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duration 11:50
Gloved Blackmail Jerkoff By Sister video from BlackxRose92
Gloved Blackmail Jerkoff By Sister by BlackxRose92 Custom video: " Taboo and blackmail fantasy, a pov virtual handjob wearing a button down shirt and your purple medical gloves. The idea would be that you would be my sister and you found out that I had been sneaking into your room and jerking off with the medical gloves you need for school. So, you confront me in my room, lock the door and pull out a pair of gloves. You show them to me and tell me that you know what I've been doing and that I have 2 options. Either you tell our parents that I'm a pervert who jerks off in his sister's room, or I let you jerk me off with your gloves on until you're bored with it. I of course agree and you start putting on the gloves, telling me to whip it out and lie back. You start jerking me off and talking about how dirty we are for doing this and how much you enjoy controlling your brother like this. You can come up with whatever dialogue you want to, I'm sure you'll make it sexy. After a while, you notice me tensing up and tell me to cum at the count of 10. When you get to 10, I cum all over your gloves as you pump every last drop out of me. But, you don't stop. You keep jerking my sensitive dick and say, "why don't we try and get some more out of you, huh brother?" At this point, you can make the jerking a lot faster and more aggressive, trying to make me cum one more time, using my cum as lube. After I cum a second time, you tell me that you think I've had enough for now, but that I have to be ready for you to jerk me off whenever you want."
duration 13:21
Chapter 1: Sister's Blackmail Backfires video from Lovely Lilith
Chapter 1: Sister's Blackmail Backfires by Lovely Lilith Oh... hey... I didn't hear you get home. Ha...ha...um... OKAY! Before you get angry with me, it wasn't MY idea to come snooping in my little brother's room. It was mom. She was worried about what you were getting up to. You're always on your computer and-- well, let's be honest... we know you don't JUST play video games in here... In fact, I know EXACTLY what you've been getting into. You have a creepy obsession with cartoon girls! I mean, really? Like... all of these are so unrealistic. Look at this one-- her tits are HUGE! There's no way they could be real. They've all got massive boobs. You're like... obsessed or something. And this one? What's with all the tentacles... it's gross! So, we're going to make a deal. Okay? You be my little slave-- do whatever I say for a year, and I don't tell our super religious mom that she gave birth to a total pervert. Deal? ... Oh... so you think you have something on ME, do you? Very funny. What the hell could you possibly have on me? You what? Where did you find my stash of weed? Are you kidding me?! If mom found out she'd have me shipped off! This is my senior year, you can't do this to me! Just give me the pot, and I won't tell mom about your porn. Okay? Yeah... I realize you have the upper hand. So what else do you want? I'll do anything, just give it back! You want what? You want me to show you my tits? Are you serious? I can't do that! That's so messed up...Yeah... yeah... okay! I don't want to miss my senior year. Can I just flash you and get my pot back?.... FINE! I'll keep my shirt off for as long as you want. God.... this is so humiliating. You better not tell anyone about this! Wait... why are you sticking your hand in your pants? Oh... my...god... this wasn't part of the deal
duration 5:53
Take This Home Wreckers Anal Virginity On Valentines Day! video from Davina Davis
Take This Home Wreckers Anal Virginity On Valentines Day! by Davina Davis Hey babe! Happy Valentines Day! I really do appreciate all the gifts you got me, but what did you get your wife? I really hope you didn't get her chocolates, she's already a fat cow as it is. Why are you even with such a fat bitch when you can be with someone like me. I can eat this whole box of chocolates and still look AMAZING. Your obese wife can't do that, can she? I had a special Valentines day surprise planned for you, but since you haven't dumped your wife yet I guess its going to go to waste. Such a shame, don't you want to be the one to strip me out of this sexy lingerie? Then go dump that bitch! She doesn't deserve a man like you!! You deserve someone sexy and young, with a nice tight pussy like mine riding your cock. Not an old, miserable cow. Your wifes pussy is so loose and disgusting from having all those kids. I bet your children would like me better anyway. See? We've got it all worked out. Leave your troll wife and you get to fuck my tight little pussy every day, AND I'll babysit your kids! Come on honey, I know you want to lick every inch of this body, from my sweet lips, all the way down to my tight, virgin asshole. Why haven't you dumped her yet!!!?? Fine, I'll make a deal with you. I wanted to save my anal virginity until marriage ( and you will marry me ) but since its Valentines day, I can make an exception.... BUT ONLY if you leave your wife for me. You'll be dumping her for my tight virgin asshole. I think she'll understand. Now get out of here, and make sure you come back with those divorce papers signed! Happy Valentines Day!
