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duration 7:02
Dangling Damsel Gets Poked In The Belly video from BlackxRose92
Dangling Damsel Gets Poked In The Belly by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "*scene 1* (1 minute)[you are close to the camera that we can see from your waist to your head]

you are wearing your really lose shirt without a bra or any underwear below and you start teasing your belly with a pokey. You ask yourself "I wonder if I could suck my belly in to avoid this sharp poke of the stick" and you suck your belly in as far as you can while moving the stick closer to your belly until it eventually pokes the inside

*Scene 2* (2 minutes) [medium shot that shows your whole body upside down] > you are suddenly upside down in what you think is some type of trap. You try and cover your breasts and belly at first but after the first few seconds you let your arms hang down towards the ground and you are sl scared. Your belly trembles a lot and you call for help.

*Scene 3* (1 minute) you are still hanging and you notice a man coming towards you and looking at your belly and naked areas. You pretend they are poking your belly and you tell them not to look and touch your naked body and belly.

*Final scene 4* (2.5 minutes) you try and pull your shirt up a few times but you keep letting your arms drop down. Then you get scared as one pokes your belly and even threatens to jab you in the navel so you suck in your belly as far as you can and beg them not to poke you. After this happens you can get back down for the last 30 seconds and walk towards the camera and lift your shirt up and look at your stomach to see if they poked you or cut you at all. - The end! :) "
duration 14:54
Demonic Impregnation Turns Belly Bursting video from Wood
Demonic Impregnation Turns Belly Bursting by Wood Wood is a lazy witch who came across a spell book with a summoning spell that allows you to summon a demon to do your bidding. This sounds like the perfect plan, since there's so many things she'd love for her own personal demon to do while she sits back and relaxes. After saying the incantation, Wood is surprised and disappointed to find that nothing is happening. Disappointed and exhausted after using up all her spirit energy to perform the ritual, she decides to just go to bed and try again in the morning. But in the morning, she's shocked to find her belly swollen up, tits inflated and heavy, and her body now nine months pregnant! She can't believe her eyes, but once she notices that a pentagram has been etched into her forehead she knows -- she wasn't summoning a demon to do her bidding, she's the one doing the demon's bidding! And now she is nine-months pregnant with what she can only assume is the anti-christ. She begins to panic, flipping through her book to find the reversal spell but with no luck. Even worse -- she's starting to go into labor! And it's surprisingly quick and aggressive -- and with horror she realizes that she's about to give birth but is certainly not dilated enough yet. She yells and screams, wondering how the baby is going to get out, until her belly starts to grow and grow until it bursts completely! This was a custom clip! Rapid impregnation transformation with a supernatural bent, breast expansion, magic, damsel in distress, and finally ending with a belly bursting birth complete with sound effects! If you'd like your own custom clip, email me at woodsgotfunding at gmail. com!
duration 8:43
Admire my pregnant swollen belly rub tease. video from Rosemarieloves
Admire my pregnant swollen belly rub tease. by Rosemarieloves I want you to just stare at me in my innocent lacy white dress. You can see through it slightly getting a glimpse of my honey tone skin beneath. What is it that I'm hiding underneath this dress???? You know. Its the most precious gift of all. My big belly...oh my big pregnant belly Im at my biggest 40 weeks and 3 days. Tightening my lacy dress so you can fully see how big and beautiful I am now. I slowly touch and rub my my belly and breast over my lacy dress teasing you and making you admire the beauty of my swollen belly.

Are you ready.. I slowly lift my dress to expose my belly and all its goddess glory to you.. "oooohhhh...IM so big now...Ohhhhh I moan a little.. It hurts to be this big.."but you love it and I love it". I rub my belly so softly as you continue to drool and ache for me and my giant pregnant belly.

I lift my dress higher revealing those darkened heavy pregnant breast. Now you can see all of me as I lay back. My big belly, my poofy pubic hair and my milky tits. I rub my belly just like you want me too and caress my breast. Ever so lightly touching them feels soo good.

Is this big belly and my big tits beautiful??? whisper to me they are. Enjoy it all.

Im soooooo swollen in many places. My tits are heavy...ohhh my belly's huge... my PUSSY is swollen. So many changes Ive gone through for this pregnancy. I get close so you can really see how big I am. :O I tease you with my tits and squeeze some of my pre colostrum out letting it drip onto my pregnant tummy. You can see my darkened breast up close and admire the color of my areolas and nipples.

Dont you just love how big i am??? I slowly take my dress off completely for you. Now keep admiring me before its gone.

I keep my eyes fixed on you as I continue to gently rub and caress myself especially my swollen belly. I move around sway my hips and lay back down exposing everything for you. Posing a few more times and giving shy looks to you while touching my breast...

Now have one last look.... ........................................

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