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duration 47:49
Tranced Tease Toy: ChristianRed's first mindplay scene video from Mesmerotic
Tranced Tease Toy: ChristianRed's first mindplay scene by Mesmerotic Christian kind've has a crush on Trix. And Trix... well, she knows how powerful that infatuation can be as a tool for manipulation. It lets you get inside someone head, make them do as you please, when they're so overwhelmed with need. Christian and Trix have had short scenes before, where Chris went from sceptical to very clearly hypnotised! But Chris is about to find out how deep he can go... Trix begins with an eye fixation induction, exploiting his desire to stare into her enchanting eyes. Christian is showing clear signs of trance: eyes rolling, fluttering, heavy breathing. Trix plays with keeping him on the edge (a theme of this scene!) of hypnosis, not allowing him to drop, making him crave her touch as she toys with his mind, waving her fingers hypnotically in front of his face. He is finally allowed to drop deep into trance when he feels her fingers on his forehead, pushing his mind down. Then Trix focuses him on the way she's toying with his body, making him focus on where he wishes her fingers would go... She controls his body, dropping his limbs into relaxation, then posing him like a toy, under her spell. After fractionating him, Trix soon decides to give him a show of the control she has over his mind. She gives the suggestion that takes away his ability to talk, and brings him out of trance to watch and laugh as he moans and gasps uselessly, unable to speak. She drops him down again, playing with anchoring the word 'OBEY' to feelings of arousal through his body. She gives him the mantra 'I am a desperate tease toy', which he repeats mindlessly as she seduces him with her body. Knowing the power her attraction has over his mind, she gives him the suggestion that not only will he be desperate to see her beautiful breasts -- that he'll find it impossible to keep from dropping into trance as she strips off her shirt. Christian tries and fails to keep his eyes on her as she removes her shirt, pressing her tits close to his face, teasing him for his helpless obedience to her commands. Will Christian be permitted to see her body? Will he get the hypnotic orgasm that he knows he'll feel, if only he could see Trix's bare chest? Watch to find out! Models: Imaginatrix topping, Christianred bottoming. Christianred is mostly a rigger, though he switches for content! He makes loads of great porn and educational shibari videos. Find him at: https://twitter.com/BondageTuition ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 21:18
Daddy fulfilling my submissive needs video from Koaskeiki
Daddy fulfilling my submissive needs by Koaskeiki Daddy knows how to help me clear my head when I've had a rough day. He binds my hands to my ankles and spanks me with the leather strap, then gives me an orgasm using his hand on my girlie bits. Then he canes my bum and back until I'm into my subspace, he then gives me another orgasm. The mix of pain and pleasure sends me deeper into my submissive state. He spanks my bum again with his barehand before entering me from behind. While he is taking me roughly with hard deep strokes, he begins to spank me again with the leather strap. I immediately ask him to cum again and he allows it while bouncing my ass against him. He rolls me onto my side, still wrists bound to my ankles. He move my hair and gently caresses my face, sliding his hand around my throat and squeezing tight until my face begins to turn red, then slaps my face hard a couple of times. He slides his cock into my bum and proceeds to fuck my ass. The sensation is amazing and soon I'm asking him to cum for him again. As I begin to climax, he picks up the tempo and roughly grabs my throat again, squeezes very hard and releases it. This sends me spinning into an intense multiple orgasms that seems to last for hours but in reality is only a few glorious minutes. He rolls me onto my back and enters my pussy. He starts slow at first, hold my ankles up high as he begins to pound me deep and hard. He then begins to massage my clit at the same time and I quickly begin to beg to cum again. He allows me to finish and I have a set of body shaking orgasms on Daddy's cock. He pulls out of me and massages my bum and legs before moving his hands up my side and begins to tickle me until I can't breathe! He's so mean!! He then turns me around and hangs my head off the end of the bed, then straddles my face so I can kiss his man goodies while he strokes himself over me. I love it when I can kiss and suck on Daddy's under parts, they are so different feeling than the rest of him. After giving him a nice long rimjob, Daddy rewards my by finishing in my mouth. I adore being of service to my Daddy and love the fact that he gives back to me that clear my head of all thoughts and puts me in the submissive space I find so relaxing.

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