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duration 13:02
Eat His Cum Then Impregnate Me video from Ellie Rowyn
Eat His Cum Then Impregnate Me by Ellie Rowyn Sorry I'm late! I was having so much fun! Maybe...too much fun. I met this guy and he was so hot and all over me and you know how horny I get when I'm ovulating! And...well...we had sex. And...we didn't use a condom. So...currently, my pussy is filled with his cum. I guess we have a couple options now. We can wait to see if I get pregnant with his baby; we have been trying for a while and it hasn't happened. Or you can eat his cum out of my pussy and then fill me with your cum instead. Do you want to fuck me? Even though I made a total cuck out of you? You want me to have your baby, don't you? You don't want some random guy to father my first baby. I start stripping out of my clothes, teasing you, tempting you. You lay back and I sit on your face so you can start eating his cum out of my pussy. It's pretty deep in there, so you'll have to shove your tongue in as far as it will go. And you'll need to get every last drop to make sure none of his sperm can impregnate me. I ride your face while you try to eat his huge load out of me. You're finally ready to fuck me. I tease you saying there might still be some of his cum left deep inside my pussy, so you better fuck it out of me. Fuck me deep and hard so you can replace his cum with your's. Fuck me so hard you get me pregnant. I want you to fill me with your cum. Fertilize me. Put a baby in my belly. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, cuck, cuckolding, cuckolding impregnation, impregnation, cei, cum eating instructions, cum eating cuck, facesitting, face sitting, pov face sitting, pussy eating, pov pussy eating, asshole, asshole fetish, pregnant, dildo fucking, pov, pov sex, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, hairy, hairy bush, hairy pussy
duration 12:48
Suck Dick for My Pussy video from Ellie Rowyn
Suck Dick for My Pussy by Ellie Rowyn What would you do just for the opportunity to fuck me? You know what I'd want you to do? I want you to be gay for me. I want you to suck cock for me and enjoy it. Do you think you could do that? I'd want you to kiss him and really mean it. Everything you want to do to me, you'd have to do to him. And let him do to you. I also want to watch. I want you to stroke to how sexy my body is. I want you to imagine all the things you want to do to me. Now I want you to imagine me watching you while you make out with another man, feeling his cock getting hard for you. Imagine how amazing his big dick would feel in your mouth. I want you to suck on a dildo while stroking now. Suck like you mean it because I'll know if you're not actually enjoying it. Now, I want you to imagine bending over like this and feeling him slide his cock into your asshole. I want you to slide your dildo into your ass now. And keep stroking. I touch myself thinking about watching your ass get fucked by another man. I want you to moan, really show me how much you enjoy it. Now, while you're stroking, I want you to say "I'm gay". Doesn't that feel good to say? Now imagine him cumming inside your ass. Does it feel good to be full of cum? It's your turn to fuck him now. Your hand is his ass. Show me how much you want to fuck him. Are you getting closer to cumming? I want you to cum in 10, 9, 8...Good. Take all the cum and clean it off your hand now. You ready to fuck me now? Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, bi, bisexual encouragement, gay joi, joi, jerk off instructions, anal, anal instructions, cei, cum eating, femdom, domination, ass, asshole, ass fetish, asshole fetish, hairy, hairy bush, fingering, finger fucking, cum countdown
duration 5:18
sweaty after a bike ride video from Kactus Kutie
sweaty after a bike ride by Kactus Kutie after a good bike ride i came back home so sweaty i decided to share! i was out of breath and thirsty so i took a big sip of water. i felt so hot and sweaty i immediately took off my shirt, revealing my small tits all glistening and dripping with sweat! Then i played with my sweaty hairy armpits for a while, smelling, touching and licking them, they smelled incredible!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAGS: katnip, ohhaikitty, kactuskutie, tattoos, tattooed, tattoo, purple, colored hair, petite, pale, skinny, small boobs, boobies, tiny titties, girl, female, feminine, topless, all natural, bush, armpit hair, hairy, bangs, thick eyebrows, white, smile, sweet, innocent, smile, cute, adorable, babe, babygirl, baby girl, innocent, princess, sweet, giggle, laugh, butt, booty, ass, caucasian, american, USA, america, tattoos, tattoo, naturally hairy, hairy girl, hairy bush, smile, cute, butt, booty, ass, armpit hair, hairy armpits, piercings, bangs, closeup, close up, puss, belly, belly button, natural, au naturale, all natural, hairy legs, hairy body, hair worship, bush worship, asshole, hairy asshole, butthole, thighs, hair, fuzzy, nails, meow, little, sweet talk, describe, hirsute, hirsutism,

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