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BBW Vampire Funnel Feeding Frenzy video from Wood
BBW Vampire Funnel Feeding Frenzy by Wood It's Halloween, which means that this pudgy BBW Vampire is more horny and hungry than ever before. The spooky mood and the re-runs of slasher films on tv has only been egging her hunger on. In fact, she feels insatiable! So what's a fat greedy vampire chick to do? Judging by her figure you can tell she's already a bit overindulgent. Her bellies been stretched out with liters taken from delicious victims, but that's not enough for her. She needs more! So she begins her sexy and ravenous ritual by touching herself all over, grabbing her soft flab and working up her appetite. She writhes under her touch, feeling insatiable, and she teases herself knowing that she's about to fill herself up so full. She even sends a mesmerizing snapchat to her next victim, knowing that her appetite will return. Then she finally straps herself in to her BDSM funnel gag to ensure she doesn't miss a single red drop. It's finally time to stretch out that pudgy vampire gut with two bottles of thick, dark red smoothie freshly compiled from recent victims. She pours the liquid in the funnel and down her throat to settle in the pudgy stomach, and the smell and taste begins to drive her crazy. She can't help but moan, burp, and rub her pussy in delight. How big and bloated does this vampire's stomach get? Are you mesmerized enough to find out? Halloween feedee clip! Includes vampire role-play, belly play and body teasing, funnel feeding, belly bloating, masturbation, tons of burps, and some belly rubbing and belly play while showing off just how huge and bloated she is! Happy Halloween~

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