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duration 18:35
Daddy's Whore Gets Fucked In The Ass video from Davina Davis
Daddy's Whore Gets Fucked In The Ass by Davina Davis I am SUCH a little whore! While I was out of town for a work trip, I met a super sexy older man at the hotel bar. We started talking, and I accidentally called him daddy! I was so embarrassed at first, but turns out, he LOVES being Called daddy. He told me I should follow him back to his hotel room so he could tie me up and treat me like a dirty little whore. This sounded dangerous, but I couldn’t resist the chance to get fucked by my new daddy. When we got back to the room, daddy made me change into some slutty lingerie, and ordered me to take my panties off. He violently threw me on the bed and pushed my face into the pillow as he tied a leash and collar around my neck. I almost came right then and there. I wanted to impress my new daddy, so I started stripping and playing with my tight, wet, pussy. I wanted to show him that I could be a good little obedient slave. “Your not being a good girl.” Daddy yelled. He pushed my head down on his cock until I gagged on his huge, hard dick. I begged him to shove his raging hard on inside of me. He slapped me and told me to shut up and take it. God his cock felt soooo good in my pussy, but I wanted more. I wanted to be an even dirtier slut. I wanted to be the nastiest whore daddy has ever fucked, so I begged him to take my anal virginity. Daddy shoved his cock so hard into my asshole that came right away. He fucked my tight little ass until he made me scream over and over again with orgasms. After I came, daddy filled my asshole up with cum and told me to walk around with his creampie dripping out, so everyone would know that I’m daddy’s number one whore!
duration 35:43
Daddy's Cheerleader First Ass to Mouth!! video from OmankoVivi
Daddy's Cheerleader First Ass to Mouth!! by OmankoVivi Vivi’s stepdaddy picked her up after cheer practice, since her lame boyfriend Todd ditched her! She is sooooo mad, and decides to vent and ask you for help. The conversation gets awkward when Vivi admits that Todd is mad that she won’t go all the way, and she is so nervous she decides to ask for your help! What if Todd gets mad at her for not knowing? As her stepdad, you have to take care of her! Vivi pulls your pants down before you can protest much and you give her directions on a blowjob, cautiously teaching her slutty methods and making her lick your balls. You can’t believe this is happening, you need to feel her pussy! You promise Vivi that you’re only going to rub against her, but she whines about wanting to feel your cock inside and so you promise to just insert the tip… But you two get so carried away! When you flip Vivi over on all fours, you ask to fuck her asshole! Of course, Mommy says only SLUTS take anal, so you pound her slutty little asshole anyway!!! Vivi is in ecstasy, and you are so surprised that she loves your bareback cock in her ass and starts twerking against you, grinding your cock deep in her asshole. You tell Vivi to taste herself on your dick for the first time, so she greedily licks up her ass-cum from your ass!! You lay Vivi on her back and she tells you how much she loves daddy’s dick in her ass, and you can’t help but play a small game of pumping your hard cock in her ass and then her throat!!! You do this a few times, making her giggle and love ass to mouth! Vivi gets in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, enjoying every moment of Daddy’s dick in her butt. You’re about to bust, and you have her get on her knee’s and unload all over her face! You take pride in your little slut, feeding her your cum. To make her a true whore, you must make her into a toilet!!! You piss right in her mouth, taking her by surprise, and coating her with your warm delicious liquid. FUCK TODD!!! Can you pick me up after practice tomorrow too, Daddy?
