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duration 27:27
Blackmailing Your Sister video from Ivy Addams
Blackmailing Your Sister by Ivy Addams Your sister Ivy has your family fooled. She's on the drama team, she gets good grades, and she never gets in trouble. Or at least that's according to mom and dad, but you know better. You know she's a filthy slut, that she goes out partying, and that she has been doing it with your parents money. Ivy thinks she is so smart and smart girls don't get caught, right? You go into her room morning while she isn't there (she's still out at a party probably with some asshole's cock in her mouth), dig through her laundry to find her dirty gym clothes and you start waiting to enact your plan. You have the credit card bills, you have the proof to show mom and dad. When Ivy gets home and demands you get out of her room, she doesn't believe you at first until she realizes that you have the evidence right in front of her. She obliges, stripping down for you so you can sniff the real thing before telling you to get out and never talk about it again. That isn't enough though - you've got the keys to ruining the reputation your good sister has built, and you are going to blackmail her into fucking you to keep the secret. She doesn't like it at first, calling you a disgusting loser and telling you that you've always been a weirdo and that's why mom and dad like Ivy more than you. You feel her pussy start to get wet and you know she likes this even if she doesn't want to say she likes fucking her brother. You pull out so Ivy can gag on your cock before reminding you that she isn't on birth control, so you better not cum in your sister's pussy. If you knock up your sister, mom and dad will definitely find out.
duration 37:39
Furyo - a blackmail JOI video from Visser
Furyo - a blackmail JOI by Visser There is one student at your college who equally irritates and intrigues you. He sits with this slight smirk on his face. Giving you some kind of knowing look, it would seem. Always overdressed and overpainted. Walks with a cute girl on his arm, but you are certain he goes with guys too. One night, you are bored, trawling around on a hook-up app, when you stumble across his profile. Fingers shaking, you start to message him—you think he won’t respond, but right away, you start going into what you would do to each other, if you had the chance. You are using a discreet picture and a fake name, but still you worry. You know of other professors who have hooked up with students, but the idea terrifies you. You would never jeopardize your job like that. It would be best if you stopped talking, but days pass, and you keep texting each other. You can’t bring yourself to delete your profile, even though you know you could never meet and actually do all the things you’ve talked about… One day, this student asks to meet you in your office. He wants to discuss some bad grades he’s been getting. The moment he steps in your office, your stomach sinks a bit and your heart beats. You thought you were so careful covering your tracks, making sure he never connected that account to you, but you can’t shake the feeling that he knows exactly who you are…… A custom blackmail JOI with some light humiliation elements. I really had fun with this one :>
duration 16:10
Blackmailed Into Ass Fucking video from Fiona Dagger
Blackmailed Into Ass Fucking by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've gone round to your girlfriend's house only to find that she's not there - the only person who's in is her sister, who's always been pretty bratty and rude to you! She tells you to get lost and come back later when her sister is around, but you ask her what that funny smell is - has she been smoking weed? She tries to brush it off like it's no big deal but you threaten to tell her parents, and suddenly she's begging you not too and admitting that they'd be super mad if they found out! She acts nicer with you now, trying to get you not to rat her out, but you say she'll need to do something for you if she wants you to keep her secret! She reluctantly asks what, and you tell her you want to smell her ass! She's disgusted and says no way, that's too weird and she's self conscious because she hasn't showered today - isn't there anything else she could do? You say nope, and eventually she agrees, though with much complaining! She pulls off her shorts and her thong to let you smell her ass, and then you decide to take it a bit futher! You inform her that you're going to fuck her, and she has to say yes or you'll be talking to her folks about the smoking... She's furious but eventually agrees and you bend her over the couch and fuck her tight pussy as she calls you names and talks about how much of a gross pervert you are for making her do this! Then you pull out of her pussy and push your cock against her asshole, telling her she has to let you fuck that as well! She says she's never done that before and she's absolutely not going to lose her anal virginity to you, but you remind her of the trouble she could get in and after a while she says fuck it, fine! As you start fucking her tight virgin asshole she begins to enjoy herself more and more, and soon is begging for you to cum in her ass!
