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Secretary Busts Out Of Sweater video from BlackxRose92
Secretary Busts Out Of Sweater by BlackxRose92 Things at the office have been weird lately. My boss is acting so strange, and it's really not like him at all. Making little suggestions here and there, and just being more affectionate in unexpected ways. Hmm, maybe I should wear my hair down more often.... How can I describe the changes at the office that I've noticed? First, he started bringing me water. Then, he bought me perfume and lipstick. That's odd, suddenly my glasses don't work like they should. I'll just take them off for a bit...Maybe I do look better with my hair down. Well, my boss also brought me lunch too, today. This isn't something he's ever done before, but he also brought me coffee this morning, though I didn't think anything of it at the time. Oh is it getting hot in here suddenly, and why is my shirt feeling so tight? I've been feeling unusual lately, ever since my boss started behaving peculiar, and now I've begun to notice that my uniform isn't fitting the way it should. There's no way I'll be able to wear it as headquarters suggested, so I'll just try my best to button my sweater around my increasingly expanding bust. It seems every morning, I grow another cup size at least! Oh no! Today was supposed to be the meeting for my promotion! I just don't know if I can go in like this. This is hardly appropriate, albeit so sexy, very provocative, but my breasts are so swollen and my nipples, so tender and sensitive. Well, I don't know, maybe, I mean, it is possible that, well....what if I got an even bigger promotion for going in like this? Of course, the fact that my uniform doesn't fit anymore could be a bit of a problem, but the breakfast delivery this morning from my boss indicates that it might not be at all. Hah! Oh my vest doesn't fit, and I can't even button my shirt! Oh I have so many plans for these big breasts, and I'm really hoping they help me fuck my boss. Maybe instead of a promotion, my big boobs will promote me to dating the boss. I should email him, no text him, before he picks me up for work. I wonder how he'd feel if I sexted him? I can't go into work like this, because my clothes don't fit, so I'm sure if I sent him a picture he would understand the situation. However, he'll likely want to discuss this sudden expansion in person over dinner tonight. Then, maybe when we're done, he'll tit fuck me.... Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 12:05
Boob Science video from BlackxRose92
duration 14:49
The Housewife Bimbo Expansion video from BlackxRose92
The Housewife Bimbo Expansion by BlackxRose92 Are you sure we should have sex tonight? I was thinking about cancelling actually. There's just nothing to feel sexy about, and I've been feeling so gross and unsexy lately. Plus, I really need a shower, and-wait, what? Wow, that's a really rude thing to say to your wife. I know my breasts aren't what they used to be, but they did breastfeed...Why do you think I need bigger bre-OHHHH! Ahhhhhh! My eyes, I, uh... Hmm, that's odd. My glasses don't seem to be working anymore. Should I wear my hair down? Oh! My nipples are throbbing! Is this red lipstick? Wow, well I-uh OHHHHH! My tits! Giant boobs! They've just sprung out of my chest! Wow! What is happening to my breasts right now? You want to talk about our date night plans for tonight? Sure, what did you have in mind? Hmm, I guess we could have sex in the shower, and after if you want. Oh, wait it happening again! My breasts are expanding right in front of my eyes now! My makeup is fresh and done, and now my long brown hair is piled in wavy curls around my shoulders. No glasses anymore, and no more frumpy housewife clothes. Now I'm wearing leather leggings with no panties and bright red lipstick. I can't help but shake out my hair into loose waves and play with my nipples! Did you still want to have sex tonight? We could start fucking on the way to the shower, in the shower, after the shower. Oh! We should plan a romantic getaway away from the house and responsibilities. We can hire a sitter so we can stay in a fancy resort and fuck all day long, then eat and cuddle and fuck until bedtime! Should we fuck right now? Oh fuck! You were right, my boobs do look better and feel better bigger! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 21:03
Housewife Gets Big Bubble Gum Bimbo Body Inflation video from BlackxRose92
