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duration 4:50
Soft Limits: The Pacified Slut video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Soft Limits: The Pacified Slut by Red Vinyl Kitty Kitty is sitting in a bathtub and she seems to have a candy dish with all sorts of treats! She starts rifling through the treats when she sees a boobie lollipop! She starts sucking on it and having a fun time splashing around in the water when it looks like her Master has caught her doing what she shouldn't be! His voice is heard: "Kitty are you eating candy in there?" "Uh uh" she replies with a mouthful. "Did you get into the Halloween candy?" his voice is soft but firm. "Uh uh!" Kitty sounds prettty guilty with her mouth so full she can't even close it all the way! "KITTY! You ARE eating candy," her Master replies. "UH UH!" "You're not supposed to eat candy before dinner!" His voice changes, and you can suddenly see his hand. "Spit it out." Kitty's eyes turn bright and she pulls away a little bit as she playfully says "Uh uh" behind her lollipop. "Gimme it." her Master says. "And Kitty still won't give him the lollipop so her Master takes the stick in her hand pinches her nose! Kitty begins to WAIL and her Master pops a pacifier in her mouth. "There," he says. "There you go." Kitty is instantly "pacified and quiet" and her Master hands her a vibrator. "Now," he says "Finish your bath," and then we'll have dinner." In the next scene Kitty lays back against the tub so you can see her big titties and her upper half. She's sucking on her pacifier and she's playing shyly with her vibrator making eye contact every so often with the camera, before coming to a loud orgasm at the end where she even drops her pacifier. She picks her pacifier back up and she puts it back in before the camera cuts out. You will like this clip if you like: age play, submissive sluts, collared cuties, pacifiers, gags, big tits, shy masturbation, humiliation, candy, lollipops, lollipop sucking, real orgasms, orgasms, NOTE: Kitty's port and feeding tube are visible in this.
duration 25:07
Sneaker Ball Bust video from DakotaCharms
Sneaker Ball Bust by DakotaCharms With Dakota Charms! Step-Father, what are you doing in my room? Is Step-Mommy shopping and you're here for Step-Daddy Step-Daughter time? I have an idea but you have to stop looking at my socks. If you don't I will tell Step-Mama what you do to your little girl. you have to do as I say and I want to dominate you loser bitch. I'm standing over you and stepping on your face with my smelly socks and dirty converse sneakers. It's funny that a tiny girl can be a bratty femdom and make you lick the bottom of my soles. I shove the chucks sneakers down your throat, causing choking. I'm the bossy brat who gets what she wants when she wants and Dada takes my stinky feet. Now the humiliating part where you are my toilet slave. Open your mouth and hold what I give you. Swish it in your mouth and swallow from my asshole(not shown) toilet bitch. This is payback for when you snuck in my room and fucked me while Step-Mommie was resting. you handgagged my mouth while you shoved your cock in my little pussy and I was crying in pain. How many little girls have you been fucking? I can invite my girlfriends over and use your mouth as a bathroom while we record it for blackmail. you are getting hard and I want to swallow your hot cum. I should make you do it in front of step-momma as your banging me. I'm not asking. Give your jizz to me because I want it now. I will tell her that you don't want your old woman pussy when you can have young pussy. Licking my lips, I love your cum better than her cooking! I'm your bratty Goddess that you serve.

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