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Mesmerized By My Kiss video from BlackxRose92
Mesmerized By My Kiss by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "POV clip where you are interacting with your new boyfriend. He realizes that without his knowledge you have been running up large amounts on his credit cards and withdrawing large sums from his ATM card while he's been buying you groceries, taking care of the house, and running all your errands. He says he has canceled his cards and changed his passwords and now he wants to break things off with you. You of course are having none of that. You change the subject with a smile. You remind him that your not just a normal girl. “Have you forgotten the effect I have on you?" He just finished putting away all the groceries you made him buy for you, now you tell him, "sit down". You blow one kiss, and just like that, he's yours all over again. As you are mesmerizing him he is falling back under your control. Maybe have him divulge to you where he has hidden the credit cards and then give you the new passwords. (Or something like that) After that maybe say things like "all thoughts of leaving are gone now aren't they you belong to me," you aren't going anywhere are you". Now totally in love and mesmerized even harder than before, you're going to make him cum for you forever. The power of your mesmerizing kisses will have him jerking off and cumming over and over and over again and again and again, as he hands over all of his financial information, assets, and his entire life over to you. You don't want to hurt him, although your seductive magic will eventually lead to his end as its the cost of your erotic powers, but he'll quickly come to enjoy every moment under your control as he orgasms his life away. Now in a hopeless love addiction, he is mesmerized to jerk off to you, do whatever you want, and he will orgasm only for you, forever."

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