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Abdominal Recovery video from BlackxRose92
Abdominal Recovery by BlackxRose92 Video documents uncensored transformation and medical exam after surgery and during multiple surgical recoveries. Transformation includes extreme surgical recovery progress images and videos. This video should only be watched by those who consent to viewing uncensored medical progress transformation after surgery. Transformation includes sensitive content that may be unsuitable for some. "After I had my hysterectomy, my body was about to go through so many changes. The three major surgery ordeal lead to a transformation in my belly, scars, and bruises, that changed me fundamentally. After the last surgery in January 2021, my belly went through a massive series of transformations. This compilation was filmed over the course of several years, from early 2019 until nearly the end of 2021. My belly experienced several severe bruises after major surgery, and I needed to track the progress of my transformation to ensure my healing was complete. With how extensive the complications were, I would need to track every bit of my transformation progress closely. To begin, I show off my body before surgery, as a control to know where I was starting from. We tracked the start of the complications as they developed immediately after surgery, all the way through until the bruising was still healing months and months after surgery, long after the incisions were healed shut. My bruising and complications stretched from my entire lower abdomen, all the way down into my vulva and perineum. This is an intimate medical examination documenting the extreme changes my body went through as it struggled to heal through severe surgical complications, from stretch marks and bloated belly, to bruises and scars." Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored

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