it would feel amazing inside her... After a while she can't help it and gets on her knees to touch it, ignoring your wife's protesting! She asks you if you want her to stroke it and you say yes, trying not to think about your wife sitting just behind you. Fiona strokes and jacks your cock, clearly wanting to suck it but trying to resist... But when she sees a bead of precum forming at the head she can't help it, and takes you into her mouth! Your wife tries to say this is going way too far but you both ignore her, caught up in how amazing it feels. As Fiona takes you deep into her mouth she notices that your wife has started to touch herself and laughs, teasing her about how she's enjoying seeing her husband with a younger, hotter woman. Your wife is frustrated but can't stop touching herself, getting wetter and wetter as Fiona goes to town on your cock. When Fiona suggests you go even further and fuck her your wife tries to protest again but you can tell she's conflicted, and Fiona gets up on top of you to ride your cock, amazed by how big it feels inside her and berating your wife for not pleasing her husband enough. She talks down to your wife as she bounces up and down on your thick cock, asking you if her pussy feels better than your wife's and laughing at her when you admit that it does. Your poor wife is frantically fingering her dripping pussy as she watches you flip Fiona over and begin pounding her, making her cum hard on your dick. Then Fiona asks if you want to fuck her ass now, since she's sure your wife never lets you near that hole! You slide your cock into Fiona's tight asshole as your wife looks on, soon filling her ass with a huge load. But Fiona wants more and asks if you can go again, and you fuck her ass in missionary while she laughs at your wife touching herself in the corner. Fiona then says she wants you to cum in her pussy this time - she thinks it would be really hot for you to breed her fertile young pussy in front of your wife! You pump 2 more loads of cum into her tight pussy as your wife watches, then Fiona promises your wife that she'll let her watch the next time you fuck Fiona, since she seemed to enjoy it so much seeing her husband with a real woman!
duration 29:03
Making Molly My Good Little Slut video from Fiona Dagger
Making Molly My Good Little Slut by Fiona Dagger I sensually domme the beautiful Molly Darling - gagging her cute little mouth with a ballgag and pulling her around on a leash before bending her over my sofa and having some fun with her big round ass. I insert an anal hook into her asshole and attach it to her hands behind her back, leaving her squirming and powerless against me. Next, I get a vibrating toy and push it into her tight wet pussy, making her wriggle and moan even more as both her holes are filled. I then take my time getting her ass all nice and pink, spanking her with my hands and then a paddle! Then, I inform her it's time for her to eat my pussy, and she does so beautifully, kneeling on the floor between my legs and sucking and licking my clit until I cum. I then decide that she's earned some attention and I put on my strap-on for her to suck, commanding her to impress me with her skills and show me how much of a greedy little slut she can be. She deepthroats and gags on my cock, getting all messy and dribbly, and when I'm satisfied I bend her over again and fill her pussy with my cock, fucking her tight hole until she's moaning and trembling! Before she can cum I pull out of her and make her sit down on the sofa with her legs spread, and inform her that she's been a very good little slut and I'm going to use some toys on her now until she cums for me. I use a wand vibrator on her clit and a glass dildo in her pussy, pleasuring her until her creamy pussy is making a huge mess all over my sofa and she finally cums! ~~This is Molly Darling's first Girl/Girl video! Make sure to go check her other videos out :)
duration 43:50
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes video from Fiona Dagger
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and starts out with a soothing almost ASMR vibe, then gets sexual) You're going for a massage and decide to try a new parlour you've heard good things about - when you get there the masseuse checks you in, talks you through the styles and options of massages and treatments offered, and then explains that this is a bit of a special salon - rather than guys coming in and getting a massage and then hoping they'll get a happy ending, here they like to give you a bespoke menu of sexual options up front so you can really tailor your experience and get everything you want! She goes through a list of questions with you and you settle on a hand, foot and ear aromatherapy massage with 3 orgasms, missionary and cowgirl positions, lots of ass fucking, ass to mouth, deep eye contact, and pussy fucking and then impregnation, with the masseuse continuing the massage whilst fucking you! Your masseuse seems excited to begin your treatment and tells you to go into the next room and get comfortable and she'll be in shortly. When you've stripped off and laid down on the treatment bed she comes in and soothingly begins to massage you, giving you a few minutes of relaxing massage before she starts to get more sexual. Once she notices your cock is starting to get hard she takes off her uniform and hops up on the bed, continuing to massage your hands whilst she ass fucks you in cowgirl. She keeps up talking to you the whole time, making sure you're happy with the pressure of the massage and telling you about the benefits of getting treatments like this regularly, then when you cum she sucks your cock quickly, cleaning her ass off it. She asks if you're ready for cum number 2 and gets on her back for you to fuck her ass again in missionary! You cum again in her ass and again she cleans her ass off your cock with her mouth, then gets back on top of you for more anal cowgirl, riding you harder this time and getting dirtier with her talking! She begs you to cum in deep inside her so she can taste her ass on your cock again, and after cum number 3 you tell her you'd like to impregnate her now so she slides your cock into her pussy and rides you in cowgirl until you fill her pussy with your seed! She tells you she'll let you cool off in her ass for a bit and slowly rocks up and down on your cock, when you surprise her with a 4th cum in her asshole! She laughs and cleans you up, wiping you down with a warm towel and telling you she hopes you enjoyed your treatment today and you'll return soon to see her.