duration 22:53
Your wife's sister video from Brea Rose
Your wife's sister by Brea Rose Custom vid, you can order one too by emailing [email protected] *Playing two different roles in two different scenes* *Firstly playing your wife* I walk into our bedroom and catch you jerking off into some panties, I am so shocked and then I realise they are not my panties, they are my younger sisters! She has been staying with us lately. I can't believe you, do you have a crush on her?! Your cock never gets this hard for me.... let me jerk and stroke your cock and get this silly little fantasy of my sister out of your system. I jerk and suck your cock while talking about how much you want to sniff her pussy and filthy ass, imagine burying your face in my sisters ass while I suck your cock, cum in my mouth and let me drain you of your filthy fantasy. Now that will be the last time we talk about my sister in that way! *Now playing the role of the little sister* Later that night you sneak into the living room to grab another pair of panties and I catch you doing it, I tell you I heard everything that happened earlier with your wife and I know how much you love jerking off to my panties, I slowly strip off for you, put my ass in your face and tell you to sniff it, why don't you stick your tongue in there too! I can't believe she called me a whore, I am going to show her exactly what a whore I am by fucking her husband. I ride you cock while talking about how much better I am than her, I want you in my ass too, you fuck my ass before I lick your cock clean just like the filthy slut I am, now cum in my asshole, my filthy little asshole! I know my sister said your marriage would be over if you fucked me, but I know you can't resist my tight little holes. Includes: ass to mouth, anal, fucking, riding, younger sister, cheating husband, fucking, moaning, blow job, panties, ass, ass smelling
duration 10:04
Candy Cane Double Penetration video from MARIPOSA
Candy Cane Double Penetration by MARIPOSA I tease you shaking my ass and then i do a closeup of me rubbing my wet and hairy pussy on my bodysuit, then I suck and lick my candy cane a lot then i get on my knees and bend over to start to fuck my tight little asshole with my candy cane you can hear me moaning because it feels strange :(, then I suck it :) and I repeat this 2 more times. Then I suck another candy cane and fuck my little pussy and moan you can hear how wet I am :) and you can see the *literally* sweet fluids coming out of my pussy, then i rub my clit with the candy cane while the fluids are dripping to my butthole... After that I try to do a double penetration with my candy canes, and start to fuck my pussy and asshole at the same time i suck my candy canes and start to do it again :) you can see my pleasure face, then I do a closeup of my hairy pussy while I fuck it and then I fuck my asshole... you will see my asshole super super wet :) then I do double penetration again and the video finishes with an unexpected candy cane little creampie in my butt!

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duration 15:36
Abigail Dupree Heavy Pussy Stretching video from Abigail Dupree
Abigail Dupree Heavy Pussy Stretching by Abigail Dupree This sex slave has one purpose and that is to serve and serve well and that extends to serving you. She stops at nearly nothing to make sure that your wishes and desires come to life. A Master from Queens New York, will mentor you on how to get any whore to perform for you just right, as this slut is motivated to please.. A fast paced, highly active set that will show you how to get the most out of your skype sessions with any whore out there that is worth a shit. A must see for the pro serfer of live porn, live skype and cam sessions. If you do not learn anything from this, then your a fucken losser. Care to know more?

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duration 45:53
Submissive Sex Shop Slut video from Fiona Dagger
Submissive Sex Shop Slut by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You walk into a porn shop and the girl behind the counter asks if she can help you find anything or if you're just looking today? You tell her you're looking for help to get your girlfriend to try anal sex and you'd be interested in buying a video and an anal toy. You say that your girlfriend enjoys anal masturbation but is nervous to take a cock in her ass, so you'd like to get her used to the idea. The girl talks you through several different anal toys and suggests ones that might be good for your girlfriend, and together you select a nice big dildo. She recommends you some lube and then offers to show you how to use it - to your surprise she calmly pulls down her pants and begins demonstrating it on herself, fucking her ass with it in front of you! As she does this she talks about anal technique and what you should do with your girlfriend. She pulls it out of her ass and tells you she has to make sure it's clean for the next customer, and then sucks and licks it all clean with her mouth! She then asks if you'd like to pick out a video to show your girlfriend, and shows you one with lots of anal fucking and ass to mouth. You watch some together before she notices you have an uncomfortable erection and she apologises, you must be so frustrated! She offers to let you take out your frustration on her ass and you accept, so she bends over the counter and lets you fuck her asshole while you both continue to watch the video. She tells you to go right ahead and cum in her ass, and after you do she cleans your cock off with her mouth again! She then starts to ring up your purchases and tells you about a special offer the shop has on at the moment - the 'Pornstar Experience' - it's basically 20 minutes alone in a room with her where she has to do whatever you say! Are you interested? Of course you say yes and after you've paid she asks what you'd like her to do to prepare. You tell her you want her to strip down to wearing only a collar, go into the room, wait on her knees for you and be very, veru submissive. You inform her that you're going to take out all your frustration from not being able to do anal with your girlfriend on her. For the next 20 minutes you use all her holes, making her suck her ass off your cock again and again, and filling her with cum 2 more times. She begs for you to use her holes and to cum in her as much as you want, and when the 20 minutes is up she thanks you and goes to clean you up but you can't resist fucking her one more time in the ass! She's surpsised but pleased and after you've given her your 4th load of cum she makes you stick it in her one last time so she can clean your cock with her mouth again before you go!