Housewife Gets Big Bubble Gum Bimbo Body Inflation by BlackxRose92 Ugh, it's so sad and gloomy outside, all cold and frigid. I guess I could just stay home and eat my feelings. What am I in the mood to eat though? I'm not sure, maybe delivery, but I really have a sweet tooth. With my current mood, I'm feeling too depressed to try to sext tonight. I just want big bimbo tits and luscious curves, but I can't stop thinking about this sweet tooth of mine until.... Ooh! A piece of candy! Don't mind if I do. I'll just enjoy this bubble gum while I think about my plans for the weekend and what type of food to order for delivery. However, this flavor tastes...interesting. How very odd? Something feels amiss. This tastes great, but I'm really not sure what it is. Oh, wow.....oh my,..... Haha, when I blow the big, big bubbles, they get like SO sticky and then explode all over my face. Hah, well oops, now when I chew and blow big bubble gum bubbles that pop on my face that burst and leave sticky all over my lips and chin, even my nose. Oh, oh, ohhhhh! What's happening to me? Just giant fucking titties! Oh they've grown so big! But do you think they could go bigger? I wonder if it's possible to get a big booty to go with this juicy rack! Oh ohhhhh! They've just grown again! I don't fit into like any of my clothes anymore. Truth be told though, I'd still go bigger if I could. Like, I'd totally get everything else expanded too. Ohhhhhh! Just as I've gotten too carried away, I find myself expanding and growing all over, like my entire body is gaining weight all at once, or a mega all over body inflation. It's like, ever since I found this gum, I can't stop blowing bubbles with it! It's really ramped up my sweet tooth and now I'm just growing out of my clothes on the spot. I'm expanding more and more every day! Every part of me is getting so much bigger, that I struggle to stay in my clothes, regularly having to shift so that I don't expand out of them. Ugh, finally just when I think I might POP just like my bubble gum bubbles, I let out a rather large belch and deflate noticeably. I can't spit this gum out though! Ohhhh ahhhhh mmmm! I try burping again, but oh this bubble gum! Look how much I've grown! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 14:35
Nerdy Housewife To Goth Babe Transformation video from BlackxRose92
Nerdy Housewife To Goth Babe Transformation by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "Rose Black is a nerd getting ready for a date when something strange comes over her, a transition with personality change, gradual makeup and possibly big hair. She has the sudden urge to turn goth that she cannot control. At first, she thinks she just wants to wear dark things and talks about what dress to change out of...but no...she needs more.... Something is compelling this transition. An erotic force outside of herself is causing Rose to transform in front of your eyes. Slowly, she pulls down her hair, flipping it involuntarily between transformation fluctuations, and caresses her body as her personality changes from nerd to a dark sexbomb, with the physical changes leading the personality change. The erotic magic coursing through her body fuels her metamorphosis completely. She plays with her hair, eyes fluttering, and comes up with gothic makeup and ready to fuck her new date who has been watching the whole time. Her change is surprising and all encompassing, even her manicure and pedicure are now all black! She flips her hair, and even headbangs! Rose isn't just a quiet housewife anymore. Now she is ravenously horny, confidently sexy, and ready to fuck. In one sweeping change, Rose is no longer the passive, submissive woman she was before. Content with staying home for date night as she actively cancels your plans in favor of her own, Rose now insists on some deviously kinky and very naughty behavior that she insists you remove your pants immediately for. The once mild mannered nerd is now a take charge dominant that demands sex as she commands you to strip and prepare for a wild night of adulterous fucking. She's hardly finished with the transformation when she brazenly displays her arousal and states her intentions of fucking you for the entire rest of the night. There's no escape for you from your new, sexually charged wife. Housewife be gone, in her place is an insatiable goth babe!" Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 14:54