duration 13:05
Doctor Drains Your Balls video from Fiona Dagger
Doctor Drains Your Balls by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a NON NUDE medical fetish video) You've gone to see the doctor because you've been experiencing some aches and tingles in your balls recently, and you're a bit nervous and embarrassed to tell your doctor about it, but she's very calm and professional and tries to put you at ease. She asks you some questions and makes you tell her about the last time you ejaculated - you awkwardly inform her that you haven't cum since you had a run in with a street prostitute 3 weeks ago where she squeezed your balls painfully until you gave her a load of money! Your doctor takes some notes and asks if she can examine your testicles; she squeezes and massages them to check for irregularities, then informs you that she wants to empty them today and then get you back in next week to see if there's any difference. She'll make you ejaculate today with her hand and then get your sperm sent off for testing. You freak out at this and she has to coax you back into the room, reassuring you that she's a professional and that there's no need to be nervous. You reluctantly agree to come back into the examination room and she begins to work your penis with her hand, being very firm. She squeezes your balls tighter and tighter as she jacks your cock, all the while calmly asking you how it feels, how long does it normally take you to cum etc. When you get close to cumming she makes you hold out a cup to ejaculate into and she grips your balls very tightly as she milks your cock into the cup. She then tells you to be sure to book in at reception for next week so she can take another look at your balls, and to let her know in the meantime if the aching or tingling comes back.
duration 17:26
Mom Caught You Sniffing Panties video from Fiona Dagger
Mom Caught You Sniffing Panties by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've hidden yourself in your mom's room, waiting for her to get home. She walks in and luckily doesn't notice you as you crouch behind the bed. She takes a pair of panties out of her bag and lays them on the bed, then strips down to her stockings and panties and walks out. As soon as she's gone you get up on the bed, but she comes back sooner than you'd expected and she walks in to find you naked on her bed, masturbating with the panties and a scarf she'd left! She's furious and grabs the scarf and the panties off you, accusing you of being a filthy little pervert, and saying that you'll need to be punished now! She uses the scarf to tie your hands together so you're helpless and naked on the bed, then asks if you had thought that the panties were hers? She thinks you're a pervert who wanted to smell his mother's dirty knickers, but what you didn't realise is that the knickers aren't actually hers! She tells you that they belong to your aunt, her sister, and that she had stolen them recently because she loves smelling her sister's dirty panties! She asks if you had any idea that your mother was also a panty sniffer, then says she bets you wish your hands were untied now - look how hard your cock is! She takes off her robe and begins to rub her pussy through her underwear as she smells her sister's panties, taunting you about being such a sneaky little perve. She then takes off her knickers and dangles them in your face, asking if this is what you want? She stuffs the panties into her pussy and keeps masturbating, soaking her panties with her juices as she gets closer to cumming. You're tied up and helpless, and can only watch as your mother brings herself to orgasm on the bed, then pulls out her panties from her pussy and stuffs them into your mouth, gagging you. She gets dressed again, putting on her sister's dirty knickers, then tells you she'll be back to deal with you properly later...