duration 34:50
Bro/Sis Anal FuckFest video from Fiona Dagger
Bro/Sis Anal FuckFest by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Michael is used a couple of times) Your big sister storms into your room, saying that you need to talk about how she just caught you spying on her getting changed. She's angry with you but you try and get her to understand; you're really horny and frustrated being stuck indoors during the pandemic, and as she's the only girl around you've developed a bit of an obsession with her. You suggest that maybe it would help you get over your fixation if your sister showed you her body a bit... She reluctantly agrees to this, saying she'll let you have a look so you can get over her, but that's it. You can't keep your hands to yourself though and end up touching her boobs and ass, then pulling out your cock to stroke it in front of your sister. She's exasperated but then says fine, just have a cum and get it over with. She watches you stroke for a couple of minutes, then asks if it would speed things up if she touched herself too... You masturbate together, each getting more and more turned on and frustrated, until you manage to convince your sister to help you out and use her hands on you. As she strokes you she's clearly getting very aroused, and soon she ends up straddling you and rubbing her soaking pussy on your hard cock, whilst reminding you that your cock can't go inside of her... She gets onto her back to let you continue rubbing and slapping your hard cock on her pussy, but then you can't hold back any more and you suddenly thrust inside of her! She's shocked but says the line has been crossed now, so you fuck her harder and harder. She asks if you'd like to be the first person in her ass, and of course you agree, so she lets you pound her asshole, stopping you frequently so she can suck your cock and clean her ass off it with her mouth and tongue! She becomes obsessed with making you fuck her ass and then sucking your cock afterwards, making you do it over and over again in different positions until she can't wait any longer and begs you to cum into her mouth so she can taste your cum!
duration 44:01
Blackmailed By My Brother video from Fiona Dagger
Blackmailed By My Brother by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Joe is used throughout. There is about 10 mins of setting the scene, and then over 30 mins of explicit stuff) Fiona borrows her brother's laptop one day and finds a brother-sister porn in his browser history! She's shocked at first but after watching some of it finds herself fascinated, and decides to engineer a similar situation between her brother and her. Over the next few days she makes sure that her brother keeps catching her in compromising positions, and then begs him not to tell on her - emphasising heavily that she'll do anything her brother wants in return! Unfortunately, her brother does not seem to be catching on. Fiona gets frustrated after he keeps telling her it's fine, he won't tell anyone about all stuff he's caught her doing - she finally snaps and tells him that anyone else would have taken advantage by now! Thankfully he finally seems to realise what she's hinting at, and he tells her to go upstairs with him and then get naked. Fiona is thrilled and strips off happily for him, telling him again that he has so much dirt on her now that she'll really need to do anything he wants her to do, just to keep him happy. He makes her touch herself in front of him, and pushes her to tell him all the filthy things she wishes he'd do to her. Her makes her get down on her knees and thoroughly worship his cock, reminding her often of what will happen if she doesn't obey his every whim. Fiona's pussy is soaking wet by the time he tells her he's going to fuck her, and though she protests a bit for appearance's sake, she can't wait to feel his cock inside her. Her fucks her hard from behind, telling her that she'll be his little slave from now on, then makes her cum hard on his cock. Before she can recover he slides his dick into her ass, which she initially squirms and protests at, but after he reminds her that he's in charge now, she happily submits and begins to love having him in her ass. He makes her clean her ass off his cock with her mouth, then puts it back in her pussy to fill her with cum, with Fiona begging him to use her whenever he likes from now on!

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