Female Scientist Has An Expansive Breakthrough video from BlackxRose92
Female Scientist Has An Expansive Breakthrough by BlackxRose92 "Oh, is this thing on? Umm, yes, this is the test for... er...uh, I forgot what the name was, and I can't see the machine from here with this smudge on my glasses. Uh, erm, uh....yes! This is the uh? I can't quite read it, but this is the official test, although I've forgotten the official name, and I'm....well, I'm the official test subject. Of the team involved, I'm the only female on it. We all drew straws, and I'm pretty sure they did this on purpose, but that's how I was elected as the official first human test subject of our "bimbo womanizer feminizer ray". So....here we go!" "Uh, ah, oh! Did it work? I'm not sure. We might need to do another test. Oh....Oh.....Oh! I'm definitely feeling some effects, although not the anticipated set. Let's oh...let's take a break and then do the next test, after lunch. Wait! I forgot to turn off the machine! Oh, I need to turn off the machine...Which one said off? Oh! Ooops! Maybe I do still need my glasses....Oh, oh, ohhhhh no! Ohhhhhh! OHHHHH!" "I'm ready for it this time! Hit me with it! Ohhhhhh!" *At this point, female scientist Rose has completely forgotten herself during the testing. She begins acting in ways that are entirely unbecoming of a professional. The effects of this erotic sex device have taken a turn for the extreme as she behaves totally out of character. Her lipstick has become brighter red as her dowdy bun shakes free into long sexy waves. She starts rubbing her body and talks about getting big fake titties and other sexy things. The first test was intentional, but the second was not. Her change is drastic, transforming her from a shy, dorky scientist into a super mega slut. As the second test of the machine concludes, she fixates on big fake bimbo tits and notices that her breasts have begun to swell. They expand significantly as the third test of the machine begins, but by the time the final test for public approval comes up, her breasts have grown to incredible size. Scientist Rose experiences more than just breast expansion as a side effect, it would seem her brains have shrunk to make room for her ballooning tits. She totally forgets where she's at and what she's doing as she starts exploring her new giant fake bimbo tits and sensitive perky nipples, even forgetting that her lewd behavior is inappropriate for the lab and business setting. "Ohhhhh! They're so swollen! I love 'em you guys! They're so sensitive! My nipples! Look at 'em bounce! What do you think? If you're not sure, you could fuck them, or cum on them. Ahahaha hahahaa! How do my tits look like this? So um, what are we testing next, dildos? I know y'all had a fuck machine! I saw it back there in the private section of the lab, and I even saw the sex robot too. I can test all of 'em! Ohhhh oh fuck! I feel funny! Is this supposed to be some of the side effects? So like, um, what are you doing after this is done? I know some fun ideas. Condoms? Oh, no probably not, if you're worried about it, just come on my titties so we can see how it interacts with the effects of the uh....what is the name of the machine we were testing again? It doesn't matter! Can we fuck now? I'm not wearing any panties......Or would you like to fuck me? You can always test the bimbo ray on me while we fuck.....!Ohhhh!" Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 12:31
Bitch Steals Bimbofication Body Inflation Bubblegum video from BlackxRose92
Bitch Steals Bimbofication Body Inflation Bubblegum by BlackxRose92 Thanks for the bubble gum, fat ass! What? Hell no I'm not sticking around for a date with you! Why would I ever date a loser like you, when I look so fucking hot? Hah! No, not happening. Thanks for the bubble gum, but you can leave my bedroom now. What's so funny? Why are you laughing at me? Ugh, whatever loser, go fuck yourself. I've got things to do and I-......um.....Uh....Umm...What was I saying again? Huh. That's odd. *blows and pops a bubble* Hah, something feels weird. I feel, ah, umm, uh.....Oh! OH! OHHHHHH! What have you done to me? As each bubble gum bubble inflates bigger and bigger, so do I! While I've been busy mindlessly blowing bubble gum bubbles, my body has been busy inflating itself! My head begins to feel as airless as the bubbles that pop all over my face and glasses. I can't remember why I was humiliating you for being fat, but