duration 27:06
Big Sis Takes Your Virginity video from Fiona Dagger
Big Sis Takes Your Virginity by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is NON EXPLICIT - there are no toys used, I do get naked but all sex acts are simulated off screen) You're minding your own business one day in your room when you big sister barges in and starts complaining about all the chores she has to do. She tries to convince you to help her out and do some of them but you refuse, so she attempts to bargain. She thinks for a moment and then slyly suggests that she could help you out with handjobs in exchange for chores - she knows how frustrated and horny boys your age are, you must be dying for relief. You say no way, siblings aren't supposed to do stuff like that, it would be too weird! But she's not giving up so easily, and says fine, if a handjob isn't enough, how about a blowjob? You're unsure but you've been wondering what it would be like to get your cock sucked for a while now, and you're too horny to resist. So you nervously agree, and your sister excitedly tells you she'll give you your first one now so you know she's not tricking you, and then you can do the dishes for her afterwards! She kneels down to suck your cock and it doesn't take much time before you shoot your load in her mouth! She laughs and shows off how much cum you've deposited onto her tongue before swallowing it down and reminding you to get on with the dishes! The next day, you find your sister watching a show and shyly ask her if she'd want to exchange another chore for a blowjob... She looks pleased but says she has a better idea - if you do all of her chores this afternoon before mum and dad get home, she'll let you fuck her. In fact, she'll be your sex slave for 2 whole weeks - you can use her mouth or her pussy whenever you want, even if she's napping, and you can cum in her pussy too! You can't resist such a great offer and although you're nervous to lose your virginity to your sister you say yes please, and ask if you can get started right now in the bedroom. She strips off and jumps into bed, shyly getting beneath the covers and telling you to get your clothes off and get in with her. You climb on top of her and grind your dick against her stomach for a bit before she warns you to stick it in before you end up cumming! You slide inside her and to her amusement it only takes 3 or 4 strokes before you fill her pussy with cum! She laughs but tells you not to worry about it, it was your first time after all, and you've got a whole two weeks to enjoy her. In fact, as you seem to be getting hard again straight away, would you like to try again now? You say yes and she rolls onto her side so she can go on her phone while you fuck her again, chatting to you about what's for dinner later and whether you like cumming inside her. You last a bit longer this time before you cum, and she cups her pussy to hold your spunk in before running to the bathroom to empty it out! A few days later she's hanging out in her underwear and you ask if you can cum in her pussy again - she says yes, of course, and quickly pulls her panties to the side to let you fuck her. This time you last even longer and she moans as you fuck her and tells you about how much she enjoys having guys cum inside her and the feel of it in her pussy. After you cum she reminds you to finish all her chores and to make sure your homework is done too!
duration 23:08
Forced Bi From Lil Sis video from Fiona Dagger
Forced Bi From Lil Sis by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and follows on from Lil Sis Tells You To Stroke It) You get home from work to find your sister sitting on your bed with another man! You're shocked to recognise her ex boyfriend, and feel nervous when she informs you that she's been telling him all about how he was right to suspect that you had a crush on your sister! You're embarrassed and try to deny it but your sister soothes you, reminding you that her ex has a taboo fetish as well and that they used to roleplay together all the time. So there's nothing to feel awkward about! In fact she has a treat in mind for both of you - since you're both into taboo, she's going to let you share her and fuck her together! But only if today you prove how much you want her by both doing everything she says, and giving her lots of worship. You and her ex both agree and begin stroking your cocks for her as she strips off, leaving just lacy panties and a strap-on harness, fondling her strap on sensually as she gets to you jerk for her. Then she surprises you both by telling you to swap and stroke each other's cocks now! You're reluctant but she reminds you that you'll only get to fuck her if you do everything she says today, and she wants to see you jacking each other off, so get to it! You nervously start stroking each other as she encourages you, showing off her body and encouraging you to grip each other harder, making you spit on each other's cocks and telling you how she'll use her strap-on on both of you later! You both try to hide how you're starting to enjoy stroking each other, but she can tell you're getting into it and teases you about how much you're enjoying it as she gets you to edge your cocks. When you're both begging to cum for her she finally allows you to shoot your load all over each other's hands, then tells you to turn around and bend over - she's going to make you cum again, but this time with her strap-on!
