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The InvisiGroper: Spanked, Tickled, and Snatched video from BlackxRose92
The InvisiGroper: Spanked, Tickled, and Snatched by BlackxRose92 I was getting ready to lay down, but heard a noise. There's nobody in my room with me, so what could have made that thump? I know I'm not crazy, but I'm definitely hearing things that can't be there. I don't see anything, but I can feel something tugging at my clothes and groping my body. At first I was just spooked, but when my skirt was yanked to the floor, I screamed! It feels like hands on my body, but when I look there is nothing there! There's definitely something in here with me! I can't see it, but I can feel it groping me. I bent over to check behind the bed, and was spanked! My cheeks were still stinging from the slap when I was slammed against the bed, pushed down by something invisible. It pushed my shirt up and started raining spanks down on my ass, unmercifully sending whacks to make me yelp and keep me scared, even spreading my legs to toy at my nude body. I tried pulling my bare feet up onto the bed, using that futile tactic of staying "safe" by staying fully on my bed, but the thing managed to tickle my toes from behind! It wasn't safe. I could tell that much as it groped and fondled me amidst teasing sexual torment. This thing, whatever it is that I could not see, was toying with me for its own amusement. It was using my fear to heighten the anxiety and surge my adrenaline into overdrive. It tickled my soles until my toes curled, and even spread my legs apart to reveal my naked body, but I could not see what was causing it all! I could not see anything that could be the culprit of these creepy sexual advances, only feel the lingering sensation of invisible fingers all over my body. There was no indication that this wasn't my mind playing an awful trick on me.....until it was too late. I had left my phone on the nightstand, but was too afraid to get it until I heard footsteps and the door slam. I waited, hoping that signaled that whatever it was had left. Right as I was about to grab my phone, looking around cautiously, just barely a fingertip away, my phone went off and startled the thing. One moment I was nervously looking around my bedroom, seeing nothing amiss besides my own fright, and the next I was being yanked viciously into the mouth of some unseen horror!

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