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duration 24:01
Yuri DDLC Masochist in Love JOI video from OmankoVivi
Yuri DDLC Masochist in Love JOI by OmankoVivi You've opened up Doki Doki Literature Club for another fun day with Yuri, who asked you yesterday to meet her here. She's just as cute and timid as usual, so when she professes her undying love for you, you're taken aback! And what's more, she wants to show how DEEPLY she loves you via the enticing and erotic route of JOI! (She read about it online...) After swearing she isn't as perverted as you think, she begins with some cute and light teasing. Yuri lifts up her skirt and eventually starts glitching and stripping, while encouraging you to stroke your cock to her. However, she stops at her shirt and shyfully admits that she hasn't stripped before, and growing bored, you jump into her files and adjust her personality traits. You add an exhibitionist tag and watch as your Yandere love unfolds in a dark, erotic way before you! She shows you nipple clamps she has been hiding, and she glitches them on and off. Yuri pulls off her panties and plays with her soft, pink schoolgirl pussy. She continues to tell you to stroke, giggling and pulling out a flogger. As she teases her pussy with the soft leather, Yuri starts to lose control of herself more and more. She moans loudly n ahegao's, bringing out another leather two-strip impact toy, smacking the inside of her creamy thighs until they are bright red and welting! Yuri can't wait anymore, her fingers aren't enough!!! In the (otherwise) quiet library, Yuri rides your enormous cock, grinding her pussy on it and telling you how much she loves you. She begs for your hot, fertile cum deep in her womb!!! The best waifu for laifu.
duration 34:22
Tia Layne of Birmingham video from Jay Kennedy
Tia Layne of Birmingham by Jay Kennedy During the customary chat Tia revealed she is a born and bred Liverpudlian but she does not escort in her home city. However she does lap dance there and has been doing that for 7 years. Her porn career started when Jane Berry came to work in the same lap dancing club. Tia is very bi sexual and loves fucking pretty girls. She can be booked with another girl and her duo partner is Millie. As they had been talking about lap dancing Joel asked Tia to give him a dance. She was happy to oblige and was already dressed in a skimpy pink lap dancing outfit. As Tia stood up she said “you will have to bear with me…carpets and lap dancing shoes don’t work very well.” She started by wriggling her body around in front of Joel but she was soon thrusting her 34DD tits into his face. Instinctively Joel licked them and pushed his head between them. “You can’t do that in a lap dancing club” Tia laughed. She stood up again and pulled her pink micro-skirt and g-string to one side to show off her pussy. She wriggled her cute arse over Joel’s lap, then sat down on him and wriggled over his cock. Her tits were soon out. “They look good” noted Joel. “My babies” replied Tia. The dance continued, Tia removing her skirt, crouching down in front of Joel and simulating a blow job. It was all very sexy and you could tell Joel was well turned on by it. “You getting nice and hard for me?” asked Tia as she wriggled around on his cock again. “Oh yea, definitely” replied Joel. She pulled her pink g-string down and played with her own pussy. This was all to much for Joel and as she bounced up and down on his lap again he asked about her deep throat capabilities. Tia took the hint and squatted on her knees in front of him. Joel unleashed his beast which was already rock hard from the dance. Tia started the OWO by licking up his shaft and round the bell end. Then she took the whole of it in her mouth and sucked hard. “People always ask me why I love sucking cock” said Tia “ and I just don’t know…I just love it” she continued as she filled her mouth with Joel’s member again. She paid attention to his balls as well giving them a good licking and sucking. Joel was loving it. They moved through to the bedroom. Joel undressed himself as Tia chatted to him. When he was naked Tia beckoned him to the bed and gave him some more of her great OWO. She sorted out a condom. “Do you want me to get on top of you?” asked Tia. Joel agreed and she climbed on board. As Tia inserted his hard knob inside herself and moved up and down Joel whispered “hang on a second.” Her pussy was so tight he was ready to blow his load on entering her. “You got a tight pussy” he told her. “Everybody says that” replied Tia. “The more I fuck the tighter it gets” she continued. They decided to take it slow. Joel fucked her for a bit, but he was still close to the edge so he suggested he go down on her. When Joel went down on Tia she became very vocal, screaming with pleasure. By now her clit was very sensitive. Joel switched to fingering her, then suggested getting some cock back in there. He re-entered her tight hole in mish and banged away. You could tell the tightness of her pussy was driving him close to the edge again. Joel stimulated her clit with his finger then pumped away some more. They switched to doggy. “God that’s so tight, it’s lovely” gasped Joel. “That’s it baby fuck me….I want you to fucking smash me” said Tia. Joel tried rising to the challenge and increased the tempo. After a bit his cock slipped out her pussy and he suggested Tia came back on top of him. She removed her shoes, then hopped on board again, this time facing away from him. “Does that feel good baby?” asked Tia as she energetically bounced up and down on his hard member. She started rubbing her own clit, trying to make herself cum. But it was all too much for Joel and he was soon telling her he was going to explode. He asked if he could cum over her face and she readily agreed. Tia lay down on the bed and Joel knelt up by her face. She started giving him a hand job. “Ah that feels good” gasped Joel. Tia switched to a blow job followed by some more vigorous wanking. This did the trick and Joel shot his hot load all over her chin. Good ending to a nice punt with a friendly, attractive porn star.
