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WET DREAM COME TRUE FOR AN INNOCENT JOURNALIST by Ellie Idol You're a journalist who will be interviewing me, a writer of notable success, on film in a private room at a local cafe. I show up with my hair in a bun, a black leather skirt and a trenchcoat...one of your favorite looks. This is intentional. After our interview is over, I ask to talk about YOU for a bit. We can leave the camera rolling in case something else pertaining to my job is brought up. I place a hand on your thigh because I like touching things I like and want. You're a little nervous over it, having a girlfriend and all, so I lean back and begin to unbutton my top. Look, you didn't get this interview because you were the best man for the job. Your boss Kyaa only sent you because she wanted to bring out the slut in you. And yes, her "accidental" touches of your crotch in the office were very much intentional. I'm here to corrupt you which seems like it will be very easy, as I'm your dream girl. I have the looks, the smarts, the attitude, and the outfit! Let's play a little blowjob game. I'm going to suck it, but when I do you MUST hold your breath. You've had an erection the entire interview, so I imagine you'll do ANYTHING I say. I am calling the shots here, slut! You'll be my obedient sex slave. After a bit of oral, I hop on for a ride, while slapping, scratching and spitting on your sexy body. To me, you're just a piece of meat made for my pleasure. You'll be giving me that camera card for my personal collection with the intention of filming a sequel. Oh, and be sure to avoid fucking your girlfriend for a few days so she doesn't see all those scratch marks. She'll know you cheated on her if she sees. ;)

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