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Pantyhose Masturbation and Stuffing 2019 video from Nikki Nevada
Pantyhose Masturbation and Stuffing 2019 by Nikki Nevada Scenario: You’re my teacher (dress, taupe pantyhose, black heels, glasses) and I come over for private tutoring. You tell me to have a seat and wait a few minutes while you finish reviewing some papers. As you’re sitting on the couch quietly reading, you’re crossing and uncrossing your legs - maybe even dangling your heel - you catch me staring at your legs. You say something like “I know you like my legs and feet” and that "you have a special session planned for today.” Then tell me to follow you to the bedroom. Cut to the bedroom where you take off your dress and tease me in your pantyhose. Ask me how I like them, tell me how soft they are, etc. Then climb onto the bed and show off your ass while you're on your knees. From that position, slip off your heels to reveal your soles. Then turn onto your back, spread your legs and show off your feet. While you rub yourself and work up a wet spot, talk dirty about your toes/soles/feet/pantyhose and how much you want me to jerk it onto them. When you're ready, spread and flex your toes and tell me to cum for you - squirt my soles, trash my pantyhose, cum all over my toes, etc. After I make a big mess, rub your feet and toes together to work my cum in, then slide off the hose and stuff them before getting yourself off. After you cum all over them, slowly pull them out and nuzzle and taste them. Talk about how warm and wet they got in you. Finish the scene by telling me how you can't wait to wear these "trashy pantyhose" to class tomorrow.

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