duration 16:10
Blackmailed Into Ass Fucking video from Fiona Dagger
Blackmailed Into Ass Fucking by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've gone round to your girlfriend's house only to find that she's not there - the only person who's in is her sister, who's always been pretty bratty and rude to you! She tells you to get lost and come back later when her sister is around, but you ask her what that funny smell is - has she been smoking weed? She tries to brush it off like it's no big deal but you threaten to tell her parents, and suddenly she's begging you not too and admitting that they'd be super mad if they found out! She acts nicer with you now, trying to get you not to rat her out, but you say she'll need to do something for you if she wants you to keep her secret! She reluctantly asks what, and you tell her you want to smell her ass! She's disgusted and says no way, that's too weird and she's self conscious because she hasn't showered today - isn't there anything else she could do? You say nope, and eventually she agrees, though with much complaining! She pulls off her shorts and her thong to let you smell her ass, and then you decide to take it a bit futher! You inform her that you're going to fuck her, and she has to say yes or you'll be talking to her folks about the smoking... She's furious but eventually agrees and you bend her over the couch and fuck her tight pussy as she calls you names and talks about how much of a gross pervert you are for making her do this! Then you pull out of her pussy and push your cock against her asshole, telling her she has to let you fuck that as well! She says she's never done that before and she's absolutely not going to lose her anal virginity to you, but you remind her of the trouble she could get in and after a while she says fuck it, fine! As you start fucking her tight virgin asshole she begins to enjoy herself more and more, and soon is begging for you to cum in her ass!
duration 44:01
Blackmailed By My Brother video from Fiona Dagger
Blackmailed By My Brother by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Joe is used throughout. There is about 10 mins of setting the scene, and then over 30 mins of explicit stuff) Fiona borrows her brother's laptop one day and finds a brother-sister porn in his browser history! She's shocked at first but after watching some of it finds herself fascinated, and decides to engineer a similar situation between her brother and her. Over the next few days she makes sure that her brother keeps catching her in compromising positions, and then begs him not to tell on her - emphasising heavily that she'll do anything her brother wants in return! Unfortunately, her brother does not seem to be catching on. Fiona gets frustrated after he keeps telling her it's fine, he won't tell anyone about all stuff he's caught her doing - she finally snaps and tells him that anyone else would have taken advantage by now! Thankfully he finally seems to realise what she's hinting at, and he tells her to go upstairs with him and then get naked. Fiona is thrilled and strips off happily for him, telling him again that he has so much dirt on her now that she'll really need to do anything he wants her to do, just to keep him happy. He makes her touch herself in front of him, and pushes her to tell him all the filthy things she wishes he'd do to her. Her makes her get down on her knees and thoroughly worship his cock, reminding her often of what will happen if she doesn't obey his every whim. Fiona's pussy is soaking wet by the time he tells her he's going to fuck her, and though she protests a bit for appearance's sake, she can't wait to feel his cock inside her. Her fucks her hard from behind, telling her that she'll be his little slave from now on, then makes her cum hard on his cock. Before she can recover he slides his dick into her ass, which she initially squirms and protests at, but after he reminds her that he's in charge now, she happily submits and begins to love having him in her ass. He makes her clean her ass off his cock with her mouth, then puts it back in her pussy to fill her with cum, with Fiona begging him to use her whenever he likes from now on!