duration 13:44
Daddy Gets The Best Fathers Day Gift EVER!!! video from Davina Davis
Daddy Gets The Best Fathers Day Gift EVER!!! by Davina Davis Ugh. I am SOOOO disappointed with Amazon. They are ALWAYS delivering my packages late. I made sure to order my daddy's gift extra early this year, so that he would have something special to open on Fathers Day. Daddy has given me EVERYTHING I wanted this year, so Its only fair to return the favor... Right? I planned on making this the best day ever! BUUUTTTTTTT, Fathers day is today and my package still isn't in! What am I going to do???? I don't want Daddy to be disappointed in me, especially after everything he's done for me. I didn't have time to go to the store, so I began thinking of what I could possibly do to make daddy feel extra special today. Suddenly It hit me! I knew just what to give Daddy to make him feel loved ;) And I know he's going to enjoy it! I put on a sexy outfit and when daddy got home I started dancing in front of him, and teasing him. He couldn't' resist watching me. I know just what daddy likes, thanks to mommy. I started unzipping his pants, and told him that I was going to give him the best Fathers Day gift ever! He said it was wrong, but he didn't refuse my mouth as I started sucking on his huge cock. Mhmmmmmm I sucked Daddy sooo good and took his cock deep down my throat. He was loving it! I wanted to please him even more, so I told daddy to fuck me. I spread my tight little pussy and let him fill me up with his Nice big cock. It felt so good, I thought I was the one getting a present! After daddy was done fucking my, I got on my knees and started sucking him again. I could feel him throbbing as he pulled his cock out and suddenly came all over me! As I sat there playing with his cum, I knew daddy would never forget this Fathers Day gift. Maybe next year I'll give him a double BJ;)
duration 47:49
Tranced Tease Toy: ChristianRed's first mindplay scene video from Mesmerotic
Tranced Tease Toy: ChristianRed's first mindplay scene by Mesmerotic Christian kind've has a crush on Trix. And Trix... well, she knows how powerful that infatuation can be as a tool for manipulation. It lets you get inside someone head, make them do as you please, when they're so overwhelmed with need. Christian and Trix have had short scenes before, where Chris went from sceptical to very clearly hypnotised! But Chris is about to find out how deep he can go... Trix begins with an eye fixation induction, exploiting his desire to stare into her enchanting eyes. Christian is showing clear signs of trance: eyes rolling, fluttering, heavy breathing. Trix plays with keeping him on the edge (a theme of this scene!) of hypnosis, not allowing him to drop, making him crave her touch as she toys with his mind, waving her fingers hypnotically in front of his face. He is finally allowed to drop deep into trance when he feels her fingers on his forehead, pushing his mind down. Then Trix focuses him on the way she's toying with his body, making him focus on where he wishes her fingers would go... She controls his body, dropping his limbs into relaxation, then posing him like a toy, under her spell. After fractionating him, Trix soon decides to give him a show of the control she has over his mind. She gives the suggestion that takes away his ability to talk, and brings him out of trance to watch and laugh as he moans and gasps uselessly, unable to speak. She drops him down again, playing with anchoring the word 'OBEY' to feelings of arousal through his body. She gives him the mantra 'I am a desperate tease toy', which he repeats mindlessly as she seduces him with her body. Knowing the power her attraction has over his mind, she gives him the suggestion that not only will he be desperate to see her beautiful breasts -- that he'll find it impossible to keep from dropping into trance as she strips off her shirt. Christian tries and fails to keep his eyes on her as she removes her shirt, pressing her tits close to his face, teasing him for his helpless obedience to her commands. Will Christian be permitted to see her body? Will he get the hypnotic orgasm that he knows he'll feel, if only he could see Trix's bare chest? Watch to find out! Models: Imaginatrix topping, Christianred bottoming. Christianred is mostly a rigger, though he switches for content! He makes loads of great porn and educational shibari videos. Find him at: https://twitter.com/BondageTuition ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 16:46
Asshole Worship and Dildo Riding Custom video from Amber Adams
duration 7:19
Slutty Girlfriend Swimsuit Tease JOI video from Dani Sorrento
