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BBW Yoga Lesson Turns Lesbian Tribbing with Layla Moore video from Wood
BBW Yoga Lesson Turns Lesbian Tribbing with Layla Moore by Wood Wood is Layla's pervy yoga instructor, she loves how every week she gets to feel all up on Layla's sexy BBW curves as she helps her contort into different, flexible positions. She can't deny their sexual tension, but she hasn't made a move yet. This all changes during this recent class, however! Layla mentions that she was out drinking last night, and might need a little more help getting into positions than she usually does. Wood doesn't mind though, it gives her more opportunity to run her hands all over the tall BBW's sexy frame. They do a couple of stretches that may be a little on the pervy side, Wood taking advantage of the situation. But Layla seems to be really into it too, and seems enthusiastic when Wood suggests a different type of stretch -- one where they can rub , grind, and bounce pussies with legs intertwined. It feels amazing, theres so denying that the two BBW's have the hots for each other now. Running their hands all over the others body, they talk about how they should probably plan more classes like this. More opportunity to be the lesbian pervs they wanna be, cute tits and bellies out all while grinding and tribbing their pussies together! A super steamy BBW tribbing and pussy grinding roleplay clip! Featuring yoga and stretching so some great views of both of their curvy BBW bodies, sexual tension, and then lots of sexy moaning and groping when they finally decide to go for it. Featuring Layla Moore!
duration 7:42
Your BBW Girlfriend Is Turning Into a Blueberry! video from Wood
Your BBW Girlfriend Is Turning Into a Blueberry! by Wood Wood has been working at a candy factory for a while, and despite an odd extreme weight gain debacle, things have been going good for her! In fact, they've even come up with a fruity gummy candy that's low in calories! So now she doesn't have to feel guilty for snacking away at work all day! But, uh oh, in just a couple days Wood is beginning to see some side effects. She's blimped up a little bit all over with emphasis on her new flabby tummy, but it doesn't feel like she's been filling up with fat! No, it's more taut, and a little bit... sloshy? It's like she's filling up with liquid! Concerned, she says she'll bring it up to the people at work. A couple more days go bye, and Wood comes home to you, her boyfriend to complain about how much she is blowing up! She had to even borrow your blue t-shirt to fashion into a dress so she could cover her rapidly expanding form! She even explains how she was able to push all the juice into her lower body and belly to emulate the hourglass figure she used to have before! She talks about how uncomfortable it all is, how no one at work seems to care, and most importantly, how heavy the juice inside her is, and the awkward feeling of the juice pressing up against her pussy causing her to be horny all day. She begs you to juice her before bed, so then maybe tomorrow she can be back to normal and go work with her old body. So you agree to juice her, what could possibly go wrong? The next morning you are shocked and aroused to see that your girlfriend is even bigger than ever before! With a giant, round belly and ass and blue starting to spread into her face. You put it all together -- she's transforming into a giant blueberry! But this time its different -- the juicing only stimulated her to make even MORE juice and now she's bigger and hornier than ever! She begs you to keep juicing her, to fuck her and fill her with cream, and watch as she expands with juice again and again for you. Its both turning you on a lot thinking about how big she can get. Don't you want to juice your girlfriend into an even bigger, blubbery blueberry? This clip was a custom! And is also meant to be a slight sequel to Candy Factory Extreme Weight Gain Transformation. If you'd like your own custom clip, email woodsgotfunding at gmail. com!

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