duration 46:25
Bully Spit Roasts Mom ~Bully Series video from Harley Sin
Bully Spit Roasts Mom ~Bully Series by Harley Sin Part 1 In **The Bully Series** Part 2: Bully-Bully-Gang-Bang/ Part 3: Total-Slut-For-Bullys-Threesome **Contains heavy reluctant mommy roleplay. Bully, mom, son threesome. Due to nature of this video, some scenes do not contain any dirty talk, as mom is reluctant until she's broken by bully. Contains multiple sex scenes with both bully & son.** Mom is watching TV when you come in with a new friend. Your mom notices you seem nervous, and asks you to introduce her. This new friend of yours calls her a slut. She's shocked, and starts questioning you. Who talks to someones mom like that? Then she realizes who this boy is. It's your bully. Well she's had enough. This bully thinks he can walk into her home and bully her too? No way she's having any of that. She asks you to wait outside while she talks to your bully in private. She tells you not to worry, she's got everything under control. You sneak up to the open door of her bedroom where you hear talking. They seem to be arguing. It sounds like your mom is in trouble but you're not sure what to do. She finally comes out, but she's practically naked. She's covering herself up, trying to hide her half naked body from you. She says this was the only way he would agree to stop. That he wants you to come in to finalize the agreement she's made. She's not sure what he wants, but its not looking good... XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, family, MILF, threesomes, POV, POV sex, facials, spit roast, virtual sex, blackmail fantasy, dirty talk, blowjob, missionary, humiliation
duration 37:28
CBT , blackmail and int()x revenge from the psyxo patient video from Mistress Misha Goldy
CBT , blackmail and int()x revenge from the psyxo patient by Mistress Misha Goldy After a long but unsuccessful treatment, your patient escapes from a mental hospital! She catch you near the door of your house and kicked your face soo hard that waking up you allready in house of her aunt ! You cant move and talk , she told you that she use some of your medicine and  his action will soon pass because she would love to hear your beggings and screams! She is telling you that After all your medicine she is not feeling nothing !Not pity, not love, not regret and  not compassion! Just evil all over her exhausted by you  body and mind! And she is here to revenge you! To make you feel the biggest pain like she did it! She int()xicated you with a lot of p()ppers , making you do this by closing your mouth ! Taking your cock and inject a special medicine to make you hard not paying attention to what will hurts you! She tormneting your cock , pushing a speculum inside your asshole, making it bigger, fuck it, humiliating you , experimenting with different medicines, tormenting your cock with a painfull handjob in latex gloves, and after all CBT she inject in you medicine wich will keep you be in conscious when she will cut your balls , but before she make you cum in a special test tube wich she will save in freezer but you must do everything she will demand ! She know that you still dont have a heirs , and your wife will broke with you if you will cant make the heirs! So you have a 24 hours till she will call you and get an answer YES from you or she will destroy your last semen and your family will never have a  heirs becuase your balls is laying on the floor apart from your body!
