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duration 14:30
Humiliated Live | Girlfriend's Revenge video from Cattie
Humiliated Live | Girlfriend's Revenge by Cattie You come home to find your girlfriend hooking up a camera to her laptop. She tells you she's preparing for a meeting she has later in the day but, she thinks there's just enough time before that to try something fun that she's been thinking of all day While she finishes setting up, why don't you go strip down and she'll be done in a minute! Excited about what kind of surprise she has in store, you waste no time getting into your birthday suit. After a brief moment she comes in, giggling that you're already rock hard. Your imagination really went wild thinking about what she had in store, huh? But she has something very specific in mind. She pulls off one of her thigh high stockings and tells you to put your hands behind your back. You hesitate but, you trust her, don't you? Things quickly go downhill for you from there... After your hands are tied she grabs you by the balls and squeezes tightly. She knows you cheated on her... and now you're going to pay for it! Wanna make it up to her? You'll really have to prove it! She begins to kick you in the dick. Stepping on your balls and crushing them beneath her barefoot. But she's loving it! After all, you deserve everything coming to you. And with that being said, she has yet ANOTHER surprise for you! She removes her other stocking and blindfolds you with it. You're left alone to recover from the ball bashing you'd received when suddenly your chair begins to fall back. Don't worry! She's reclining you so you can be more comfortable. With the way she's speaking to you as she removes the blindfold, you start to think the worst is over... but she reveals a big black strap-on! The fun has only JUST begun! As she begins to peg you, she lets you in on her last little surprise: this is being streamed LIVE! To MILLIONS of people! How embarrassing! And sure enough, one of those viewers just sent a BIG tip to make you cum on your own face! This couldn't get any better! The PERFECT revenge for a cheating piece of trash!
duration 17:46
Voyeur Shower and Masturbation video from MsCakes
Voyeur Shower and Masturbation by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). You’re watching me from your hidden spy cam as usual when I get home from the gym. To your delight, I immediately strip off my sweaty gym clothes and hang out in the nude for a couple minutes before heading to the bathroom. There, you get a perfect view from your other hidden camera set up right above my shower. You enjoy watching me get my body all wet and soapy, and then dry myself off. I come back to my bedroom wrapped in a towel and receive a text message on my phone. Looks like it’s a naughty text, cuz it gets me super turned on! I throw my towel aside and start playing with my wet pussy while I look at the dirty picture on my phone. I start off with just my fingers, but when that’s not enough, I pull a realistic dildo out of my nightstand. I lick and suck on it briefly to get it nice and wet before plunging it deep inside my pussy. I start moaning and talking dirty a little bit as I masturbate to the picture on my phone, fantasizing out loud about how badly I want them to fuck me hard and cum inside my pussy. Little do I know, you’re still spying on me as I give you the best peep show of all time! You can hardly believe your luck as you jerk off to the sight of me fucking myself hard like a horny little slut. As I bring myself to orgasm, I moan loudly for you to cum inside me, which sends you over the edge at the same time. After I’ve calmed down, I get up and start getting ready for a night out. You watch me fix my hair and makeup in the mirror and then put on a sexy black bra, thong, and minidress before I head out for the night. Turns out you also have plans for tonight – to rewatch the sexy show I just gave you until I get back! ;)

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