duration 34:19
Fatty Blackmail Skype Stuffing and Giant Dildo Fucking video from Wood
Fatty Blackmail Skype Stuffing and Giant Dildo Fucking by Wood You've discovered Wood's secret! You used to go to high school with her when she was a skinny head cheerleader and track runner. And now, just into time for the high school reunion, you've found her porn blog where she posts about being a fat slutty BBW! She's gained so much weight -- definitely over a hundred pounds -- and post tons of pictures and videos of her sucking and fucking giant monster dildos! This is the perfect opportunity, you save up some pretty incriminating pictures and hit her up, telling her if she doesnt go on skype and eat her weight in tacos for you and be the horny slut she is, you're gonna expose her to the rest of the high school class on reunion night! You're sure that people will be so shocked by the out of shape fatty slut she's become! Wood begrudgingly agrees and goes along with the embarrassing blackmail. She answers your skype call and immediately starts eating and griping about how much of a perv you are to actually WANT to watch her stuff her face after getting so fat. Even though this is supposed to be her blackmail, she begins to tease YOU! Annoyed by how the tables have turned, you try to shut her up by telling her she needs to use the biggest dildo she has and to fuck herself with it for you, unless she wants to be exposed. She groans, but grabs a huge monster cock and begins to ride it as she stuffs her face with food. Surprisingly, it starts to look like she likes the hedonistic activities, and even admits that it turns her on to get fatter! She then acts even more bratty the more she fucks herself, and turns the humiliation back onto you!

Blackmail, stuffing, burping, belly play, weight gain, and giant monster dildo fucking with brattyness and humiliation all around! This was a custom clip ^_^
duration 12:59
Impregnating Your Blackmailing Daughter video from Raven Fox
Impregnating Your Blackmailing Daughter by Raven Fox Your sneaky daughter was looking for something naughty to do, and somehow found your Tindr account! I corner you and question you about it, and you were planning to meet other girls to hook up. Well I tell you there's no way I'll let you fuck another girl, possibly catching something from them! I tell you there's only two options, have sex with me, your sweet daughter, or Mommy and the School Counselor Finds Out about this Tindr Account and All the Naughty Things I wake up to you doing to me at night. I take you into the bedroom and tell you I haven't even had a boyfriend, but you and Mommy have been giving me Birth Control for so long, I should be okay. I lay you back on the bed, and climb on top, slowly lowering my soft, hairless, virgin pussy onto your hard cock, savouring every inch as you sink deeper inside me. I start sliding up and down your shaft, then pick up speed to bounce my pretty ass on you. We move through a few different positions, and you begin moaning as your climax reaches. You pound my pussy and I tell you to signal when you're about to come, so we can lock eyes when you do. You flip me over and begin to tell me you're going to cum and I say I've been skipping the pill for a while, then grab your ass and wrapped my legs around you, pulling you deeper inside me, unable to pull out. You reluctantly fill me with cum, when you expected to pull out and shoot in your hand. Before we collapse, I look into your eyes as if I found my soul mate. It seems we have all week for ourselves. Since Mom will probably leave you, I'll just start moving my things in the closet. We can be our own little family now, Daddy!
duration 16:19
PUNISHING MY CHEATING NEIGHBOR by Ellie Idol I'm your next-door neighbor and you're married. I've picked up on the fact that you check me out all the time but you of course are clueless that I've noticed. While I may have some physical attraction to you, I'm internally disgusted by the fact that you'd cheat on your sweet wife if given the opportunity. So with your wife out of town for the weekend, I decide to test my theory. I use a piece of mail as an excuse to come over and tempt you into slipping up. It's so easy to get you to cheat too! In no time at all, we're fucking on the couch. You're really into it, and you think I am as well. I tell you to tell me when you're ready to cum and when you do, I hop off your hard cock, ruin your orgasm and kn0.ck you out with chlo.r0form. When you come to, you're bound, in chastity with your face smelling like pussy (I had to get mine after all). In the time you were out, I went for a night run and got myself REALLY sweaty! I begin to degrade you by shoving my parts into your nose making you inhale my scent as punishment! It's so humiliating isn't it? Yet somehow you're getting HARD inside your cage. For the final act of humiliating you, I pee my panties and stuff them into your mouth and hold them in place with duct tape. Now your wife will find you like this when she comes home. If you want your key back in the next year, you'll need to endure every future torture I have in store for you! Otherwise, I'll let your wife know you want to fuck your hot neighbor and ruin your life even more!!