duration 16:25
Daddy I Need A New Car video from Fiona Dagger
Daddy I Need A New Car by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your daughter says she has something she wants to talk to you about - she really wants a new car! Her old one is a piece of crap and just doesn't look good, it's probably not even safe to drive... She can pick up extra chores or drive you around to earn it! You say nope, she can put up with her old car. She doesn't want to take no for an answer and says perhaps instead of chores and stuff, she can arrange something else... She's noticed you hanging around and staring whenever her friends are over, and she knows that things between you and mum aren't so hot any more - you must be feeling frustrated! well luckily for you, one of her friends actually thinks you're kinda hot, and your daughter is pretty certain she can convince her friend to fuck you. You think about this for a second but then say no, her friend would probably tell your wife about what you'd done, and then you'd have to get a divorce, which would be messy. Your daughter is frustrated and asks if there's another of her friends who you think seems more trustworthy, but you say no, the only one you would trust is your daughter. She's confused at first but then it dawns on her what you mean, and she's horrified! She can't fuck you, you're her dad! You calmly tell her it's the only way she'll get that new car, and watch as she struggles to decide what to do. Eventually she agrees and reluctantly kneels down to suck your cock, complaining the whole time about how weird and gross this is. But after a few minutes you notice she's starting to get more into it - although she denies it when you tease her about it! Your cock is rock hard and you tell her to get up on the couch so you can fuck her, and she nervously lies back and spreads her legs for you.. As you begin to fuck her pussy you watch her go from protesting to unable to hide her pleasure, and soon she's begging you to fuck her pussy harder! You flip her over and fuck her in doggy, pounding her pussy as she moans and begs for you to keep fucking her! She cums hard on your cock and then tells you she wants you to cum inside her, it's okay, she's on birth control - you empty your load into her and she thanks you, and says she now actually can't wait to make more 'payments' towards her new car!
duration 22:31
Your Sister Loves It In Her Ass video from Fiona Dagger
Your Sister Loves It In Her Ass by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Chris is used throughout) You're walking past your sister's bedroom door when you notice her on her bed, touching herself! She must think she's home alone... You stay quiet and watch, taking out your phone to record as she rubs her pussy and moans, before she sucks a finger and slides it into her asshole! She starts fingering her asshole while she plays with her pussy, and is getting really into it before she suddenly notices you, standing there in the doorway with your phone out! She's incredibly embarrassed and leaps up, trying to cover herself with a blanket and asking you what the hell you were doing recording her. You tell her if she doesn't want everyone to see the video of her fingering her ass, then she'd better fess up and answer your questions! You get her to reluctantly admit that she loves having her fingers in her ass while she masturbates, and she begs you not to tell anyone and to delete the video. You're having fun now so you tell her if she wants it deleted she'll have to do some things for you... First you want her to carry on as she was doing, and let you watch. She's furious but begins touching her pussy and fingering her ass again, and gets so lost in the moment that she pulls her finger out of her ass and sucks on it! You ask her what she was doing, threatening her with the video to make sure she tells the truth, and she confesses that she really enjoys the taste of her own ass. You tell her to stick her finger back in again and then let you taste it, and she complains but lets you do it! She asks if you'll delete the video yet and you say nope, not yet! First she has to do something else for you... She has to let you fuck her in the ass. She says no way, she's not letting her brother fuck her ass - that's digsusting, and besides she's never had a cock in there before! But you remind her what would happen if the video got out and she eventually agrees. To your delight, once you start fucking her tight hole she slowly starts to enjoy it, eventually admitting that she's loving having her ass filled with your cock, and begging to suck her ass off of you! You fuck her ass in mutiple different positions, stopping frequently to make her suck your cock and clean her ass off it, and by the end of it your reluctant sister has turned into a complete anal whore, begging for your cum!
