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Use Your SIL As a Surrogate video from Ellie Rowyn
Use Your SIL As a Surrogate by Ellie Rowyn I know you and my sister have been trying to get pregnant for a while. My sister actually went and got some testing the other day and well...it looks like maybe she can't have bbs. She wanted me to break the news to you so I could also offer you an alternative. She wants me to be a surrogate for you both, but she wants this bb now. She doesn't want to have to go through all the red and for me to just be implanted with the embryos. Soooo what we're thinking is...the bb would technically be mine, from my eggs. And then your sperm. If you're uncomfortable with this, that's understandable, but my sister really wants this. Annndddd if you want, you could make a...direct deposit of sperm...so to speak. You can fuck me. I know you've thought about it, the way you look at me, undressing me with your eyes. And I can't say I haven't thought about fucking you. And now we have permission from your wife to do just that to make a bb together. If we're doing her a favor, we might as well have a little bit of fun. I slowly strip and tease you. It's not long before your cock is hard and you can't resist. You slide into me from behind, feeling how wet and fertile my pussy is. I moan for you. You feel sooo good. Fuck me as hard and as deep as you can. I want you to cum inside of me, fill me with all your cum. After you cum inside me, I tell you we should definitely do this more often. You know, just to be safe and make sure I get pregnant. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, taboo, sister in law, sil, impregnation, pregnant, pov, pov sex, stripping, striptease, ass, ass fetish, redhead, tattoos, tattooed

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