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Girl Next Door *Neighbors Talking Outside At The End* video from CrystalCream
Girl Next Door *Neighbors Talking Outside At The End* by CrystalCream I had to run errands super early and didn't even get to have a cup of coffee before I had to leave my house. When I got home I just wanted to relax for a little while. Wellllllll, I just finished my first cup of coffee and I guess it made me a little... hot ;) I knew that I had my patio door wide open and that if anyone were to be at their own patio, or just outside, they would have probably heard me but I didn't care! After all... I have got pretty good at remaining quiet when it's necessary ;) PLUS I was too horny to wait or care!! My lovense was right next to me freshly charged and I just wanted it on my clit SO BAD. My pussy was already wet and I already took my panties off before I even decided to start recording but I left my Vans on ;) In this video I make myself cum with the vibrations from my lovense on my clit and then I start fingering myself once my pussy is SUPER WET. I keep the lovense vibrating on my clit and fingering my pussy until I cum again! It doesn't take long AT ALL for me to realize that I really still want another orgasm and ask if you want more too ;) I strip fully naked and enjoy one more body shaking orgasm with you WHILE hearing people talk outside (ahhhhhhh! lol) No fucks given.... except to my pussy... enjoy! (PS I am SUPER NATURAL in this video. I have no makeup on and my face is NOT perfectly clear, no nice fake nails, and my hair was not styled/done at all... like I said... no fucks except to my pussy :P)

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