duration 22:31
Your Sister Loves It In Her Ass video from Fiona Dagger
Your Sister Loves It In Her Ass by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Chris is used throughout) You're walking past your sister's bedroom door when you notice her on her bed, touching herself! She must think she's home alone... You stay quiet and watch, taking out your phone to record as she rubs her pussy and moans, before she sucks a finger and slides it into her asshole! She starts fingering her asshole while she plays with her pussy, and is getting really into it before she suddenly notices you, standing there in the doorway with your phone out! She's incredibly embarrassed and leaps up, trying to cover herself with a blanket and asking you what the hell you were doing recording her. You tell her if she doesn't want everyone to see the video of her fingering her ass, then she'd better fess up and answer your questions! You get her to reluctantly admit that she loves having her fingers in her ass while she masturbates, and she begs you not to tell anyone and to delete the video. You're having fun now so you tell her if she wants it deleted she'll have to do some things for you... First you want her to carry on as she was doing, and let you watch. She's furious but begins touching her pussy and fingering her ass again, and gets so lost in the moment that she pulls her finger out of her ass and sucks on it! You ask her what she was doing, threatening her with the video to make sure she tells the truth, and she confesses that she really enjoys the taste of her own ass. You tell her to stick her finger back in again and then let you taste it, and she complains but lets you do it! She asks if you'll delete the video yet and you say nope, not yet! First she has to do something else for you... She has to let you fuck her in the ass. She says no way, she's not letting her brother fuck her ass - that's digsusting, and besides she's never had a cock in there before! But you remind her what would happen if the video got out and she eventually agrees. To your delight, once you start fucking her tight hole she slowly starts to enjoy it, eventually admitting that she's loving having her ass filled with your cock, and begging to suck her ass off of you! You fuck her ass in mutiple different positions, stopping frequently to make her suck your cock and clean her ass off it, and by the end of it your reluctant sister has turned into a complete anal whore, begging for your cum!
duration 5:53
Take This Home Wreckers Anal Virginity On Valentines Day! video from Davina Davis
Take This Home Wreckers Anal Virginity On Valentines Day! by Davina Davis Hey babe! Happy Valentines Day! I really do appreciate all the gifts you got me, but what did you get your wife? I really hope you didn't get her chocolates, she's already a fat cow as it is. Why are you even with such a fat bitch when you can be with someone like me. I can eat this whole box of chocolates and still look AMAZING. Your obese wife can't do that, can she? I had a special Valentines day surprise planned for you, but since you haven't dumped your wife yet I guess its going to go to waste. Such a shame, don't you want to be the one to strip me out of this sexy lingerie? Then go dump that bitch! She doesn't deserve a man like you!! You deserve someone sexy and young, with a nice tight pussy like mine riding your cock. Not an old, miserable cow. Your wifes pussy is so loose and disgusting from having all those kids. I bet your children would like me better anyway. See? We've got it all worked out. Leave your troll wife and you get to fuck my tight little pussy every day, AND I'll babysit your kids! Come on honey, I know you want to lick every inch of this body, from my sweet lips, all the way down to my tight, virgin asshole. Why haven't you dumped her yet!!!?? Fine, I'll make a deal with you. I wanted to save my anal virginity until marriage ( and you will marry me ) but since its Valentines day, I can make an exception.... BUT ONLY if you leave your wife for me. You'll be dumping her for my tight virgin asshole. I think she'll understand. Now get out of here, and make sure you come back with those divorce papers signed! Happy Valentines Day!

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