duration 23:54
Fucked By Your Doctor Mom video from Fiona Dagger
Fucked By Your Doctor Mom by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your mother comes home from her job at the hospital and informs you that it's time for her to have a look over your balls and make sure everything's ok down there - you protest but she firmly tells you to stop being silly, there's no need to feel embarrassed. She makes you drop your trousers and examines your testicles, squeezing and checking them for lumps. She asks you some embarrassing questions about your masturbation habits, and then informs you that she's decided it would be a good idea to perform a virility test! She wants to make sure everything is running smoothly and so wants to see how easy you cum and how quickly you can cum again afterwards. You feel a bit awkward about this but she insists, and uses her hand to work your cock until you cum, talking sweetly to you the whole time. After you've cum she insists on further tests, this time using her mouth! She takes off her shirt to help you get hard and sucks your cock until you've cum once more. You're finding it difficult to get hard again after two orgasms so she strips off and bounces her ass for you until you're erect again, then rides your cock until you've cum for a third time. She asks you if you think you could still cum again and you tell her you're not sure but you think so, so she makes you fuck her doggystyle until you cum for a fourth time! Finally she's satisfied that you're healthy and virile and suggests you both take a shower together to clean off before she makes dinner..
duration 17:48
Your Sister Wants To Get Married video from Fiona Dagger
Your Sister Wants To Get Married by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Andrew is used throughout) You and your sister have met up to celebrate the strange coincidence that you've both gotten divorces in the same month! Your sister admits there was something that pushed her towards getting a divorce but says it's embarrassing to admit, and asks you to first say your reasons for getting your own divorce. To her surprise, you tell her that it was kind of her fault...! She asks what you mean and you shyly hint that your relationship failed with your wife because she could never measure up to your sister. Your sister's face lights up when she hears this but she's nervous that you're pranking her, and she asks several times to be sure she understands what you mean. When she realises you have feelings for her she's ecstatic and admits she's always felt that way about you, but didn't know her feelings were returned! She tells you how much she loves you and how excited she is now that you're both free to live your lives together, finally. She strips off her dress and lingerie, talking lovingly to you about your future together, and suggesting that you even move somewhere new together and get married! You begin to fuck her gently in missionary as she talks about how much she can't wait to be married, getting faster and more intense as she begins to beg you to cum in her and give her a baby! You flip her over and start pounding her pussy in doggy as she moans and begs for you to impregnate her, until she cums hard whilst asking you again and again to marry her!
duration 43:43
School Nurse Sex Education video from Fiona Dagger
School Nurse Sex Education by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've been sent to the school nurse because you've been having problems with getting erections in class, and when you get to the nurse's office you're feeling embarrassed but she immediately reassures you that it's perfectly normal. She offers to talk you through everything you need to know about safe sex and give you a comprehensive lesson in the various ways of achieving sexual pleasure by yourself or with a partner. She's very calm and soothing throughout and begins by explaining the female body to you, using her own body to show you what she means, before talking to you about masturbation. She demonstrates a handjob on you and gets you to ejaculate into a tissue, then asks you if you feel like you'd be able to ejaculate more. You say yes so she goes on to demonstrate a blowjob, and after you've cum from that asks you if you know much about condoms or other methods of contraception. She demonstrates a condom for you, putting it onto your penis, before allowing you to fuck her in missionary, giving you soothing instructions all the while. After you've cum into the condom she tells you there's one more method of safe sex she needs to explain to you, and that's anal sex. She chats with you about different positions you can perform anal in and how to do it safely, and then offers to show you a few positions. She shows you doggy, reverse cowgirl, and then anal missionary, and each time after you cum she cleans her ass off your penis with her mouth. By this time you've cum 6 times and you're exhausted, so even though you've missed loads of class she tells you to relax and take a nap in her office, and she'll clean you up while you do. She says she'll wake you in an hour or so and you can go back to your classes - but if you have any more questions or more trouble with persistent erections to be sure to come back to her office and she'll sort you out!
