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duration 20:17
Yoga Teacher Guides You to OMgasm video from MsCakes
Yoga Teacher Guides You to OMgasm by MsCakes You've been super busy and stressed at work lately, so you decide to try taking a yoga class to help you relax and de-stress. As you walk into the yoga studio, you're greeted by a super hot Asian yoga teacher by the name of Ms. Cakes, dressed in a pair of skin-tight booty shorts and a skimpy sports bra. Well, you think you're beginning to see some of the benefits of yoga already! Ms. Cakes begins guiding the class through some sun salutations, but your mind is distracted by her tight, toned body as she demonstrates all the poses. You find it increasingly difficult to focus on the practice, as you can't stop checking out her perfect ass and legs in poses like wide-legged forward fold and happy baby pose. By the end of the class, your cock is rock-hard and you can't wait to go home and jerk off to the thought of her bending over with her ass up in the air. However, she stops you on the way out and asks if everything is okay, noticing how tense you look. You quickly try to hide your boner, but she just smiles and says she knows exactly what you need. She says she'd noticed you checking her out earlier, and she can't have you leaving her class feeling all tense and worked up... after all, relaxation is one of the most important aspects of yoga. With that, she turns around and bends over in that wide-legged forward fold you love, and tells you to take out your hard cock and start stroking it for her. She teases you by flashing her perky tits and pulling her shorts down to show off her tight ass in just a thong. You follow her every word as she encourages you to keep jerking off for her sexy body in all your favourite yoga poses. When she senses that you're getting close, she takes the panties off and gets into happy baby pose - on her back with her legs spread open wide, letting you see her beautiful pussy and asshole. She holds the pose as she gives you a countdown from 10, telling you to let go of all that tension and cum hard for her. Needless to say, you'll definitely be going back to Ms. Cakes' yoga classes every week from now on, and might even take up her offer to give you some private lessons!
duration 6:20
Bubble Butt Yoga Ball Bounce video from Dani Sorrento
Bubble Butt Yoga Ball Bounce by Dani Sorrento I tried the beach balls against my big booty, but this time I got a sturdy yoga ball. Thicker material and should be able to put all my weight on it. I was expecting the ball to be bigger, but maybe everything just looks smaller next to my tall thick body. It even looks small just compared to my giant ass! I sit on it and it feels like I am squatting low to the ground. I don't know if it is supposed to have that much give or if it just can't handle all of me sitting on it. I feel like I am gonna fall to the floor and rip my pants. I take off the skin tight white leggings and try sitting on the yoga ball in just my thong and sports bra. I try sitting down on it slowly now. I don't wanna pop it! I bounce a bit more and then try sitting where I don't put all my weight down. Kind of like a thigh work out. I mean that is what I wanna use it for, stretching and working out. I sit on it in a few different ways, all so you can see my ass better. That's it though, I think I need a bigger ball! (custom clip, inflatable toys, yoga ball, weight talk, bbw, 245lbs, 5ft 11in, 52in ass, 32in thighs, 38dd tits, workout clothes, black bra and panties, black undergarments, sitting, ass view sit, bouncing booty, bouncing on inflatables, blow up toys, deflating, ass fetish, big booty, bubble butt, huge cheeks, thong, pawg, curvy, tall, thick thighs, tattoos, barefoot, hair up, high pony tail, brunette, brown eyes, no make up, all natural, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, Calvin Klein underwear, DKNY bra, white leggings, tight pants, strip out of pants, squat, thigh workout, working out, gym equipment, size 11 feet, painted toes, yellow toe polish, long hair, ass slap, butt squeeze)
duration 10:15
Yoga Instructor JOI video from Marissa Sweet
Yoga Instructor JOI by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: Pretend you are giving me a private yoga lesson. You start out in downward dog in black yoga pants. No underwear underneath. Camera behind you so viewer can imagine looking at your butt during the class. When you are bending over really point your butt at the camera so that the yoga pants stretch enough so viewer can almost see through the yoga pants. You pretend you catch me checking out your ass and feet. (Make sure to say that you catch me in a nice way) Tease down your yoga pants and eventually strip nude. Incorporate a 4-5 minutes of that low angle shot from behind, then get into happy baby pose but facing the camera while sweet talking and getting me to masturbate to you. Point your feet at camera to emphasize the arches of your feet. Barefoot foot/anal masturbation encouragement talking showing your face and soles at all times. Sweet masturbation encouragement telling me to kiss/suck your toes and feet and fuck your butt. in your best little girl/sweet voice, say things like "please fuck me" "please lick/fuck my butt hole" "I want you to butt fuck me with my feet in your mouth" "I want you to fuck me" "I love rubbing my feet all over your face" Etc. talk about how you want to jerk me off. feel free to repeat things if you can't think of anything else to say *NO penetration, or masturbation by you either, just talk to me to get me to. The idea is that you are roleplaying I'm Im in the room with you so no need for you do masturbate. Do your best to Keep eye contact. Please no music/glasses/hat Please wear hair straitened in ponytail.

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