Slutty Girlfriend Swimsuit Tease JOI by Dani Sorrento We just got back from a day at the pool and I am feeling great. You look a little upset and say that everyone was staring at me. Laughing, I say of course they were! I mean my tiny little swimsuit doesn't leave much to the imagination. I don't think you are upset about it actually, but in fact you are turned on by watching all of those men looking at me. You like watching your girlfriend where a slutty little outfit and show off. Your cock is hard right now. Take it out and start stroking it for me, show me how much you enjoyed watching me at the pool. I'll tease you some more with my tiny slingshot, reminding you how every one was enjoying watching me. Like when I rubbed lotion all over my curves, slowly. Then when I shook off to dry, my tits falling out of my tiny suit. I got turned on too, seeing everyone watching me, unable to look away. When they weren't staring at me, they were looking at you with such jealousy. Knowing that I was going home with you and not them, but how much you wanna bet some of them are jerking off thinking about me right now. Just like you are for me. Keep teasing that dick and I'll let you know when you can come. First, let me get out of this suit so you can enjoy what they couldn't. Seeing everything uncovered as you jerk off for me like a good boy. I know how badly you wanna cum too, but I'll give you a 10 second countdown when it is time. Then you can blow your load for me! (custom clip, dirty talk, teasing, tiny outfit, strip tease, slut talk, bathing suit, swimsuit, slingshot bikini, red lingerie, pigtails, pigtail braids, long hair, brunette, brown eyes, makeup, tall girl, solo female, curvy, thick thighs, bbw, chubby, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, huge ass, jiggling cheeks, titty shaking, nipple play, tattoos, 38dd tits, 52in ass, 32in thighs, barefoot, jerk off encouragement, JOE, JOI, cum countdown, cum encouragement, girlfriend experience, role play, dancing, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
duration 17:03
Riverdale Cheerleaders Blow Quarterback In Public School video from Davina Davis
Riverdale Cheerleaders Blow Quarterback In Public School by Davina Davis Veronica Lodge is SUCH a CUNT! She’s always starting fights and making ME look like the mean girl. I’m soooo fucking sick of her petty bullshit. Just because her dad Hiram basically owns the town of Riverdale, doesn’t give her the right to fuck with me. She thinks she’s got all the power, but she’s going to regret pissing me off. I happen to know that her boyfriend Archie isn’t the good Christian boy everyone thinks he is. He’s deffinetly no Virgin. Betty Cooper has had a HUGE crush on him since they were younger, and I know she will jump at the chance to fuck him. Archies got a big game today and Veronicas got a lot of money riding on the Riverdale Bulldogs. Without Archie, they don’t stand a chance! What better way to get back at her than to steal her boyfriend AND make him loose the big game. Betty has wanted Archies cock for sooooo long, but she’s to scared to suck him off alone, so I decided to help her get started. We asked him to meet us in Mr. Platinums history classroom, and as soon as he got there I got on my knees and began to show Betty EXACTLY how Archie likes his cock sucked. Nice and slow at first, working just the tip, then fast and deep until I gag. Betty was shy and reluctant at first, but I pushed her onto her knees and shoved his cock sooo deep down her throat, then made her suck on his balls, and I could tell she was starting to enjoy it. We took turns gagging on his huge cock until he blew his giant load all over our faces!!!!!! I bet Veronicas never made him cum this hard. I felt kinda bad that we made him miss the game, but I don’t think his cock minded very much…… :) I bet Veronica will NEVER fuck with Betty and I EVER AGAIN.
duration 12:43
Belching HiccupBurps video from BlackxRose92
Belching HiccupBurps by BlackxRose92 I've got lots of gas, and these burps are rumbling out of me in deep belches. Do you want to smell them as they come out from between my sexy red lips? There's so many that they just keep coming. I can feel the burps gurgling around in there, until....wait! HICCUP! Did I just give myself the hiccups?! Oh my! HICCUP! Oh wow, now I'm having the hiccups and belches that are coming back to back repeatedly. The spasms on my body are so intense, that I can feel the ripples of my hiccups and belches vibrating through my belly. It makes me yawn to have such intensely deep hiccups and burps. They start to merge, melding into each other until my hiccups cause belches that turn into hiccupburps that come one after another, making huge yawns push from my mouth. My red lipstick covered lips open wide in huge belches and yawns as the hiccup push their way out in between and interrupting my yawns. I can't hold them back, and when I try to stifle my yawns, the hiccups prevent my yawn from finishing. I strip off my clothes and encourage you to masturbate while I giggle about my newfound hiccup powers. I know I promised I'd let you fuck the hiccups out of me this time, but there's just so many of them in between the burping and yawns that it starts to take a toll on my body, shaking my belly so hard that I can barely catch my breath. In the midst of my belching hiccup fit, my belly starts to growl with demands for dinner. You'll have to cum hard and fast before my hungry tummy yells for the food it craves, because if you don't, the hiccups will cease under the pressure of my stomach's pleas for food!
