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Comic Con Cuckold SPH video from Delphoxi
Comic Con Cuckold SPH by Delphoxi I dress as a slutty Misty from Pokemon to the comic con! You're my boyfriend and helped dress me as a complete slut for this event! it's your biggest fantasy to send me off with big dick strangers while we're at comic con! All night all these hot alphas have been making eyes at me and you are so turned on my how badly they want to fuck your girlfriend! I'm about to go into the VIP back room with some big strong looking strangers and you encourage me because I'm nervous but excited about doing this! I tell you that I will record the encounter and even send you photos of what these big dick strangers are doing to me while you wait! You love that idea and I go in with the strangers! These guys are in such serious cosplay that even their cocks match their outfits! The immediately get me out of my cosplay and start shoving their BIG fantasy cocks into me! I moan and brag about how their monster cocks are way bigger than my my boyfriend! They both fuck, use and stretch me! Filling my whore pussy up with loads of cum and leaving my mouth and tits just dripping in their cum! I moan and let the strangers fuck me while telling them how much better their big monster cocks feel compared to my boyfriends small boring human cock!!!! I get used and stretched and I love it! I send pictures to you on snap chat to show you how much I'm being used up by these strangers! You love it! You're so turned on by the pictures! You can barely wait to have your turn with my loose stretched out pussy! Once the strangers leave me in a puddle of their cum you early come into the room! READY to put your little penis in my stretched out cum filled pussy! You start fucking me and I giggle and tell you lovingly that I can't fill your cock at all!

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