gosh, I'm so soft and fuckable now! I'm so horny! Please *blows and pops a bubble all over my glasses* will you fuck me? My breasts are so sensitive, and it feels like they're still expanding, but my bloated belly is also growing too! Nipples erect, I can't help but rub them as I blow bubble after bubble, slowly transforming into the fat nympho bimbo that you crave, instead of the bitchy boney MILF that won't fuck and makes fun of you. Now, I'm soft, fully inflated all over, growing into an erotic body inflation bimbofication transformation that blows bubble gum bubbles, twirls my hair, and dirty talks about fucking you while stroking my heavily distended belly and swollen MILF tits. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 17:00
Bubble Gum Bimbo Gets Expansive Full Body Futa Transformation video from BlackxRose92
Bubble Gum Bimbo Gets Expansive Full Body Futa Transformation by BlackxRose92 Tonight was supposed to be date night, but my boyfriend and I just broke up. Now I'm single, and I'm not sure what I want to do with my night. Should I eat, and then masturbate? Or masturbate and then eat? I have no clue what I'm in the mood to eat though..... Ooh! A piece of candy! Don't mind if I do! What an interesting flavor...What is this? Something minty? Odd, I've never tasted this before, but the bubbles are just delicious! Oh, well, that's interesting! Gee, my tits just grew so big so fast. Gosh, I could go bigger though. Hmm, oh mmmm oh yes, something feels strange but so good. My clit has grown into a cock! This is incredibly unexpected, but I just can't stop blowing bubble gum bubbles. They get so big! Just like my giant bimbo tits, but then they pop all over my face and leave sticky mess all over my lips and chin. I find myself blowing bubble gum bubbles as I stroke my futanari click-dick, and it quickly starts dribbling sticky sex fluids. It's leaking out so much! My cunt-cock is pulsating, and it seems to swell bigger and bigger with each bubble gum bubble that pops on my face. Ohhh I just can't stop though, it feels too good to quit now! I accidentally squirted on my shirt and tights, but I keep jacking my futa clit-cock until it's about to blow. A giant bubble pops as I erupt, but I keep chewing the bubble gum. Long after my futa clit-dick has settled back into my tights and I've cleaned up my massive cumshot, I'm still blowing bubble gum bubbles. Each bubble makes my breasts grow more, but I just can't stop! Who knows when it makes me swell so large again that I grow another futanari full body expansive transformation? This is way better than stupid unsatisfying sex with my boyfriend! Oh fuck me, futa masturbation feels so good, and I fucking love my massively big bimbo tits! Mmm, oh this bubble gum is so good. I may just keep blowing bubbles..... Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 9:38
The Breast Therapist On The Internet! Hypno-tits Expansion To Bimbofication video from BlackxRose92
The Breast Therapist On The Internet! Hypno-tits Expansion To Bimbofication by BlackxRose92 Hello! I'm Rose, your digital therapist today. Before we begin our session, I'll need to you take a comfortable seat and get really cozy. My mesmerize methods are exceptionally effective, but they can be quite intense and transformative. For the best experience, begin your meditational mesmerize experience with the lights low and your headphones on, seated somewhere snug and soft.

Now then, since you're all settled this should be over in a SNAP! All I have to do is...... Uh.... Erm, what were you mesmerizing me to do again? Oh gosh! I can't believe I came to work with NO bra on! Goodness, I can't expect to attract any men with floppy sad tits like this. Gracious, I need to fetch a bra immediately! You just stay seated and I'll be right back for you to finish our session in a SNAP!

Oh, oh my! I don't think our session was quite supposed to go like this. My bra is way too small now! My tits are MASSIVE! Oooooh I've always wanted huge bazongas for titties! No more deflated MILF tits that have been nursed dry and flat, now I have gigantic balloon boobies that are right in your face, super erect, and oh! Oh, my nipples are so perky! I could play with big boobies like this all day, but I think we really need to finish your therapy session first. That's why they call me the best therapist on the internet after all, and all I need to do to make it work is SNAP my fingers just like this!