duration 10:18
Latex Strip Tease and Dildo Riding with Dirty Talk video from Amber Adams
Latex Strip Tease and Dildo Riding with Dirty Talk by Amber Adams With no makeup on, I start in a latex/faux leather bodysuit and do a nice sexy striptease while smacking and shaking my big fat ass. I ask if you like my big round ass in these tight latex leggings, and say I know you can't wait for me to undress. I rub my pussy through the leggings as well as spit on my tits. Then I fuck myself fingers first and talk about how wet and horny I am while I start to spit on my tits more and rub it in. I ask if you love how I finger my pussy and tell you it's so wet for you. I ask if you like how much I finger it and how it's nice and wet. I tell you to stroke your hard cock for me. I say I want a big fucking cock in my pussy, and say "you'd like that wouldn't you?". I ask if you want me to ride your cock and watch my pussy wrap around your dick. Then I pull out a dildo where I ride it as if it was your cock, and at the same time I spit all over my tits and rub it all over my body and pussy. I ride from the front first, talking about how big and hard your cock is. I moan about how it's hitting my g-spot and ask if you like how my pussy wraps around your cock. I moan in ecstasy and tell you how big it is. I can't believe how you fill me up. I can't help but spit on my tits more to rub it all over my body and play with my nipples. I beg you to make me take it, telling you how bad I want it while I moan and whimper. I can't stop gasping while I ride it, telling you to make me bounce on it and moaning about how hard it is. My eyes keep rolling to the back of my head in pleasure. I tell you it's too fucking good as I take it and tell you to make my little hairy pussy take it while I rub my clit. I turn around and slowly slide down onto your cock in reverse cowgirl, gasping as it fills me. I tell you how much I like it before spitting on my fingers and rubbing them on my asshole. I tell you I wish you could grab all of my hair and pull it back to make me take that cock hard and fast. I begin to ride it faster, and tell you that if you keep fucking me like this I'm gonna cum soon. I ask if you want me to take all of it, and say it's so big that I don't know if I can. I slide down until all of it is inside me and tell you I can't believe that my little horny pussy is taking it all. I tell you to keep making me take it because I want my pussy to clench and release over and over again in a orgasm on your fucking cock. You make me so fucking crazy. I ride it hard and fast, telling you to make me cum and and asking if you're gonna make me cum. As I can feel myself about to orgasm I beg you to make me cum. I orgasm hard and violently on your cock.
duration 15:33
Big Ass Tease: Shake, Spread and Ride! video from Dani Sorrento
Big Ass Tease: Shake, Spread and Ride! by Dani Sorrento A close view of my main curves, mid thighs to chest, in only a red slingshot bikini. Just what you wanna see! I tease you in my little outfit, but focus on my big booty the most. I know you can't get enough of my ass. I shake, clap, spread and tease my big ass for you. Slowly I start stripping out of the little outfit, but my ass doesn't wanna let go of it. Eventually it all comes off and I spread my ass super close so you can enjoy my perky little asshole winking. I know what you really wanna see though, my fat ass bouncing on a dick! You are gonna be so jealous of my toy as I squat over it and sit all the way down. I ride hard and vigorously. Dirty talking about my ass the whole time. Switching between squat riding and regular reverse cowgirl riding. My ass shakes so much and I keep spreading my cheeks so you can enjoy my holes as well. I ride for 10 full minutes before I cum all over that hard cock! You won't be able to look away from me. My ass is your weakness (custom clip, dirty talk, fetish talk, ass worship, big booty, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tall, curvy, bbw, chubby, brunette, long hair down, tattooed girl, black male torso toy, black dildo, dildo riding, squat ride, full body view riding, ass view riding, pussy play, reverse cowgirl, slingshot bikini, micro bikini, red lingerie, strip tease, ass shaking, big booty jiggle, booty clapping, spread butt, ass spreading, asshole winking, close butt view, 38dd tits, 52in ass, 32in thighs, barefoot, size 11 feet, bare nails, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)

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