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duration 10:06
HORNY BRATTY GF SUCKS COCK EMPTY POV by Kaiia Eve I am finishing up doing my makeup, and I telling you how I am so annoyed that you still are not ready because you've been busy playing video games. Im super needy for attention so I am all in your face while I am finishing up putting on my pink lipstick. Im in a satin bra, with tight ringlet curls, ready to wrap my pink lips around your throbbing cock. I tell you I do not understand how I am always ready before you because just look at me! I start to show myself off to you to really get your attention away from the video games and your excuses. You love listening to me complain because you know I'm your brat giving YOU attention. I start by showing off my mouth. You love listening to my mouth open and close. I show a close up of my perfect teeth, and I spit for you. I show off how big my mouth can get for your cock to fit inside. I start to take off my bra and show you my nice perky big titties. I slide my panties/thong off for you and show off my pierced and tattooed tight little pussy. I may be a bratty little bitch, but my tattoos really show off how bad of a girl I am for you. After I show off my pussy, I bend over and show you how I look from behind, and my cute tight little asshole. God, your cock looks so good in your pants right now. I tell you I want you to cum in my mouth. I tell you I want your cock inside of my hole. I beg you to come and play with me, and finally you give in. Your cock can't resist watching me any longer and you have to shove it in my mouth. I take your cock and I spit on it. I start to stroke and suck at the same time. I love your cock so much. I go back and forth so fast sucking hard just how you like it. You can hear it inside of my mouth and hit the back of my throat. You can hear my struggle for air because your cock is so big inside of my throat. I deepthroat and take as much of your cock as I can inside of my mouth. Back and forth I suck. I put your balls in my mouth. I spit and suck your balls and your cock. I blow you until you are good and ready to cum your huge load all over my pretty face. You love doing money shots on my nicely done up face. I not only take your load all over my face, I eat some too. Put your load in my mouth. I eat it and spit some of it around for you. Mmm I love your cum. Now we can finally go out for the night. Thanks for blowing your load on my pretty face, baby
duration 12:09
It Won't Happen Again Cuck Roleplay pt 1 video from 420sextime
It Won't Happen Again Cuck Roleplay pt 1 by 420sextime This is part 1 of a new cuck series that we're filming. The videos in this series will get progressively more mean/bratty/domineering and I'll continue cheating on you until you become nothing but my pathetic sexless cuck. Hey babe, I just got back from Jessica's costume party and I have something to tell you. It's nothing to worry about! This cute guy was staring at me the whole time so I decided to go over and talk to him, I could tell he was really into me by the huge boner he had bulging through his pants. I told him about you but I also mentioned that I've always wanted to suck a big cock like his and he suggested an idea... This is what I want to talk to you about... We have such a great relationship, I love you, and I always want to be honest with you. You know that I would never cheat on you. This guy said that it would be really kinky if I sucked his big cock and that you could watch if you wanted to! Doesn't that sound hot? It would just be a one time thing, it won't happen again! You know how much I've always wanted to be with a guy with a big dick and this is my chance to see what it's like. Your dick is great, it's just average, so what do you think? I'll text him and tell him to come in. I promise I'll never talk to him again after this! You want me to be happy, right? :) Includes: cuckolding, cheating, facial cumshot, blowjob, eye contact, sloppy blowjob, big dick, big cock, confession, uncut, uncircumcised, spit, costume, Halloween, angel, halo, wings, brat, bratty, mean, gfe, girlfriend, blue lingerie, cum on face, cum in mouth, spit cum, roleplay, dirty talking, cute, evil
duration 26:19
Brat Bitch Caught Shoplifting video from Delilah Cass
Brat Bitch Caught Shoplifting by Delilah Cass I loooove shopping for lingerie! I love this store so much. It always has the cutest stuff! I wanna try so many things on. I bet I will like all of them. I look at the price!! WTF! $72 for a bra?! I keep trying things on and loving everything where an idea sparks…. I don’t have to pay for everything. I can steal it and no one will ever find out…how thrilling! I love being such a naughty girl.. I just have to keep hiding all these hangers! I leave the store but not until SECURITY stops me and demands a receipt. I say that I am sorry, I probably left it in the car with my daddy. He isn’t buying it and keeps asking to search my bag, but I refuse like the bratty girl I am. I am getting really annoyed and finally admit to stealing one thing and hand over a panty. He knows I am lying and finally gets my bag and sees all the things I stole…. Bras.. Panties.. Lingerie.. He is PISSED. I beg and say I can pay and my daddy’s card will cover it. He doesn’t care. I am so mad and being bratty until I ask if I can suck his cock and he will drop this whole thing? I don’t want to get naked but he saw I was wearing more items I was stealing and couldn’t believe it. He pushed me on my knees and I took his big cock in my mouth, reluctantly of course. I am a bratty girl, I don’t suck cock like ew! Why did I even suggest this?! I suck his cock and tell him he's not allowed to cum in my mouth because that would be absolutely disgusting. Eww, he wants me to lean back and show him my pussy now? This fucking guy tells me he spies on girls in the dressing rooms and then makes girls that get caught shoplifting suck his cock all the time. What a fucking jerk! I hate that I have to do this, but I can't afford to get in trouble. OMG, please tell me he's not about to cum in my mouth. I think my bratty days are numbered. I'm never going to get caught shoplifting again. Tags: redhead, redheads, hairy, hairy bush, long hair, all natural, ball sucking/licking, bouncing boobs, boy/girl, b/g, cumshots, cut dicks, gagging, hair, older man / younger woman, older man / younger woman, tattoos, tall women, blowjob, blow jobs
duration 15:03
Daddys Little Girl Gets Fucked DDLG video from Molly Darling
Daddys Little Girl Gets Fucked DDLG by Molly Darling [custom vid] Roleplay Simulation Your little girl has come home from school, she’s wearing the shortest skirt you’ve ever seen. Immediately you confront her about it. She’s argumentative and a total brat about it, rolling her eyes, huffing and crossing her arms. She tells you she’s all grown up now and can wear what she wants! Time to cut that attitude problem down. She asks if she can go to the toilet as she’s desperate.. but you won’t let her. You make her stand there until she pisses herself. She’s embarrassed for a moment but then starts stripping off angrily. You feel your cock getting hard.. she notices and asks if you like what you see. She shows you her big girl panties and teases you, you want to stroke that cock so badly don’t you? She gets onto the bed and spreads her legs, showing off her ‘big girl’ parts. She touches her pink pussy and shows you how naughty she is. You wanna see something cool? She gets into her hands and knees and starts queefing. You like watching her queef and it makes you uncontrollably horny. You can’t take it anymore and you push your huge cock into her tight pussy. She loves it and you pound her in doggy style for a while until she says she wants to ride your cock. She bounces on your huge dick reverse cowgirl so you can see her big round ass and her little holes. You’re getting close to cumming. Are you gonna give your little girl a creampie? She leans back and you thrust her pussy, she counts you down from 10 and you fill her up with your load. You pull out and the cum pours from her pussy. British, tattoos, DDLG, roleplay, fantasy, taboo, ageplay, queefing, pee, piss, wetting, panty wetting, simulated, creampie, brat

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