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duration 40:09
Just Anal presents - Curly haired beauty Liv Revamped getting shagged on her asshole video from Only3x Network
Just Anal presents - Curly haired beauty Liv Revamped getting shagged on her asshole by Only3x Network Just Anal, part of the Only3x Network of Sites presents "Curly haired beauty Liv Revamped getting shagged on her asshole" with Liv Revamped A unique, gorgeous chick from the USA. Liv Revamped is sporting her skimpy pink lingerie and is looking to play. She is laying around the furry bed and you can see her without her panties or thong on already. You will definitely love what you will see as her perfectly shaped butt looks tempting out there. After showing off her best asset, she goes topless and starts showing off her cute, small tits. She does that before unveiling her already naked trimmed pussy. She spreads out her legs in black sheer stockings and started to use her fingers to stimulate her pussyslit. Liz Revamped is really so pretty especially when she is staring in front of the camera. Her small tits, as well as her hard nips, indicate that she is so horny at that time. You can see while she is stripteasing that her eyes can really bait a lot of guys to bang her. Just like the cameraman right here as he presented his big cock in front of her. Watch this curly-haired hottie going slow at it as she did a great job making it hard. Her slow technique as well as licking its balls progresses into a wet, sloppy one as she lubricated that cock with her mouth before using it for her pussy. Watch this hot chick starts sitting on that cock with a view of her perfect butt. Seeing that booty juggles makes you want to spank it hard on her butt cheeks. She starts pumping it up as fast as she can and you can see her real cum dripping down on her partner’s shaft. That is why the lucky stud starts finger poking her asshole for added sensation. That prompts Liv Revamped if he can fuck her on her asshole. Watch in POV as she spreads her legs wide in missionary. With a view of her small tits and her fresh pussy, she got pounded deep down on her gaping hole. Hear Liv’s moans getting louder and her eyes rolling as she loves the sensation of getting that cock in her ass. It looks so memorable especially on POV as you watch her asshole getting stretched up. From missionary, it turns into a dogstyle and you can hear her wet pussy getting nailed so hard. She even shakes her booty while giving her a beautiful smile from her face. The camera angle changes and we can see a closer look of Liv Revamped’s butt cheeks as well as her epic expressions. But the next big thing is seeing her getting that dick in the cowgirl position. Watch this horny chick working on that cock, pumping her hips as deep as it can. Love to see her devouring that cock with her asshole. The view of her goodies and seeing her beautiful face at the same time makes you want to cum as soon as possible. She pauses for a bit, keeping that cock hard with her mouth before resuming the cowgirl fuck and this time it is faster and harder. Liv is looking forward to this guy to cum and she isn’t getting off on top. She begs for that cum inside her butt. She won’t stop pumping her booty on that huge cock and soon you can see a huge sigh of relief as her asshole catches all of that jizz. Liv Revamped raises her hips, started showing off her asshole by spreading her legs as that cum drips down on her gaping hole.
duration 57:00
Daddy gives in to his little girl video from Brea Rose
Daddy gives in to his little girl by Brea Rose ROLE PLAY CUSTOM VID. I love my daddy so much and i have tried for years to tease him and get his attention. I get him alone in the living room and tease him by telling him about the feeling i get down below when i think about being with my daddy. I ask him if he's noticed how my body has developed recently. Daddy can't take it anymore and has to rush off to the bathroom. A few days later i sneak into the bathroom while daddies in the shower and surprise him when he gets out. I tell him that its ok for a daddy and daughter to feel that way and i begin to take off my sports bra and show him my boobs. I tell him that i've noticed the bulge under his towel and i know that he gets turned on by me. I convince him to let me see his big cock and then take it in my hand. Daddy can't take it anymore and lets me get on my knees and suck his cock for the first time. I then pull down my leggings and show daddy my pussy. He is about to put his big cock inside my pussy and take my virginity but then mommy calls us for supper. A few days later mommy is on the sofa so i decide to dress up in some of her lingerie and heels, and do my hair and make up like a big girl, i know daddy won't be able to resist me. I go into daddies bedroom and show off my outfit to him, he tells me he knows thats mommys outfit as he bought it for her but she never wore it. I tell him that i have been watching him and mommy for years and i know that she doesn't satisfy him. Daddy can't take it anymore and he is finally going to fuck me and fulfil all of his desires that his wife never manages to fulfil. I lay down on the bed and suck daddies cock again, i then lay back in missionary and daddy fucks my pussy taking my virginity, his big cock stretches my tiny little pussy so wide! We fuck in various positions and then he bends me over into doggy and tells me he wants to fuck my ass too. I'm scared at first but i want to make daddy happy so i let him! Daddy took my anal virginity too that night! We keep fucking until i tell daddy i don't care if he gets me pregnant, then he cums deep inside his little girls pussy ;) INCLUDING: role play, age play, dildo creampie, dirty talk, daddy/daughter, teasing, anal, dildo riding
duration 30:33
Fuck Your Mom Challenge video from Bella Bates
Fuck Your Mom Challenge by Bella Bates It's a new challenge game and it is very popular among many young boys. This challenge has also become very popular with you and your friends. The purpose of the challenge is to fuck own mom and do various sexual activities with/to her. The one who gets the most points gets really much appreciation from friends. To win the challenge, you must get 1930 points. Points come from a certain amount of different achievement: Kissing with mommy 10 points, fingering mommy’s pussy 20 points, lick mommy’s asshole 50 points, fingering mommy’s asshole 50 points, lick mommy’s pussy 100 points, mom gives a blowjob 200 points, fuck mommy’s pussy 500 points and fuck mommy’s asshole 1000 points. To prove you get points, all achievements must be recorded on video and at least three friends must see the video. Then you get your points. Earning points is easy for some boys, others have to use little harder ways... but you have decided to win this challenge, by any ways necessary. You collect the first points in a way that makes your mom very worry. Like, for example, when you go to her bedroom in the middle of the night and decide to get a points for fucking mommy's pussy. Your mom thinks something is really badly wrong with you right now. But later she will finds out what is going on, she gets to know about the challenge. She thinks the challenge is sick but she has also found out that your friend is leading the challenge. Your mom hates your friend's mom and your mom thinks your friend's mom is an annoying bitch. Your mom doesn't want your friend, the son of that annoying bitch, to win the challenge... so your mom will help you get the last points of challenge... and maybe little extra points too... (The video includes a lot of sexual activities. Some viewers may find the following video disturbing). MOMMY ROLEPLAY. MOMMY AND SON. MILF. TABOO. IMPREGNATION FANTASY. INVASION. INTRUDER. POV. VIRTUAL SEX (no real cock or dildo visible). PUSSY LICKING (virtual). BLOWJOB (virtual, no real cock or dildo visible). CUM IN MOUTH. CREAMPIE (pussy 2x). ANAL CREAMPIE. ROUGH SEX. FINGERING (ass, pussy, virtual, no fingers visible). CHALLENGE GAME. ASSHOLE. I think this is perhaps my most epic video :) What do you think? ;)
duration 58:30
Cheating Student Taught a Lesson/Horny Student brings BBC to Class video from XMochaPuffx
Cheating Student Taught a Lesson/Horny Student brings BBC to Class by XMochaPuffx This includes Cheating Student Taught a Lesson, and it's sequel Horny Student brings BBC to Class (this was a custom video)