Oh, no, no, NO! What's happened? I thought you were visiting me today for therapy? Well fudge, this....totally backfired and now my humungous bimbo tits are bursting out of my shirt and my cleavage is just spilling out everywhere totally inappropriately, and not professional at all. Well....... This is rather embarrassing and awkward! How am I going to sneak out of the office with my boobs expanding right out of my shirt?!
duration 13:55
The Nympho Glitch: Housewife To Horny Hot Wife video from BlackxRose92
duration 4:27
Balloobie Stuffing video from BlackxRose92
duration 11:58
The Bimbo Bubblegum: A Horny Housewife Breast Expansion Transformation video from BlackxRose92
The Bimbo Bubblegum: A Horny Housewife Breast Expansion Transformation by BlackxRose92 Ugh, yuck. I'm just NOT feeling date night tonight. I wish my tights and ass bloated the way my belly does. That would be convenient, and SEXY. I found my husband's secret stash of candy, and I've been eating my feelings from it. It's a secret, at least, I hope he doesn't know. My tits have been aching something fierce though, and they feel so swollen. It's probably from the candy, but I just can't stop this sweet tooth. I'm going to go eat more right now. Omg! I feel SO hot in this red lipstick right now, but ommmmg!!! I like NEED candy right now. In. My. Mouth!. Ugh, so I'm gonna go take my husband's special candy. My boobs have been so swollen and feel engorged, but I just can't figure out what's causing it. I definitely feel sexier with this red lipstick on though. I'm going to go take the rest of his candy! What a bummer! He was all out of chocolate, but he had oodles and oodles of buublegum! I've like been chewing it constantly. I just NEED something in my mouth all the time right now! My boobs have swollen so much, it's like they've just grown out of control! Hahahaha, but these bubbles though, I can't believe how big the bubbles from this bubble gum can get! But oh no, haha, oopsies! I've gotten sticky all over my face again. It just feels like my MILF tits are growing or something. They just expanded overnight! Now all my shirts just look like super slutty and stuff, but I don't care. When I'm not busy eating my husband's special candy, I'm either sucking his cock, fucking his cock, chewing this bubble gum, or playing with his cock. I started playing with it so much more now that my boobs are so big, but I can't help it. Having such massive, big fucking tits makes me horny, and I really do NEED something in my mouth. It might as well be his cock! Oh fuck, man I just need to fuck his dick! Like RIGHT NOW! This bubble gum keeps popping in my face and getting me so sticky it's making me feel like......ohhhhh! Oh my! Oh my noooooooo!!!!!!!!
duration 11:47
Bimbo Science: The Erotic Experiments Of Female Training Bimbofication Mesmerize video from BlackxRose92
Bimbo Science: The Erotic Experiments Of Female Training Bimbofication Mesmerize by BlackxRose92 "Are we ready? Double check to make sure all the cameras are rolling so we can record our tests. These experiments all need to be documented for accuracy and for record keeping. Be sure all the safeties are on. Have we missed any of the last minute checks?" "Ok, well, I'm the head researcher on this latest erotic experiment. We're here to test my research on the aphrodisiac ray to see what exactly it can do. We've done limited tests so far, and it seems, well, shocking to read the massive list of possible effects this can have. Hmm, I feel like it would be safer to do one last check on all of the safety protocol runs before we begin. Oh wait, you mean it's time to get started now? Like right now? I wasn't ready yet-OH!" *Rose, the head female scientist on the aphrodisiac must run the human trials first on herself in order to get clearance for this new sexual frontier her technology promises to unlock. She wasn't prepared for her lab assistant to turn the device on early, or without any of the safety features, giving them complete control of female training, bimbofication, mesmerize, and even some incredibly daring sci-fi effects that will leave Rose transformed into a new, erotic state of magic remote control. Rose is the first human test subject, and she has to test the aphrodisiac ray multiple times for effectiveness and durability, as well as safety. Her lab assistant blasts her multiple times without warning, just watching quietly as she is transformed from a shy, embarrassed scientist to a confused but extremely horny bimbo. With each test of the ray, she transforms further from an embarrassed naked scientist to a desperately horny fuck slut that begs to fuck. After her bimbofication mesmerize is complete, as she turns around to discuss the final test with you, forgetting to cover herself now that the experiment has left her mostly naked and very disheveled, and asks, "what type of tests are we running today? Maybe it was something about sex....I just can't remember....." Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 9:36
