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Slutty Asian Nurse Shares Cock video from Davina Davis
Slutty Asian Nurse Shares Cock by Davina Davis My friend Keilani and I have been getting really close lately... We are pretty much inseparable. We do EVERYTHING together. I first met Keilani Kita at St Johns Hospital, where we were both starting our first day as registered nurses. We began taking ALL of our lunch breaks together, and soon found out that we had soooo much in common. We both loved working out, reading, and most importantly............ SUCKING DICK! All this chatter about sucking cock started to get me incredibly wet, so I decided to make a move on Keilani during our lunch break earlier today. I was a bit nervous about how she was going to react, but she confessed that she's been wanting to eat my pussy since our first day working together! We started kissing and caressing each other, and I immediately knew this was going to be THE BEST LUNCH BREAK EVER! Or so we thought........ I had Keilani halfway undressed and was ready to go down on her, when suddenly our boss, Doctor Platinum, showed up out of nowhere!!! I grabbed my top and covered us up as fast as I could, but Dr Platinum saw EVERYTHING! We had no idea what to do! We couldn't loose our jobs over this! Luckily Dr Platinum wasn't too upset, and told us he knew a way where we could both keep our jobs, and leave happy. Keilani and I looked at each other and knew EXACTLY what he had in mind. Sure enough, Dr Platinum wanted us to blow him! We both thought he was pretty sexy, so we got on our knees and decided to show him just how badly we needed our jobs. I pulled out his cock and shoved Keilani's head down until she gagged. It was sooooo hot. Then we took turns going back and fourth, both gagging SOOOO hard on his big cock. We started jerking and sucking as hard as we could, until Dr Platinum blew a HUGE load all over our faces, and in our mouths! His cum tasted sooooo good! Keilani and I stayed on our knees and kissed each other for awhile, swishing all of his cum between our tongues. Finally we decided to get off our knees and head back to work... Wouldn't want to get fired for being late..... Or would we?.... Then maybe Dr Platinum would let us do this again!!!

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