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duration 24:08
Giantess Butt Crushing a Tiny Man on a Clear Chair with Peko Lux video from Peko Lux
Giantess Butt Crushing a Tiny Man on a Clear Chair with Peko Lux by Peko Lux Wow...I've never had a tiny man go so far as to MAIL themselves to me...that's...crazy! You must certainly be my biggest fan, just like you said! So...what's your fetish, tiny guy? You - WHAT? You want me to SIT ON YOU!? But my ass is so fat, this big booty will absolutely smother you! What's that? Well...ok...if you're REALLY, REALLY sure... Ok, here goes...I'm lowering my big Latina booty down on you...oo, I can just BARELY feel you down there. I mean, I know I've been saying it a lot, but I've got a lot of junk in the trunk, you know? Um...are you ok? Guess I should lift up a little...speak up! Oh...ok...if you're ok, I'll keep going...I'm impressed, actually. I guess I should give you a little break here and there, though. Smoosh smoosh! I'm moving my butt around...ooh, you're riiiight near my buttcrack, huh? I bet you must really like it down there, to put up with the sheer weight of my ass. And I just got back from the gym, so it's a big, sweaty (but clean!) booty that you're taking the full weight of! Speaking of which, let me change my panties into a thong... Ok, I'm back! Hmm...I guess you can enjoy my round thang while I file my nails...I'll keep checking in on you, though! But not TOOOO much...after all, this is what you wanted...I know you reaaaaally like this you little tiny pervy man! Oh no...am I squishing your balls? Your chest? Oops, well...not my problem. In fact, you shouldn't be complaining at all, you wanted this...bad!
duration 25:06
Obsessive Ex Gf Valentine Surprise video from Slutty-Spice
Obsessive Ex Gf Valentine Surprise by Slutty-Spice You come home from work early on Valentine's Day and see a cute note signed "your secret admirer" on the kitchen table. The note instructs you that your gift is waiting for you upstairs... thinking that your girlfriend probably had the same idea as you and came home early from work to surprise you, you head upstairs to your bedroom. You are shocked when you see not your current girlfriend, but your crazy obsessive ex girlfriend sitting on your bed. "Surprise!" she says, and man you sure are surprised... mostly terrified but you can't deny that you have missed her a little... or at least just having sex with her. And damn does she look fantastic! She's wearing a leopard print jacket and when she reveals what's underneath you can't help but stare at her body and think about how it used to feel. She starts talking about how much better she is than your new prude gf, and you really try to resist her... but after a while you give in to temptation and let her have her way with you. She starts by giving you an insane BJ definitely better than what you've been getting lately... and then she lays on her back and slides your cock into her pussy thrusting back and forth until she says she wants to do doggystyle (another thing your current gf doesn't like) after she cums she finishes you off with more BJ and a huge facial. Includes: POV, goth, redhead, tattoos, bush, hairy, pussy, doggy, bj, facial, spit, sloppy, messy, dirty talk, light gf degradation, cock worship

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