These videos were shot/uploaded at different dates. I combined them for convenient viewing.

Part I: Mocha Puff and her classmates are taking an exam. Having skipped studying, Mocha brought the test answers written on her arm. One classmate notices and starts giving suspicious looks. As Mocha’s filling out her test, she eyes the cute chick she’s been wanting to flirt with and gets her attention. They exchange looks and Mocha even teases her classmate by rubbing her own pussy and squeezing her breasts, flirting aggressively from across the room. The suspicious classmate takes her chance and tattles on Mocha Puff, landing Mocha a meeting with the Principal after class. Mocha tries to explain herself to her Principal/professor but ends up trying to distract him with a little cheer dance. Professor is turned on but knowing she won’t be getting out of punishment completely, she eagerly offers to give professor some mouth, pussy, and ass. She starts by sucking professor’s throbbing cock. Next the ass. He pounds her tight asshole until it swells and she moans in total enjoyment. Deeper the cock goes until it’s time to fuck her pussy. She rides the dick so good she squirts twice! Before she leaves to go home, professor releases his nut into her mouth for her to taste & she plays with it before saying goodbye! Enjoy those slow-motion shots of my ass and squirting pussy!

Part II: (customer's scene description) "You play as the pink haired character from "CHEATING STUDENT TAUGHT LESSON", it's a new day and she's in the middle of a quiz but she gets super horny for anal, luckily she brought her BBC to school and starts of secretly masturbating in the back of the class, unknown to all the students .You begin masturbating first with your fingers then with the BBC dildo riding it in your seat trying not to make too much noise. You finish off squirting in your seat the test if finished the class is over and you walk home with a satisfied smile on your face.”

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