Blah To Bimbo: A Horny Housewife Breast Expansion video from BlackxRose92
Blah To Bimbo: A Horny Housewife Breast Expansion by BlackxRose92 "Can we reschedule date night? I'm just not feeling sexy right now, and I haven't been feeling myself lately. Well, you know, things just aren't the same since my breasts dried up with the milk. Being a full time stay at home housewife has made me feel so blah lately!" "Oh-I...." You watch in satisfaction as your barefoot housewife drops her arms to her sides with a blank stare on her face. She stands there, as if paused, waiting for something. You press the button in your hand, and she clicks "on". It's time to get your sexy MILF housewife back. First she's just a bit turned on, hesitant, but cautiously ok with scheduling alternative sexual activities for "later". Hmm, not quite what you were wanting. Let's heat things up a bit more, and add some self confidence along with that libido booster to get her back to her eager days. Now she's just horny, but something's missing. With a large breast expansion, her bimbofication from blah, slobby barefoot housewife in yoga pants to enthusiastically eager fuck slut bimbo MILF horny housewife is complete. She's ready to cancel all your plans, change her boring MILF uniform into complete nudity, and she's dirty talking about how badly she wants you to fuck her in all her holes and between her tits. She wants to feel like a horny slut again, and her nipples are so sensitive that she can't stop rubbing them and bouncing her breasts up and down as she gushes about how excited she is for sex night instead of date night. Before you can even get her upstairs back to your bedroom, she's already pulling down her yoga pants and getting even filthier with her dirty talk as she's fondling her inflated breasts and perky, swollen nipples through her thin, braless shirt. It's a good thing you've got the house to yourselves, and the bedroom is ready for one hell of a fucking date night in. The only decision now is, how do you enjoy your barefoot housewife's breast expansion and slutty bimbofication first? Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 8:48
Expansive Expectations Lead To Erotic Embarrassment video from BlackxRose92
Expansive Expectations Lead To Erotic Embarrassment by BlackxRose92 What a strange office waiting room this is. For a breast implant surgeon, you'd think they'd have bra advertisements or something, even a bikini magazine at least. Interesting, but I really do want bigger breasts and this surgeon is supposed to be the best of the best. There's only one other person in the waiting room, besides the receptionist, so that's a good sign that my doctor will give me the attention my breasts need to be enhanced. What a weird sensation. Is it getting hot in here? My nipples are tingling, really nearly throbbing even! This is odd, and feels....oh my, it feels overwhelmingly erotic! Oh my goodness! My tits just expanded! They're at least a full cup size bigger, but the pulsating in my nipples hasn't abated. Oh no, they're really aching even more now. It feels almost like my nipples are having orgasms, but that can't be happening. Oh my gracious! My breasts have expanded again! It's like they're inflating on the spot, but they're turning me on so much, and each time they grow my mini-dress gets shorter and shorter. Oh gosh, I should have worn panties today, but I was so excited to get big, big, big, GIANT bimbo tits.....I didn't wear pants! I came for bigger breasts, but I'm getting nipple orgasms! Ah, ah, AHHHHHH! Oh my titties! These aren't quite the massive anime bimbo tits that I wanted, but it feels like my boobs are swelling with my arousal. OH NO! I forgot I wasn't wearing pants with this shirt dress and now I'm in public with no pants. Shhh, don't alert anyone, but I desperately need to get fucked now. All this breast enlargement is too arousing, and I cannot control it! My tits are expanding out of control and all I can think about is how horny I am even though I'm not wearing pants in public!

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