duration 25:05
Daughter Blackmails Daddy - Taboo Creampie video from MsCakes
Daughter Blackmails Daddy - Taboo Creampie by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). Mommy just left for Vegas this morning, so that means you and I have the house to ourselves all week, Daddy! Perfect timing, because there’s actually something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about in private. You see, I was scrolling through Tinder the other day, and I was shocked to find your profile on there! What the hell are you doing on a dating app, Daddy? Were you planning to cheat on Mommy this week while she’s away? Well there’s no way I’m gonna let you hook up with some random slut... what if you get her pregnant, or bring home some nasty STD? I think I have a much better solution for these urges of yours. You should just hook up with another girl you already know and love - ME! Come on, all my girlfriends at school have had sex already and they keep making fun of me for being a virgin. Besides, I’ve already screenshotted your Tinder profile, so if you say no, I’m just gonna send it to Mommy right now! Hehe, that’s what I thought... let’s go do it in my room then. I’ll strip out of my school uniform and show off my tight young body for you. You’ve secretly been wanting this too, haven’t you Daddy? I think I’ve noticed you admiring my body a few times... and I can already see the outline of your hard dick in your pants. Wow Daddy, your dick looks HUGE! I’m not sure if I can take it inside my tight virgin pussy, but I’ll do my best. But before that, do you think I could try giving you a blowjob? I’ve been watching lots of blowjob porn lately, and I really want to try it. I’ll start by slowly running my tongue all over it... and then I’ll try sucking it as deep as I can. Mmm I love the way your thick cock feels in my mouth, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it too, Daddy. Now my pussy is really wet, so I think I’m finally ready for you to take my virginity. There’s no need for you to wear a condom - I’m on the pill, so there’s no risk of getting me pregnant. Besides, I want my first time to be a fully raw, skin-on-skin experience. I’ll just lay on my back, so you can get on top of me and slowly ease yourself inside me. Oh my God Daddy, your cock feels sooo big, stretching out my tight pussy... it hurts a little bit, but it feels good at the same time. Are you feeling good too, Daddy? Is my pussy tighter and wetter than Mommy’s? I think I’m starting to get a little more warmed up now, so you can try going a little bit harder and faster. Just give me a signal when you’re about to cum, so we can lock eyes when you do. Hey, why don’t you lay down now so I can try riding you for a bit? I’ll start in reverse cowgirl, to give you a nice view of my ass while I ride you. Mmm, look at how much of your dick I can take inside me now... I just love being your naughty girl, Daddy. I’ll turn around and face you too, so I can look deep into your eyes while I ride you. Then I’ll get into a squatting position so I can take your cock as deep as possible. Are you getting close now, Daddy? Are you about to cum deep inside your daughter’s pussy? Well guess what, I’m not really on the pill. I lied about that to get you to fuck me without protection, and now I have you right where I want you - at the point of no return. That’s right, I won’t let you pull out til you empty your balls deep inside me, and knock me up! Oooh, I can feel your dick throbbing inside me right now... that’s it Daddy, give me every last drop of your sperm, and put a baby inside me. Mmm, just look at that huge creampie you just gave me. I’ve been tracking my period for the past few months, and I just so happen to be ovulating this week, so I’m definitely gonna get pregnant now! Mom’s probably gonna leave you when she finds out about this, but don’t worry, you and I can just start our own little family together!
duration 10:53
Impregnate Me Or I'll Tell video from BlackxRose92
Impregnate Me Or I'll Tell by BlackxRose92 I just knew you'd come back for more! When those three little typing dots popped up after I texted you, I knew even when you didn't reply that it was because you were already driving here to fuck me now. Does your wife know? What excuse did you tell her for your sudden departure, or did you just quickly leave and hope she didn't notice? I can see that you're looking at the short hem of my minidress, glimpsing upskirt no panty flashes. Your wife thinks I'm a slut, but does she know that I'm the one you've been fucking? I have all of her information, you know. I could call her at any time. Honestly, I wasn't thinking about making this a big "thing", but you've not been putting out enough. Also, there's one other really big reason why I'm giving you this ultimatum. It's time for me to get pregnant. Really, the choice in front of you is so simple. You can fuck me bareback every day until until impregnation is successful, and then you will keep fucking me daily while I'm pregnant and continue on fucking me while also paying paternal support after birth. If you don't fuck me with that massive erection in your pants right now, which I can clearly see throbbing for my braless pierced nipples showing through my clothes, then your wife is going to hear all about how we've been fucking raw on the regular. You and I are far more fluid bonded than you and she at this point, and not surprisingly I'm feeling your precum seeping out into me even now. I knew you'd make the right choice and fuck me, but there's no way you'll ever see this surprise ending coming. It even surprised me, and I was just fucking your cock! I laugh and smile at my homewrecker win as your sperm drips from my pussy, with the satisfaction of a creampied vagina dripping with semen. Did you get homewrecked harder than you fucked?

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