duration 38:25
Big Sis Edging Challenge video from Fiona Dagger
Big Sis Edging Challenge by Fiona Dagger This was originally filmed as a custom video) A while back you discovered that your big sister is a camgirl when you stumbled across her videos online! You've been secretly perving on her for months now, watching her on cam, buying her videos, and even getting customs from her! You open this video expecting it to be the custom you ordered, but to your shock your sister greets you and informs you that she knows who you are - you used the same email address to buy videos that you use to email your mum, and your sister saw the email address on your mum's phone and recognised it! You're panicking as your sister tells you off for being such a pervert, but admits that she can't exactly tell your parents what you've been up to, as then they'd find out about her camming. So she suggests that you both keep each other's secret, and she even has an idea for a bargain that will give you both something enjoyable. She's been having trouble finding someone to have casual fun with - all the guys she fucks seem to get immediately attached and needy, and want to be her boyfriend. She wants someone who she can occasionally fuck without them getting all possessive. And since it seems you have an interest in her, why not you? The thing is though, she has her doubts that you'd be very good in bed. She knows that guys your age tend to cum really quickly, and she doesn't want to waste her time with you if you're just going to get too excited and blow your load instantly. So, she's come up with a test. If you can get the whole way through this video she's made you without cumming, she'll let you fuck her the next time you come home from school. You have to stroke your cock the whole way through the video, and film yourself doing it so she can make sure you're doing it properly. And if you fail and you cum before the video is over - you have to cum into your own hand, and lick it up! Then you can try again to do the challenge, but not until after 2 days. She wants to make sure you can give her a huge load, so you're not allowed to cum 2 days in a row. On the days inbetween attempting the challenge, she wants you to watch all the videos you've bought from her and edge yourself for at least an hour, but no cumming. Then you can re-attempt the edging challenge! She can't wait to see how many times you fail and have to eat your own cum for her.. Once you've managed to last a full 30 minutes, with her teasing and ecnouraging you, giving you JOI and showing off her body, then she'll know you're ready to finally lose your virginity... to your big sister!
duration 10:59
Jack It For Your Step Sis video from Fiona Dagger
Jack It For Your Step Sis by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Jordan is used throughout) You're jacking off in your room when you're interrupted by your step sister, Fiona! You're embarrased and shy but she apologises for bursting in on you and assures you that you shouldn't feel awkward at all, it's a totally normal thing to do! She says she's actually surprised that it's taken this long for her to catch a glimpse of your dick, after you've been living together for years! And it looks like a really nice dick too... You're shocked that she would say such a thing but she tells you it's fine, you're only step siblings, and she can't help that she's aware of how attractive you are. She tells you she feels bad for interrupting you, she'd love it if you would carry on... She actually loves watching guys jack it, and she'd really like to see you do it! You feel too shy so she offers to make it more fair - why doesn't she strip off and touch herself too, that way it's more equal? You nervously agree after she teases you with her perky little tits - you're worried that this is wrong but you can't help it, you've always secretly found your step sister hot, and she seems so horny and ready... Fiona gets naked and plays with her pussy as she makes you jack it for her, telling you filthy things about how she's imagining that you guys are fucking... She says she wants to cum at the same time so it's as if you're having sex, and that she's imagining you cumming deep in her pussy! This sends you over the edge and you can't hold it in any longer, so you spurt everywhere as your step sister moans and writhes in front of you!
duration 20:35
Found You Wearing My Stockings video from Fiona Dagger
Found You Wearing My Stockings by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the name Dominik is used once) We're roomates and I come home from work one day and ask you if you know anything about why my panties and stockings keep going missing and re-appearing days later back in my drawer... You deny having anything to do with it but I'm not convinced and keep quizzing you. I ask if you wouldn't mind me having a look around your room for them and before you can protest I pull open your bedside draw and what a surprise, there's a pair of lacy black panties, black stockings and a suspender belt in there! I'm a bit exasperated but I don't seem too annoyed any more, in fact I seem flattered and I admit that I had guessed you had a crush on me, I just wish you'd owned up and not lied about having them! I even admit that I've occasionally stolen your boxers out of the laundry and snifffed them, so you don't need to feel embarrassed. But then I notice that the stockings seem a bit stretched out - what exactly have you been doing with them?? Wait a second, have you been wearing them...? You awkwardly try and deny it but I can tell you're lying - thankfully I don't seem to be mad at all, in fact I seem really turned on by the idea of you wearing my lingerie! I ask if you'd model them for me and when you say no I tell you it's the least you could do after stealing them from me and then lying about it! I watch as you put them on, encouraging you and telling you how hot I think it is, and when you're all dressed up I seem super into you in ladies lingerie! I can see that you're turned on as well as your hard cock is very visible through my lacy panties, so I suggest you rub yourself through them while I play with myself. I strip down to my own set of lingerie and start rubbing my pussy as I watch you stroking your cock, then tell you that I'm just too turned on now and I think we should fuck! I tell you to pull your panties to the side and fuck me, and as you do I tell you all about how I want us to go lingerie shopping for matching sets, and how I can't wait to see you all dressed up in different kinds of lingerie! After we both cum I tell you that you should take the day off tomorrow - there's a second hand wedding dress in a shop nearby that I think would look amazing on you, so we should go out and buy it and then you can fuck me while you're wearing a big puffy wedding dress!
