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My Roommate the Panty Sniffing Asslicker video from MsCakes
My Roommate the Panty Sniffing Asslicker by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). I come home one day to find you, my roommate, sniffing a pair of my dirty panties while masturbating - gross! I always knew you had a thing for me, but I certainly never expected that you would be a panty sniffing pervert too. I should kick you out of the house for this, but before I do, I decide to have a little fun and teach you a lesson. So I command you to strip naked and show me exactly what you were doing with my dirty panties before I walked in on you. I laugh and humiliate you as you sniff and lick my dried up pussy juices while jerking off. Then I tell you to suck on a finger to get it nice and wet, and then shove it right up your ass! While you continue fingering your ass and stroking your cock, I spread my ass cheeks and order you to start licking my asshole. But before you get to enjoy it for too long, I tell you to take your finger out of your ass and take a good look at it all covered in your ass juice. I want you to sniff it, and then put it in your mouth to taste how disgusting you are. After licking it clean, it's time to add a second finger since your asshole should be warmed up and ready for more. I lay back on the bed so I can fully enjoy the show as you go back to tongue fucking my ass, this time with two fingers buried up your own asshole. Before long I can tell you're getting close, but there's no way you deserve to cum while eating MY perfect ass. Instead, I tell you to take the two fingers out of your ass and shove them right back into your mouth. You're gonna keep stroking that dick until you cum for me just like this - tasting your own filthy ass-juices, and knowing that you're nothing but a dirty panty sniffing asslicker!

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