duration 21:35
Your Wife's Sister Wants To Fuck video from Fiona Dagger
Your Wife's Sister Wants To Fuck by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You and your wife have invited your wife's little sister over for dinner, and while your wife is in the kitchen cooking, you and your sister in law are chatting in the living room. She tells you that she's been having some money problems for a while now and she asked your wife for help but she refused, and now she's worried that she'll be kicked out of her home if she can't pay rent! She tells you that she's angry at your wife for not helping her; she knows that you guys have plenty of money so it wouldn't be an issue for you to lend her some for a while, but your wife is being stubborn and saying that she needs to learn to look after herself. Your sister in law tells you that your wife also told her some juicy details about your sex life, saying that she knows that you like it rough and that you have an unusually large cock, which your wife sometimes has trouble taking in her pussy as it's so large, and that a couple of times you have asked your wife to roleplay as if she were her sister! Your sister in law seems flattered that you have a bit of a thing for her and admits she sees an opportunity to get back at her older sister for not helping her - and also hopefully getting some help paying her rent in the process. She asks if you'd be willing to give her some money if she lets you do whatever you want to her - she's intrigued by the sound of your huge cock and she's confident that she can take it a lot rougher than her sister does! It will be so hot fucking right here with your wife in the kitchen next door, and maybe you guys will get caught and then the revenge will be complete! You agree and your sister in law begins sucking your cock, marvelling at how large it is already, and it isn't even fully hard yet! She sucks and licks your balls then keeps stroking your cock as she rims you, asking if her sister ever does this to you? When you're rock hard she lowers herself gingerly onto your cock, taking some time to adjust to the length, and once she's warmed up you flip her over and take her roughly in doggystyle, pounding her pussy hard as she moans in delight. You turn her onto her back to fuck her in missionary and she begs you to pull out and cum on her body, as you don't have any condoms and she's super fertile right now - but you tell her you'll only help her out with the money if you get to cum in her pussy! She nervously agrees and just as you're shooting your load deep inside her your wife walks in and demands to know what's going on! Your sister in law brattily tells your wife that you've agreed to help her with money since her own sister didn't want to, and know she's got to do everything you say! Isn't that right? You agree and command her to get down on her knees and suck all her pussy juices off of your cock, with your wife standing there in disbelief!
duration 20:36
Truth Or Dare With Your Sister video from Fiona Dagger
Truth Or Dare With Your Sister by Fiona Dagger You and your sis are hanging out one day in your room when your sister starts complaining about how bored she is - she's got 3 weeks left before she goes back to college but none of her friends are around and she's sick of being stuck in the house! Your parents will be out for hours so she suggests you play a game with her. How about truth or dare? After a few questions about your dating life things get more interesting as she quizzes you on when you last jacked off, where's the weirdest place you've done it etc... You ask her how many guys she's been with and she suddenly notices that your cock is getting hard... You deny it but when you take a dare she dares you to get it out! You try to argue but she tells you that you have to follow the rules! So you get it out and the game continues... After a few more questions and dares it's obvious to both of you that your cock is definitely hard! You dare your sis to take her top off, and then she decides to take it up a notch - she dares you to jack it! You say no way, that would be too weird, but she says if you don't play along she'll tell mum and dad about the time she saw you stealing money out of dad's wallet last summer! You have no choice but to jack it in front of her as she watches, and after a while you insist she takes her bra off so you have something to look at. You freak out a bit then at what's happening and try to stop but she insists you keep going, saying will you keep doing it if she does it too? You try and resist but you give in and she strips off completely and starts touching herself while you jack it. She teases you about being a perve as you get closer to cummming, and then informs you that if you cum before she does she'll tell mum and dad about that money!

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